Baroque in Fantasy Art: Paintings by Sean Murray
Baroque in Fantasy Art: Paintings by Sean Murray
Baroque in Fantasy Art: Maiden and Mirror + Sacrifice

It seems to some that fantasy - something low-quality, or something childish (and this is even worse for adults, serious moles of people). It may be so, but in any case, fantasy is a new art that reflects the worldview of a modern person. And everything new is well forgotten old. Here in the pictures Shawn Murrayfamous modern fantasy illustrator, something imperceptibly familiar slips … Bah! Yes, this is the good old baroque art!

Baroque in Fantasy Art: Ball Chaser

Baroque in art - this is pretentiousness, complexity, unnaturalness, inhuman splendor of forms. Baroque - this is a refined perversity: under the external splendor, eerie passions are raging. Baroque in art - this is a frozen grotesque invention, this is a dynamic plot with sharp-character faces, these are emotions captured by the artist's line of sight … baroquereflecting it in fantasy? We will find the answer in the paintings and illustrations by Sean Murray.

Baroque in Fantasy Art: Temple of the Great Fish

Baltimore artist Sean Murray 35 years old, and he draws fantasy: for books, games, comics, for sale, and - just for the soul. In his paintings from baroque art attention has shifted to detail, realism and pretentiousness of forms, saturation with small details and general pathos. His heroes, who often do not belong to the human race, nevertheless clearly have a "soul". Another common feature with the baroque is that none of its paintings can be captured with one glance: each one breaks down into many details.

Baroque in Fantasy Art: The Man with the Umbrella

At the same time, the plots of Sean Murray's paintings are much more dynamic than the canvases. Caravaggio or Velazquez: these are the laws of a genre steeped in "adventure". And their most important difference from classical baroque painting is that El Greco or Rubens and would not have thought of drawing devils in armor or giant Leviathans with open jaws … Or would you? They wrote on mythological and religious subjects, and in the famous "Hippo Hunt" the same Rubens' main content is the struggle of people with terrible monsters.

Baroque in the art of fantasy. What's mine is mine!

Will you see in the style and images of Sean Murray reincarnation of baroque art - unknown. One thing is known: great styles are not a thing of the past, and people are puzzled over what they thought hundreds of years ago. So, behind the gloomy knights and long-eared elves, behind the beards of dwarfs and the long noses of trolls, we will see all the same - man and his soul.

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