Playing with death. Rodeo prison "Angola"
Playing with death. Rodeo prison "Angola"
Game with Death: American Prison Rodeo

Rodeo - the same traditional American entertainment as the Spanish bullfight. Rodeo and bullfighting are hardly sports. It - playing with death, which either cold-blooded professionals go to, or those who have nothing to lose. Grandiose "Rodeo prison Angola" in the USA - the last opportunity for prisoners who have nothing to lose, to feel free - even in the last minutes of life, on the horns of a bull.

The game is over

It is generally accepted that Russia has harsh laws. This is nonsense: compared to the American ones, they are just nurseries. In the USA, the freest country in the world, you can get fifteen years for a stolen bun (if you are a repeat offender), and sometimes desperate villains receive sentences for centuries: they are not destined to leave prison even after death! These are the guys that make up the main contingent. prison "Angola"nicknamed in America "South Alcatraz"… And it is not surprising that many of them are happy to take part in crazy game with deathglowing in the eyes of horses and bulls.

Playing with death: bulls versus humans

The "Angola Prison Rodeo" has been held every April since 1964, and at first it was a game purely for its own people - so that people sentenced to life in prison would have at least some kind of holiday. Now thousands of tourists come to the "game". What do the Louisiana prisoners mean by the game? This is not tavromachia, not killing animals - Greenpeace can sleep peacefully. Death threatens people rather.

Poker game. Death is somewhere near

"Cowboys" who took part in the rodeo must hold on to the bull or mustang for 8 seconds, spurring it on. They sit down at the table and play poker, and a bull is released on them (whoever got up first is a coward). They try to keep a madly kicking horse on a short rope, or to milk a wild cow. They are seriously injured and sometimes die in the arena - but they still participate in competitions, completely voluntarily.

The Death Game in Angola Prison

After all, the freedom of death is still freedom, as Jerry Brown, who was sentenced to life in prison for murder, believed. About his fate and his playing with death documentary filmed in "Angola" prison "Rodeo Behind Barbed Wire"and this is not the only film about this festival. Crazy festival. A cruel festival. "Freedom or death"? Both.

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