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Prince George of Cambridge and others: young princes and princesses of Europe to wear royal crowns
Prince George of Cambridge and others: young princes and princesses of Europe to wear royal crowns
Heir to the British throne with his family

In different European countries, young heirs are growing up in royal families, who will have to accept royal regalia in the future. Who are these famous children, and how are they raised in royal families? The young heirs to the royal thrones of European countries will be discussed in this review.

United Kingdom

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, their son Prince George of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte

The royal family of Elizabeth II, who has been on the throne since 1952, is undoubtedly the most famous in Europe. Therefore, the first-born George, born to Prince William and his wife Catherine, became so famous from the moment of his birth. In the future, it was he who, after his grandfather and father, would inherit the British throne.

Prince George of Cambridge

Little George's parents do not really pamper him with luxury, trying to provide him with an ordinary happy childhood.

Prince george

Now Katt and William live away from London, in Anmer Hall, in their country estate, which Elizabeth II gave them for their wedding, where they mainly raise their children.

Prince george

But in September of this year, George, who will turn 4 in the summer, will go to school, and by this time the whole family is planning to move to permanent residence in London, to their new residence. About Britain's most photogenic boy READ MORE …


Princess of Sweden, Duchess of Esthergötland - daughter of the heiress to the Swedish throne, Crown Princess Victoria and her husband, Duke of Westergötland, Daniel Westling with her brother Photo: HRH Estelle Sylvia Eva Mary, Princess of Sweden, Duchess of Esztergötland

Estelle is the daughter of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel Westling, who was formerly Victoria's personal fitness instructor and heiress to the Swedish crown second in line to his mother.

Princess Estelle

Now this charming princess is 5 years old, she is a very spontaneous, lively and cheerful girl. Estelle loves to dance and often does it during official receptions. At the age of 4, she began studying at a ballet school in Stockholm.

Princess Estelle

Parents constantly take her and her brother to various cultural and sports events. And she already has a lot of fans.


King Philip VI of Spain and Queen Letizia with daughters Leonor and Sophia Photo: Infanta Leonor, Princess of Asturias

Princess Leonor, the eldest daughter of King Philip VI and his wife Letizia, has a great chance of becoming head of state (unless her parents have a boy by then). Parents pay a lot of attention to the education of their daughters, Princess Leonor is studying several foreign languages, studying music and ballet, learning etiquette, and also loves alpine skiing. It is also planned in the future that Leonor will study economics and diplomacy, which is difficult for the head of state to do without. And since the king of Spain is also the supreme commander in chief, Leonor will also have to serve in the army.

Princess Leonor

Sisters Eleanor and Sophia are very stylish and beautiful girls who behave impeccably in society, it is impossible not to admire them. Nevertheless, parents try to protect their daughters from the undue attention of the paparazzi, they rarely go out.


Crown Prince Frederick and Princess Mary Elizabeth Donaldson with children - Prince Christian (2005), Princess Isabella (2007), twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine Danish Prince Christian Waldemar Henri John

The birth of Christian's first son to Crown Prince Frederick and his wife Mary Donaldson, now a large family with four children, was celebrated on a grand scale across the country. The parents themselves, Frederick and Mary, lead a very active life, both sporting and cultural; they teach their children to the same, often taking them with them.

Prince Christian Little bully Christian

Christian grows up as a cheerful child who loves to misbehave, like all boys, communicates with children from the most ordinary families. Together with them I went first to a kindergarten, and then to a municipal school.


Crown Prince Haakon of Norway with his wife Mette-Marit and two children - Princess Ingrid Alexandra and Prince Sverre Magnus Photo: HRH Ingrid Alexandra, Princess of Norway

Ingrid, the main heiress to the throne, is the eldest daughter in the family of Prince Haakon and his wife Mette-Marit. The northern princess lives a very ordinary life, her parents adhere to rather strict methods of raising children.

Princess Ingrid Princess Ingrid

Ingrid began to study in the most ordinary school located next to her house, and now she and her brother are studying in an elite private school where all subjects are taught in English.


King of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander with his wife Queen Maxima and daughters Princess Katarina-Amalia, Alexia and Ariana Princess Catarina-Amalie Beatrix Carmen Victoria

Katarina Amalia, being the eldest of three daughters of King Willem Alexander and his wife Maxima, is the heir to the throne of the first order.

Princess Catarina Amalia Princess Catarina Amalia

Willem-Alexander is the first king in 130 years - before that, only women ruled the kingdom. But he has three daughters, so the management of the Kingdom of the Netherlands will soon again become the lot of women.


King Philippe of Belgium, Queen Matilda with children - Princess Elizabeth (2001), Prince Gabriel (2003), Prince Emmanuel (2005) and Princess Eleanor (2008) Elizabeth Teresa Maria Elena of Belgium, Duchess of Brabant

Elizabeth is the eldest of four children of King Philip and his wife Matilda. Since childhood, Elizabeth has been brought up as a future queen, she is trained in etiquette, she is fluent in three European languages ​​- Dutch, German and French.

Princess elizabeth Princess elizabeth

And although the royal family does not often appear in public places, Elizabeth is already actively participating in various official events and behaves very dignified at the same time.

The focus is always not only on royal persons and their children, but also on relatives. Recently the whole internet was discussing stunning photos from the wedding of HRH Princess Kate's sister.

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