Elegant and sophisticated portraits of charming retro girls that are simply impossible to resist
Elegant and sophisticated portraits of charming retro girls that are simply impossible to resist
Summer joy. Author: Elise Remender

The world is full of amazingly talented people for whom creativity is the meaning of life and an opportunity to prove themselves as an outstanding personality. For some, this is associated with writing books and poetry, for others - with music, and for (Elise Remender) - with painting pictures, which bring to life the images of charming girls in retro style.

Eliza creates a special atmosphere where the past is intertwined with the present and possibly the future. The heroines of her works are elegant girls dressed in bathing suits and dresses of the century before last, when restraint, modesty and natural beauty were in fashion, emphasized by a pair of elegant touches of lipstick and a curl that was carelessly knocked out of her hair, which I so want to tuck behind the ear, admiring the light, open face. Incredibly soft and graceful, like imposing cats, they become part of the surreal world invented by the author, which over and over again transports each of them from one place to another.

On the beach. Author: Elise Remender Glam. Author: Elise Remender Night queen. Author: Elise Remender Summer flower. Author: Elise Remender Divine dream. Author: Elise Remender Perfect day. Author: Elise Remender Sleep in the summer. Author: Elise Remender

So, a girl in a white bathing suit, with her toes rests against a huge moon, which wearily looks at the world, illuminating everything around, including the tops of the mountains with cold light. And over there, her friend, laughing, sits on huge multi-colored candies that smell of mint, raspberries and strawberries with cream, while the three graces, smiling, reach out to the sky with their hands. A brown-haired woman in a dress with polka dots, holding an umbrella, goes on a bicycle to the park for a walk, where she will most likely meet a blonde in a red sundress and beret, flirtatiously sliding onto her side.

Beautiful flower. Author: Elise Remender Underwater reflection. Author: Elise Remender Pink mint. Author: Elise Remender Midnight Reflections. Author: Elise Remender Paige in the pool. Author: Elise Remender Seaside walk. Author: Elise Remender Three Graces. Author: Elise Remender

Someone will say that her works are about nothing, and someone, having cast a quick glance, recognizes themselves in them, or the time that once was. For some, these images are associated with memories from childhood, adolescence and youth. Painted in dull colors, only occasionally shaded with small bright accents, they resemble old magazine clippings and faded retro postcards carefully hidden in grandmother's chest. It's like stories and stories that you will remember for many years, retelling to children, girlfriends and acquaintances over and over again. But in reality, everything is much simpler. And according to the author, the drawings she invented are just a world in which she would like to live.

Shimmering beauty. Author: Elise Remender Drive to the park. Author: Elise Remender Light. Author: Elise Remender Classic summer. Author: Elise Remender Aurora. Author: Elise Remender Afternoon ride. Author: Elise Remender Autumnal elegance. Author: Elise Remender Eastern shores. Author: Elise Remender Float up. Author: Elise Remender In the air. Author: Elise Remender Summer Riviera. Author: Elise Remender

You can learn more about what girls and boys really were like in the century before last from a comic series of photographs called, created in the early 1900s.

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