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Svetlana Svetlichnaya and Vladimir Ivashov: Love through trials
Svetlana Svetlichnaya and Vladimir Ivashov: Love through trials
Vladimir Ivashov and Svetlana Svetlichnaya

Their family had everything: love, passion, creative ups, recriminations and even divorce. And yet they were happy. Svetlana Svetlichnaya and Vladimir Ivashov have lived together for 35 years. Until now, she remembers him fondly, although more than twenty years have passed since his death.

Student love

Svetlana Svetlichnaya

She first saw him on the screen in the assembly hall of VGIK. They, the students, were shown the film "The Ballad of a Soldier", where their fellow student Vladimir Ivashov starred in the title role, who played the main role together with Zhanna Prokhorenko.

Svetlana fell in love with this image. Alyosha on the screen was the embodiment of girlish dreams about a real man. She enthusiastically looked at the cute young man on the screen and was jealous of his partner.

It so happened that due to filming in "The Ballad of a Soldier" Vladimir Ivashov stayed at VGIK for the second year and ended up just on the course where Svetlana Svetlichnaya studied, in the studio of Mikhail Romm.

Vladimir Ivashov and Zhanna Prokhorenko in the film

One morning, the course leader entered the classroom, followed by Vladimir Ivashov and Zhanna Prokhorenko, who had transferred to them from the Moscow Art Theater School. Svetlana, looking at this beautiful couple, immediately assured herself that they were having an affair. But in fact, there was no relationship between Vladimir and Zhanna. And he chose her from all the students in love with him. Thanks to the sympathy of Mikhail Romm, she always got interesting roles in student works. And Vladimir Ivashov invariably became her partner.

Svetka, I think I love you

Favorite photo of Svetlana Svetlichnaya

It was thanks to their studies that they began to spend a lot of time together. And he kissed her for the first time at the rehearsal of Tolstoy's "Cossacks". At this moment, Svetlana felt that she liked her stellar classmate. He really was a star - after "The Ballad of a Soldier", he even traveled abroad.

After six months of close relationship, Vladimir Ivashov decided to introduce Svetlana to his family. And she realized that everything will work out for them, her girlish dreams will definitely come true.

Svetlana Svetlichnaya and Vladimir Ivashov

At the next meeting, he said: "Svetka, it seems to me that I love you." She was slightly hooked on his "it seems". But in fact, she understood that he was proposing to her. Her parents found out that their daughter was going to get married a little earlier. She told them about her imminent marriage, when the offer from Volodya had not yet been received. The family began to ask her about the young man, and she advised them to watch The Ballad of a Soldier. Of course, the girl's parents liked her hero.

In cramped quarters and resentment

Vladimir Ivashov and Svetlana Svetlichnaya in the film

According to the memoirs of the actress, the wedding was hospitable. After the holiday, she and her young husband began to live with his parents in a 24-meter room in a communal apartment. But Volodya's parents slept on the bed, his younger sister Galochka was on the chest, and the three of them were on the floor: Svetlana, Volodya and his brother.

Vladimir Ivashov and Svetlana Svetlichnaya

The tightness and lack of personal space led to mutual misunderstanding between the young daughter-in-law and the husband's family. Every now and then quarrels broke out, accusations sounded. Vladimir, who by this time had been filming quite a lot, had to constantly keep the defense, acting as a diplomat, reconciling two warring parties. Even the birth of Svetlana and Vladimir's first child, Alexei, did not help establish peace.

Svetlana Svetlichnaya admits that at that time only love helped save their little family. If she was not moved by a real feeling, she would just run away, leaving everything.

Complex family happiness

Vladimir Ivashov and Svetlana Svetlichnaya with their son

Soon the spouses were lucky: they were given a two-room apartment, which seemed to be a real palace after a crowded communal apartment. Now they had to build their own happiness. Ten years after the birth of Alexei, the youngest son Oleg was born to Svetlana and Vladimir. But still, life was not as rosy as we would like.

At first, they were very bored in separation. Each meeting was a real celebration. But Svetlana's emotionality often contributed to the disturbance of the peace in the family. She did not like her husband's passion for hunting. And also, according to the recollections of her eldest son, Svetlana passionately wanted to star in her husband's films, but he was not at all going to become a director, considering his vocation to be the profession of an actor.

Svetlana Svetlichnaya

And Svetlana often fell in love with her filming partners. She herself admits that their family has survived largely thanks to Vladimir. It was he who knew how to love only one person, and also had an amazing ability to forgive.

Svetlana's sobering up occurred at the moment when she, returning home from a business trip, saw a divorce stamp in her husband's passport. He divorced her without her consent. It was then that she realized that there is not and cannot be a better, dearer, dearer person than her Volodya.

Vladimir Ivashov and Svetlana Svetlichnaya with their sons Alexei and Oleg

All hobbies and momentary loves were forgotten. She was losing a loved one, it was completely unbearable. Svetlana took a desperate step. She herself asked her husband's forgiveness (for her it was inconceivable) and invited him to get married. Vladimir knew about his wife's serious attitude to faith. He forgave again. And they swore eternal fidelity to each other before the altar.

And every time say goodbye forever …

Vladimir Ivashov and Svetlana Svetlichnaya

In the difficult nineties came the most difficult period in the life of the spouses. They lost the opportunity to play in the theater and act in films. Vladimir Ivashov, a national favorite, a popular actor, was forced to go to a construction site to feed his family. However, Svetlana was not engaged in acting at all: she traded and even cleaned someone else's apartment. They survived as best they could.

Vladimir Ivashov

Hard work at the construction site finally undermined the health of Vladimir Ivashov. He had suffered from stomach ulcers before, and physical exertion caused internal bleeding. Unfortunately, the doctors did not find the source of the bleeding during the first operation.

Vladimir Ivashov and Svetlana Svetlichnaya

And Vladimir Ivashov did not endure a second operation. He passed away in March 1995. And his Svetlana wrote him letters for a long time, knowing as if he would never read them. She wrote to him about her love, about her mistakes, about the happiness that she experienced with him. Then she destroyed them with her own hand, feeling that she was already able to come to terms with the grief of losing her beloved. Life went on, as it went on in this life.

In the acting environment, rarely does anyone manage to keep a marriage from their student years. Andrey Myagkov and Anastasia Voznesenskaya it succeeded in full.

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