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Strong weak woman Galina Volchek: "I had two husbands and one delusion"
Strong weak woman Galina Volchek: "I had two husbands and one delusion"
Strong weak woman Galina Volchek

Galina Volchek's life has been inextricably linked with the Sovremennik Theater for over 60 years. People who do not know Galina Borisovna personally sometimes call her the Iron Lady. Colleagues, friends and family are sure: she is a very vulnerable, sensitive person. In her life there were two marriages, several novels and one delusion.

Galina Volchek

Little Galina Volchek

She dreamed of theater passionately. She believed that she could achieve her dream and was afraid. Ugly, fat, very notorious girl in a funny suit. Nevertheless, she applied to the Moscow Art Theater School.

Galya with her father - film director, screenwriter and cameraman Boris Izrailevich Volchek

Mom persuaded her to go to the Shchukin school as well. Here, during the only audition, the entire selection committee laughed to tears, listening to the fable performed by Volchek. She was immediately announced enrollment, and she burst into tears and ran away.

Galina Volchek in her youth

She was enrolled in the Moscow Art Theater School, the dream of a theater became one step closer. In 1955 she graduated from the course of Alexander Karev, and already in 1956 the Studio of Young Actors was formed. There were seven of them, who stood at the very origins of the Sovremennik theater studio: Galina Volchek, Lilia Tolmacheva, Evgeny Evstigneev, Igor Kvasha, Oleg Tabakov, Viktor Sergachev, Oleg Efremov. Later, other graduates of the Moscow Art Theater began to join them.

Evgeny Evstigneev

Evgeny Evstigneev

Galina Volchek was in love with Evgeny Evstigneev. He dressed strangely, could surprise those around him with rustic manners and expressions and playing several musical instruments.

The novel developed rapidly, in 1955 Galina Volchek and Evgeny Evstigneev became husband and wife. In the family of Galina Borisovna, her husband was not immediately accepted, they believed that her daughter deserved more than a former worker from Nizhny Novgorod, even a talented one. The young family moved to a rented apartment, in 1961 their son Denis was born.

Galina Volchek and Evgeny Evstigneev in the play "The Naked King" based on the play by E. Schwartz. Theatre

The couple were happy for 9 years. And then Galina Volchek found out about her husband's betrayal, packed his suitcase, handed it over to Lilia Zhurkina, said only: "You and Zhenya now don't need to deceive anyone." And she was left alone with the child.

She managed to maintain a warm relationship with Evgeny Evstigneev. He, 25 years after the breakup, accused her of breaking his life because of her maximalism. Galina Borisovna calmed Yevstigneev, worrying about his heart. But she herself said: “I don't know how to be second. And I don't even know the first one. Only the only one … "

Mark Abelev

Galina Volchek with her son

The meeting with Mark Abelev was a pure production by Igor Kvasha. Once Galina introduced him to his wife, Tatyana Putievskaya.

Mark very quickly became a necessary and important person in the life of Galina and her five-year-old son. All her fears about Denis's jealousy of his stepfather, about difficulties in the relationships of strangers were dispelled at the same moment when her son asked if he could call Mark Yuryevich dad. Galina Borisovna explained to the boy that he already had a dad, and there could be only one father, but she was undoubtedly happy about the established relationship between the two beloved men.

Galina Volchek and Valentin Gaft in the play "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"

Again she did not leave the feeling of flight, when her head was simply dizzy from love. But happiness was overshadowed by outbursts of jealousy on the part of Mark Yuryevich and the unwillingness of each of the spouses to give the palm to the other.

Two strong personalities, two leaders, two talents converged on one territory. Abelev was offended when he was introduced as the husband of Galina Volchek, although he himself was a completely independent and bright personality. And this marriage fell apart.


Galina Volchek

There was also one delusion in her life.When he fell ill, she flew to his hospital, and he promised, swore, persuaded. And he just didn't keep his promises.

Galina Borisovna does not name his name in an interview, but she herself did not want to deceive and dodge: she is too honest and straightforward for relations with a married man. However, it is he who needs to regret the loss of love.

Slave of the theater

So she was congratulated in

Galina Borisovna decided to live alone. The son has already grown up, he has his own family. He is a talented and rather private person. Galina Borisovna, being a master of communications, laments her son's lack of craving for openness and communication. He claims that he and his mother are simply very different. He is used, like his father, to keep everything to himself.

Galina Volchek

The main thing in her destiny has always been Sovremennik. All her hopes, plans, prospects were connected with him. Galina Borisovna Volchek never lived in memories, did not regret her past actions. She always spoke of the theater as a meat grinder that ground her. And she couldn't imagine her life without Sovremennik.

She had a lot of creative ideas and directorial ideas, but her life was cut short on December 26, 2019.

Galina Volchek became a slave of the theater, the first director of Sovremennik.

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