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20 quotes from the most scandalous Russian films of the last year
20 quotes from the most scandalous Russian films of the last year
Quotes from the most scandalous Russian films of the last year

The films, quotes from which we have collected in this review, managed to fall in love with the audience and at the same time caused a huge resonance in society. They contain thoughts about happiness, love, society and the meaning of life.

Viy, 2014. Director: Oleg Stepchenko

Viy, 2014, directed by Oleg Stepchenko

• If the panamas have something in their heads, the most literate person will not understand.

• You are like an ignoramus Newton, who fooled half of Europe with his apple.

• What he is a messenger of hell, when his legs give way.

• Unhappy Bruno was burned at the stake, and then they realized that the Earth is round.

• I felt the breath of God, his touch, which changes my destiny.

Leviathan, 2014. Director: Andrey Zvyagintsev

Leviathan, 2014, directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev

• Nobody is to blame for everything, everyone is to blame for something different. Everyone is to blame for everything.

• The most dangerous animal is man.

• - Not ashamed? - It's a shame who can see it.

• If I lit candles and bowed, would it be different for me?

• All authority is from God. Where there is power, there is power. If you are the power in your area of ​​responsibility, solve local issues yourself with your own strength and do not seek protection on the side, otherwise the enemy will think that you are weakened.

"Duhless 2", 2015. Director: Roman Prygunov

Duhless 2, 2015, directed by Roman Prygunov

• My name is Max. I live where there are no meetings of shareholders, closed parties, and freedom is really breathtaking! They don't know what six months of fucking winter is, a new iPhone at exorbitant prices and inevitable Russian rudeness. In general, your life is good, but mine has worked out.

• I have a chance to do something, and I will.

• - Why can't we create such a gadget? - Because the main gadget we have is the gas valve.

• - Max, there are other waves in Moscow now, and they need to be saddled. And remember: you can and should live here.

• - But I have no illusion. - There are only scoundrels and scum without illusions …

"Poddubny", 2014. Director: Gleb Orlov

Poddubny, 2014. Director: Gleb Orlov

•… and you don't need to be ashamed of tears. Tears heal the soul.

• I'm not a honey cake for everyone to like.

• Either you do this, or you embroider the dowry with a cross.

• Iron Ivan oppresses America.

• This is a circus, it has its own laws, but you can always live by your own.

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