"Bourgeois's Birthday" 20 Years Later: How the Fates of the Movie Stars of the 1990s Developed (Part 2)
"Bourgeois's Birthday" 20 Years Later: How the Fates of the Movie Stars of the 1990s Developed (Part 2)
Heroes of the series Birthday of Bourgeois, 1999

The series was filmed 20 years ago "Birthday of Bourgeois", which became cult in the late 1990s - early 2000s. His success was largely due to a brilliant cast - it starred many of the brightest stars of the time. However, a few years after the release of the series, some of them disappeared from the screens, forcing viewers to speculate about their future fate.

Andrey Smolyakov in the TV series Birthday of the Bourgeois, 1999

The role of the main villain in the series went to the actor Andrei Smolyakov. He was not only not embarrassed by the fact that he was offered to play a negative character - he was even glad of this opportunity: "".

Actor Andrey Smolyakov Actor Andrey Smolyakov

Andrei Smolyakov's film career began in 1978, and by the time he was filmed in the series, he was already one of the most experienced and venerable actors. And unlike many of his partners on the set, he actively continued to act in the early 2000s. At the moment, his filmography includes more than 100 works, only this year he took part in seven projects. He can be called one of the most successful and sought-after theater and film actors.

Anatoly Zhuravlev as Tolstoy

The best friend and bodyguard of Bourgeois, nicknamed Tolsty, was played by the actor Anatoly Zhuravlev. He made his film debut in 1990, and rose to fame in 1994 with the release of the movie "Everything will be fine." “Bourgeois Birthday” cemented his success. Fat, performed by Zhuravlev, looked so charming that for the audience he became one of the most beloved characters. The actor believes that he owes such success to the fact that the hero turned out to be very close, understandable and similar to him: he is just as amorous, but you can also rely on him. And Tolstoy also possesses what the actor himself lacks, according to his confession - self-confidence and relaxedness. Although the actor has enough reasons for self-confidence: at the moment he has played in more than 70 projects, although his current popularity can hardly be compared with the deafening success that he had in the 1990s.

Anatoly Zhuravlev in the film Executioner, 2014 Tatyana Nazarova in the series Birthday of the Bourgeois, 1999

Actress Tatyana Nazarova got the role of fortuneteller Tamara in the series. Since then, she has appeared on the screens very rarely - in her filmography there are only about 15 works. She considers herself primarily a theatrical actress - for many years she has been performing on the stage of the Theater of Russian Drama. Lesia Ukrainka in Kiev, and since 1991 Nazarova teaches at the Kiev State Institute of Theater Arts.

Theater and film actress Tatyana Nazarova Elena Shevchenko in the series Birthday of the Bourgeois, 1999

Actress Elena Shevchenko, the first wife of the famous actor Vladimir Mashkov and the mother of his daughter Maria, began acting in films in 1991, but her first work went unnoticed. Success came to her in 1997, when she played in Mashkov's film "Kazan Orphan", and the next notable role was the role of Lena in the series "Birthday of the Bourgeois". After that, she continued to act, mainly in TV shows, but the actress no longer had such popularity as in the 1990s.

Actress Elena Shevchenko Dmitry Shevchenko as Arturchik

The finest hour was the role in the series for the actor Dmitry Shevchenko. His pimp Arturchik became one of the most memorable and charismatic characters in the film. For the first time on stage, he appeared as part of the KVN team "Odessa Gentlemen", then worked as a presenter on Ukrainian television and performed in the theater. In 1997 he moved to Moscow, starred in commercials and music videos (with Valeria, Gazmanov and Kirkorov). And success and popularity came to him only after filming in "Bourgeois".The image of a charming bastard was so successful for him that later the directors offered him similar roles of the same type, and people on the streets recognized, shouting: "Pimp!" or "Arturchik!" After that, he continued to appear in films and TV series.

Actor Dmitry Shevchenko Actor Victor Stepanov

"Bourgeois" became a good start for many young actors who starred in it, but there were also such artists who at that time were already famous and made a successful film career. This can be said about Viktor Stepanov and Alexander Porokhovshchikov. Unfortunately, both are no longer alive. During the filming of the film "Ermak" in 1994, Viktor Stepanov fell from his horse and injured his spine. The consequence of this injury was bone cancer. Overcoming severe pain, the actor continued to act until the last days. In 2005 he was gone. And in 2012, after suffering a stroke, the famous actor Alexander Porokhovshchikov died.

Alexander Porokhovshchikov in the series Birthday of the Bourgeois, 1999 Actor Alexander Porokhovshchikov

The only film work was the role of the folk healer Stefa in "Bourgeois" for Maria-Stephanie, who, in fact, played herself. She really treated people and became the favorite of the entire film crew - everyone who spoke to her said that she actually has a very strong positive energy.

Maria-Stephanie in the series Birthday of the Bourgeois, 1999 Larisa Rusnak in the series Birthday of Bourgeois, 1999

The girlfriend of the main character Amina, the doctor Zina, was played by the Ukrainian actress Larisa Rusnak, for whom this role became her debut in the cinema. Prior to that, since 1983, she was an actress at the Kiev National Academic Drama Theater named after I. Ivana Franko, after filming continued to play in Ukrainian films and TV series, worked as a presenter on the Ukrainian TV channel.

Actress Larisa Rusnak

Of course, the most popular were the main characters of the series, played by Valery Nikolaev and Irina Apeksimova. But they soon disappeared from the screens. "Birthday Bourgeois": Where did the movie stars of the 1990s disappear?.

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