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What secrets does the Russian "Bermuda triangle" keep? Mystical Vidim tract
What secrets does the Russian "Bermuda triangle" keep? Mystical Vidim tract

Russia is full of natural attractions for every taste, including mysterious and mystical places. One of these places is the Vidimskoe tract and, located in it, the Dead Lake. This mysterious zone is located in the Nizhneilimsky district of the Irkutsk region. At first glance, the area seems unremarkable and friendly, but it is not for nothing that it was dubbed the "Russian Bermuda Triangle".

Here, not only isolated cases of missing people occur, but entire groups of travelers, rescuers, search engines and even investigators seem to dissolve into thin air. Until now, scientists, ufologists and other researchers cannot provide a scientific explanation for the strange disappearances - after all, the missing are not found either alive or dead.

Why do people disappear in this place

Vidimskoe tract from a bird's eye view

In the Vidim tract, fishermen and hunters systematically go missing. Searches that were organized after each incident did not yield any results. They tried to explain the mysterious disappearances by the fact that people drowned in the Dead Lake as a result of accidents.

In 1992, an expedition from Naberezhnye Chelny set out to explore the mysterious place. It's hard to imagine, but people who specialized in the study of this territory and its unusual phenomena disappeared without a trace.

Five years later, a task force consisting of three officers from the local police department also disappeared without a trace. Searches have yielded no results.

Victims who managed to return home claim to have seen silvery lights and rings of light over Dead Lake and Devil's Cemetery.

Various experts point out that paranormal phenomena are observed in this area, which cannot be explained from a scientific point of view. Ufologists claim that representatives of alien civilizations visit this area and abduct the local population. This explains the mysterious circles in the sky. Esotericists, however, are confident that the tract is located in the zone of geomagnetic faults, which open temporary portals and transport people to the otherworldly worlds. This is supported by the fact that no bodies have been found so far.

Where the train disappeared in 1992

In 1992, the train disappeared in the Vidim tract

The largest incident occurred in these places in 1992. This happened about 40 km from the village of Vidim.

At that time, the mystical "anomalous quagmire" "pulled in" a whole train of 23 cars. Together with them, the driver and 42 security officers disappeared without a trace.

It is believed that the train was loaded with military supplies, including parts for weapons of mass destruction, so a serious investigation was carried out into the incident, but to no avail. However, it is possible that some military leader could thus "write off" the plundered military property.

Alien tracks in the Vidim tract

Vidim tract can serve as a portal to other worlds

The most harmless "prank" of the Vidim tract is a rather strange silvery glow, which is most noticeable over the Dead Lake, where inexplicable even circles regularly appear. Scientific expeditions, which have been carried out several times in these places, have not been able to find an explanation for these phenomena.

There is very little information on the Internet about the Vidim tract.It is called a place of power, and some people even go there to "feed on its energy." However, this place is not marked on any map within a radius of 50 km from the village of Vidim, not to mention the Dead Lake. It is possible that now it has a different name, but it is strange that many locals have never heard of it. For this reason, in many ways, the disappearance stories made up of all these details look like a grand scam.

It turns out that there are about a dozen of such "anomalous zones" on the territory of the Irkutsk region. Cape Ryty, Devil's Glade and various other clusters of poltergeists in old buildings in Irkutsk. People visiting these places often feel dizzy, some even faint or experience hallucinations. In other words, it is believed that in this area there are phenomena unknown to mankind.

Molebka or Molebsky Triangle - one of the most mysterious places in Russia

In addition, the local population often fixes fireballs in paranormal zones. Similar things are happening in the notorious Molebsky Triangle, located on the border of the Perm and Sverdlovsk regions.

Perhaps, over time, scientists will be able to provide a scientific explanation for what is happening in these places. However, until now, no one can shed light on a series of mysterious disappearances in the mysterious Vidim tract.

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