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How was the fate of Monica Lewinsky - the intern who made a lot of noise in the White House
How was the fate of Monica Lewinsky - the intern who made a lot of noise in the White House

In the late 1990s, this girl became one of the most famous people in the world. The details of her relationship with US President Bill Clinton became the subject of discussion and condemnation, and the consequences of her publication changed Monica Lewinsky's whole life. At that time, she could not even imagine what the results of her frankness would be, because even after more than twenty years, Monica Lewinsky has to hear offensive statements in her address.

Collapsed hopes

Monica Lewinsky

In 1998, the story of Monica Lewinsky's fall from grace was discussed in almost every kitchen. And the story itself began in 1995, when a 22-year-old Lewis and Clark college graduate was accepted for an internship at the White House. Soon the president himself drew attention to the charming young brunette.

At the time, Monica Lewinsky seemed to genuinely believe she was having an affair with Bill Clinton. The girl shared the details of her connection with her friend Linda Trip, who served in the US Department of Defense. It was she who secretly recorded her conversations with Monica, and then persuaded her not to clean up that notorious blue dress, which had traces of intimacy with the president. Later, Linda Trip turned over her notes to the prosecutor and Monica had to testify in court.

Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton

The story of her shame received unprecedented publicity, and Lewinsky herself became one of the most talked about people in the world. But her fame was very negatively colored. Monica was accused, condemned, insulted, she was subjected to the most real persecution. Monica Lewinsky simultaneously lost her hopes for her career and personal life.

Bill Clinton, of course, suffered, but not at all on the same scale as Monica. At least he retained his place in the White House, and Hillary Clinton actively supported him throughout the scandal. When the fact of her husband's betrayal had already been proven, Hillary was able to forgive him.

Years of humiliation

Monica Lewinsky

Years passed, but the scandal, of which Monica Lewinsky became a participant, was not forgotten. Nobody condemned Bill Clinton, moreover, his role in this story seemed to recede into the background. But Monica was subjected to numerous public humiliations, she was threatened on the Internet, by phone and in letters. The girl was stunned and crushed, she was desperately worried not only because of her reputation, which was hopelessly and forever ruined, but also because of the pain inflicted on her parents. Mom then was afraid to leave Monica even for a minute, fearing that she could be persecuted to the point that she would simply commit suicide.

Monica Lewinsky

She tried to talk about what was happening, releasing her autobiography in 1999, but she did not find the expected sympathy or at least understanding. No one was going to forgive her for her mistake. Or her romantic infatuation. She actually believed she was having an affair with Bill Clinton, they even exchanged small gifts. But for the former US president, she remained "this woman" who, he says, helped him relieve tension.

When it became clear that her career in government structures could be given up, Monica Lewinsky tried to reformat her life.For several years she tried to be engaged in the production of fashion accessories, including handbags, took part in various media projects, starred in the documentary film Monica in Black and White. But for the most part, she tried to hide from prying eyes. Any interview ended with another humiliation, insults and threats.

Monica Lewinsky

She was accused of wanting to cash in on the scandal, while anyone could talk about her, just not herself. It seems that the whole world saw in Lewinsky a threat to morality, and therefore she did not deserve forgiveness. Regardless of where she appeared, Monica immediately felt contemptuous looks on her. She was indeed offered fabulous sums for the interview. But she repeatedly refused them, as Lewinsky later admitted, "for ethical and moral reasons." Over time, interest in Monica, of course, diminished, but he did not completely disappear.

Trampled Life

Monica Lewinsky

Lewinsky's friends created families, gave birth to children, received degrees, and she also hid from excessive attention to herself. She later left for the UK, where she entered the London School of Economics. She devoted all her time to her studies, was happy about how few people pay attention to her, and was able to defend her master's degree in social psychology. She truly believed that a graduate degree would allow her to open the door to a new life.

Returning to the United States, Monica began to pass interviews, but the result was the same. She was denied precisely because of that "story", as the failed employers called the scandal. None of them dared to hire "this woman", while, at best, she was simply politely refused, and at worst she had to observe open disgust on the faces of the interviewers. She tried to pursue her own projects, sometimes interrupted by odd jobs, but for the most part she lived on money borrowed from her mother and friends.

Monica Lewinsky

Needless to say that her personal life did not work out either? Monica Lewinsky, 48, lives with her mother in New York and devotes all her energies to fighting online bullying. She is ready to support everyone who is faced with public censure.

She also regrets very much what happened to her over 20 years ago. On her part, it really was an emotional and sincere affection. Naturally, at that time, she thought least of all about the consequences of her connection with Clinton. Today she would like to rewind the tape and come again as an intern at the White House. Only now everything could be different. Unfortunately, history does not know the subjunctive mood.

It is extremely sad when famous media personalities allow themselves to treat other people with disdain. Many of the celebrities' opinions are authoritative and respected, but they themselves are often find themselves in the center of scandals, which flared up because of their own rash phrases or jokes said on the air, and sometimes - admitted harassment and violence directly in the workplace.

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