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Four generations of the acting dynasty of Klavdia Korshunova: Why the theater stars did not recognize loud fame
Four generations of the acting dynasty of Klavdia Korshunova: Why the theater stars did not recognize loud fame

June 8 marks the 37th anniversary of the famous actress Klavdia Korshunova. There are not many film roles on her account, but all of them are quite bright: these are the series "Moscow Courtyard", "Furtseva", "Inquisitor", "A.L.Zh.IR", "Territory", "Gloom River ". Few know that Claudia is a representative of the fourth generation of the famous acting dynasty, named after her great-grandmother, the leading actress of the Moscow Art Theater Claudia Elanskaya. All the artists in their family became the brightest theater stars, directors and teachers, received national titles, but they are little known to the general public, because they rarely appeared on the screens.

Claudia Elanskaya

People's Artist of the USSR Klavdia Elanskaya

The ancestor of the acting dynasty was the People's Artist of the USSR, the leading actress of the Moscow Art Theater Claudia Elanskaya, who played her best roles in the plays of the Russian classical repertoire: "Woe from Wit", "Warm Heart", "Resurrection", "Thunderstorm", "Three Sisters", " Anna Karenina "and others. In the image of Olga from" Three Sisters "the actress appeared on stage 500 times. Elanskaya practically did not act in films, making an exception only for the role of Princess Ligovskaya in the film "Princess Mary" and playing herself in the film "The House I Live In". She has always remained primarily a theatrical actress and was awarded the Stalin Prize of the first degree for her roles in the Moscow Art Theater. An ice-class passenger motor ship was named in honor of Claudia Elanskaya.

People's Artist of the USSR Klavdia Elanskaya

Director Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko at first did not believe in the talent of the actress, and then invited her to all major roles. To other actors, he said: "".

Ekaterina Elanskaya

Ekaterina Elanskaya in the film-play Pygmalion, 1957

Klavdia Elanskaya was married to an actor, director, teacher of GITIS, People's Artist of the RSFSR Ilya Sudakov. They had two daughters: Irina was a theater teacher, and Catherine became an actress and director. She graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School and graduate school at GITIS, performed on the stage of the Maly Theater and the Theater. V. Mayakovsky, and in 1981 she headed the Moscow theater "Sphere", where she staged more than 15 performances. Ekaterina Elanskaya did not act in films, appearing on screens only in films-performances.

Victor Korshunov

People's Artist of the USSR Viktor Korshunov

Ekaterina Elanskaya was married to Viktor Korshunov, a theater and film actor, teacher of the Schepkinsky school, director and director of the Maly Theater, People's Artist of the USSR. In 1943, 14-year-old Victor enrolled in the theater studio of the House of Pioneers. They gave concerts for the wounded in hospitals and hospitals, and after the performance they helped the nannies. In 1947 Korshunov entered the Moscow Art Theater School, where he met Ekaterina Elanskaya. All his life - more than 60 years - Korshunov devoted to the Maly Theater, where he began his career as an actor, and then tried his hand as a director. In the 1950s-1960s. he acted in films, but more often appeared on the screens in films-performances, because the theater has always remained in the first place for him.

People's Artist of the USSR Viktor Korshunov

In 1985, Korshunov became director of the Maly Theater. At the same time, he combined leadership with acting, for which he received the nickname "playing director". The most famous theatrical role of Viktor Korshunov was Boris Godunov: in this image he appeared in the legendary play "Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich" for 30 years without a single replacement, for which he got into the Guinness Book of Records.In total, the actor played more than 70 roles on the stage of the Maly Theater. And for half a century of teaching at the Schepkinsky school, Korshunov graduated 17 courses. One of his students, actor Igor Petrenko said about him: "".

Alexander Korshunov

People's Artist of Russia Alexander Korshunov

The son of Viktor Korshunov followed in his footsteps and also became an actor, director and teacher. Father has always been the greatest authority for him, about which he spoke: "".

People's Artist of Russia Alexander Korshunov

Alexander graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School, became an actor and director of the Sfera Theater and the Maly Theater, taught acting at the Schepkinsky School, in 2014 became the chief director of the Sfera Theater. Just like his parents, Alexander Korshunov rarely acted in films. His most famous film work was the role of a policeman in the film I Can't Say Goodbye.

Claudia Korshunova

Actress Klavdia Korshunova

The daughter of Alexander Korshunov, Claudia, named after the famous great-grandmother, continued the acting dynasty. She entered the Schepkinskoe School on the course of her grandfather, Viktor Korshunov. This choice was not dictated by family ties, because in him she saw a first-class teacher: "". She was offered to become an actress of the Maly Theater, with which her whole family connected life, but Klavdia preferred to accept Galina Volchek's invitation and go to Sovremennik.

Klavdia Korshunova in the TV series Furtsev, 2011

Claudia began acting in films in 2005 and has played more than 30 roles since then. There could be much more of them, because she is called one of the most promising and promising actresses, but she, like all representatives of her dynasty, prefers the theater. Korshunova says that it is easier to refuse film roles than theatrical ones: "".

Frame from the series A.L.Zh.I.R., 2018

Unfortunately, the grandfather never saw her successes on stage - due to his age and state of health, he could no longer attend the theater, but he saw her first film roles and highly appreciated her work in the series “Moscow Courtyard”. Claudia's older brother, Stepan Korshunov, also graduated from the Schepkinsky School and became an actor in the Maly Theater, and later was educated as a director and started producing.

Klavdia Korshunova in the series Unfinished Battle, 2019

This film brought popularity not only to her father: As a director followed morality on the set of the film "I Can't Say Goodbye".

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