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What Sergey Astakhov hides under the mask of a heartthrob: An affair with Korikova, a long search for happiness, marriage with a teacher
What Sergey Astakhov hides under the mask of a heartthrob: An affair with Korikova, a long search for happiness, marriage with a teacher

On May 28, the famous theater and film actor Sergei Astakhov turns 52. He came to the cinema only after 30 years, but during this time he managed to play more than 110 roles. Viewers know him from the TV series "Poor Nastya", "Hunt for Red Manch", "Palmist", "Traffic cops" and others. He often plays the role of fatal beauties, easily breaking women's hearts. And behind the scenes, for a long time he could not find personal happiness: his two marriages broke up, an affair with Elena Korikova ended in depression, and only on the third attempt the actor was able to build a family.

Up to 35 years old he worked for free

Actor in his youth

Sergey Astakhov (real name - Kozlov) was born into a family of military personnel, which constantly moved from place to place, and as a child traveled half the country. He changed several schools and did not show much zeal for classes, but in sporting events and in amateur performances he was in the forefront: he performed in the school musical ensemble, participated in all festive events. But at the same time he did not seriously think about the acting profession - at first he planned to become a military man, like his father. After school, Sergei entered the Polytechnic Institute, but a year later he dropped out and went into the army.

Actor in his youth

After 2 years, after demobilization, he nevertheless decided to try his luck in the acting profession and entered the acting department of the Voronezh State Institute of Arts and for 3 years performed at the local theater. In the late 1990s. Sergei moved from Voronezh to Moscow and for the first time spent the night in a car, was engaged in a private cab driver and went to auditions, until Alexander Kalyagin took him to his Et Cetera theater. During this period, he decided to change the name of Kozlov to a more euphonic one and became Astakhov. Later, the actor was involved in the play Sovremennik, for which he received the prestigious theater award The Seagull in the Fatal Man category.

Sergey Astakhov in the TV series Manchurian Hunt, 2005

Astakhov came to the cinema quite late - only at the age of 33, but immediately became a sought-after actor. Basically, he was offered roles in TV shows, but this did not bother him - he took on any job. Success did not come immediately, and later the actor joked that until the age of 35 he worked for free. Wide popularity was brought to him by roles in the TV series "Poor Nastya", "Children of the Arbat", "Death of the Empire", "Yesenin", "Hunt for Red Manchurian", "Tourists", "Palmist" and "Traffic cops". Astakhov considered the main role in Yuri Kara's film Korolev, about the fate of the legendary aircraft designer Sergei Korolev, to be an actor's success. He came to the casting 3 days before the start of filming and was counting on a cameo role, but the director entrusted him with the image of the main character.

The chosen one of the fatal handsome

Shot from the film Korolev, 2007

While studying at the Institute of Arts, 20-year-old Astakhov married a 4th year student Natalya Komardina. Their marriage did not last long - both were too young, besides, the actor, according to him, then tried to compensate for his provincial complex in relations with his wife: he dictated his conditions to her, tried to change her, did not compromise, and after a year they parted. For the second time, the actor married his classmate Victoria Adelfina, with whom he had a daughter, Maria. The couple lived together for 17 years.

Actor with his second wife and daughter

It was Victoria who first believed in her husband's creative potential and did not mind when he left to conquer Moscow. Until he settled there, she raised her daughter alone for 5 years, but she did not reproach her husband for anything. When the first success came to Astakhov, he moved the family to his place. But the actor constantly disappeared on the set and rehearsals, and gradually the couple began to move away from each other. For the fact that his second marriage broke up, Astakhov blamed only himself - later he said that the family could be saved if he made an effort.

Sergey Astakhov and Elena Korikova

They met with actress Elena Korikova back in 2003 on the set of the TV series "Poor Nastya", but their romance began much later, after the actor had parted with his wife. Their romance was fleeting and lasted only a year. Later, Astakhov spoke of Korikova with great warmth and said that in a relationship she was ready to give everything for a loved one. But, unfortunately, the circumstances were against them. Later, the actor admitted: "".

Family idyll

Sergey Astakhov and Victoria Savkeeva

In 2013, the actor met a primary school teacher Victoria Savkeeva, who was 16 years his junior. She was not a fan of him and did not recognize him as a hero of popular TV series. When their romance began, Victoria did not believe in the seriousness of the actor's intentions and only after a year and a half realized that their feelings were truly deep and mutual. They were from different worlds and, perhaps, due to this, their relationship was strong and not at all like romances with actresses.

Actor with his daughter Maria (left) and common-law wife Victoria (right)

They never formalized the marriage, but Astakhov admits that he has finally found a harmonious relationship, full of respect and understanding. "", - the actor admits today. Since then, they have not parted with Victoria, and only with her did Astakhov feel like an absolutely happy person.

Theater and film actor Sergei Astakhov

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