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The ups and downs of Alexander Domogarov: Why did the journalists take up arms against the actor
The ups and downs of Alexander Domogarov: Why did the journalists take up arms against the actor

On July 12, the famous theater and film actor, People's Artist of Russia Alexander Domogarov will be 58 years old. At the moment, he has already played more than 100 roles in films, but in the past few years, the media have not mentioned his creative achievements - the focus is on his private life. The artist was accused of everything - and in assault, and in alcoholism, and in boorish behavior in public. Domogarov himself believes that the journalists are real persecution. He does not hide what he has, what he is ashamed of, but there are also many reasons for pride. For what the press is so up in arms against the actor, in which he himself feels guilty and how the public does not know him - further in the review.

Debut role of Alexander Domogarov in the film by Mikhail Lomonosov, 1984

Alexander Domogarov's mother was not close to art, but his father was a student at VGIK and starred in the film "Suvorov". After graduating from the second year, he went to the front, and after the end of the war he worked as the managing director of the Mosconcert, then as the director of Rosconcert, manager of SoyuzAttraktsiona and director of the Natalia Sats Central Children's Academic Musical Theater. The actor told about his father: "".

Alexander Domogarov in the film Midshipmen III, 1992

Alexander did not get along with his older brother since childhood - Andrey was 10 years older than him, they had different interests, and they could not find a common language. They were never really close, and when their mother was gone, they became even more distant from each other.

Imperfect hero

Alexander Domogarov in the film Midshipmen III, 1992

At the age of 21, Domogarov graduated from the Schepkinsky School and began acting in films. Then he made his debut on the theatrical stage: for a year he performed at the Maly Theater, then moved to the Theater of the Soviet Army, and since 1995 has served at the Theater. Mossovet. From the very first roles, the actor was assigned the role of a hero-lover, a conqueror of women's hearts, a noble and fearless hero of a bygone era. It was in such images that he was remembered by the majority of viewers: Pavel Gorin from the 3rd part of "Midshipmen", de Bussy from "Queen Margot", Cossack Bohun from "With Fire and Sword", a journalist from "Gangster Petersburg", the main character of "Turkish March", poet Konstantin Semyonov from "The Stars of the Epoch", Nikolai Firyubin from "Furtseva", etc. Such roles brought the actor not only adoration of thousands of spectators, but also prestigious awards: in 1997, Domogarov received the "Seagull" as the best actor of the season for the role of Georges Duroy in the play "Dear friend", in 2000 - the "Legionnaire" prize of the festival " Constellation "as the best Russian actor in a foreign film for his role in" Fire and Sword ".

Alexander Domogarov in the series The Countess de Monsoreau, 1997

Unlike most of his colleagues, Domogarov never tried to please the public and was surprised when he was accused of flirting with the female half of the audience. The actor says: "".

The grief that took away the meaning of life

People's Artist of Russia Alexander Domogarov

The personal life of a handsome actor has always been very stormy. He had several formal and de facto marriages. His eldest son Dmitry was born when Domogarov was only 22 years old. A year later, the actor broke up with his mother and lost contact with his son for a long time. And at the age of 23, Dmitry fell under the wheels of a car and died on the operating table. Father could not even say goodbye to him - he was on tour at that time. When his son was gone, the actor immediately began to be assailed by journalists: "How do you feel?" Of course, he did not choose expressions in response.

Alexander Domogarov in the TV series Gangster Petersburg, 2000

After the departure of his son, the actor lost the meaning of life. He admitted this years later.Domogarov then tried to find consolation in religion, but still could not come to terms with the loss: "". He still reproaches himself for not being around, unable to protect and save the dearest person.

Under the guise of cruelty

Alexander Domogarov in the film With Fire and Sword, 1999

Domogarov is often demonized in the media, accused of cruelty and callousness. Probably, only his closest people know about what an actor is in reality. One episode testifies to this. Once in an interview, Domogarov admitted that when he needs to cry spontaneously on the set, he recalls one moment with his youngest son.

Actor with his youngest son Alexander

He was then 12 years old, he was guilty of something, and his father began to scold him. The actor realized that he had gone too far when his son burst into tears and asked: “Why do you never praise me? Why am I always bad with you? " Domogarov admits: "". And Alexander calls the best time in his life the period when he lived with his son at the dacha with his parents and built a barn with him. The actor made every effort to ensure that the divorce from his mother did not become a tragedy for the child.

Actor with his youngest son Alexander

His youngest son Alexander followed in his footsteps and also entered the Shchepkinsky school. The actor not only had no influence on the choice of his son, but did not even know where he was going to apply - he was informed about his admission when he was on tour. Domogarov supported his son in his choice. He acted in films, and then became a director and even directed his father in his film "Palma".

Bullying in the media

Alexander Domogarov in the TV series Maryina Roshcha, 2012

Domogarov never denied that his character is complex, because of his hot temper, intolerance and intemperance, close people often suffer. The media more than once wrote about his assault and cruelty in relations with women. He himself did not comment on these rumors, but said that journalists often ascribe even non-existent sins to him and turned him into a whipping boy. The actor spent a period of self-isolation in his country house, and publications immediately appeared in the media that all this time he was drinking heavily. Domogarov wondered where such rumors came from. According to him, he used the forced pause in work in order to get enough sleep, rest and start arranging the site. Such rumors make him indignant.

Alexander Domogarov in the TV series Sorge, 2017

The actor is perplexed: "".

People's Artist of Russia Alexander Domogarov

Domogarov reacts painfully to a flurry of criticism against him and admits that even without this he often engages in self-criticism and plunges into a state of depression: "".

People's Artist of Russia Alexander Domogarov

Despite his numerous novels, the actor still has not found his personal happiness: Lonely traveler Alexander Domogarov.

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