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Why Olga Drozdova decided to leave theater and cinema: How, after 40 years, the life of an actress began anew
Why Olga Drozdova decided to leave theater and cinema: How, after 40 years, the life of an actress began anew

On May 8, actress Olga Drozdova left the Sovremennik theater, on the stage of which she had performed for more than 30 years, and after a while her husband, actor Dmitry Pevtsov, announced that his wife not only said goodbye to the theater, but also ended her acting career … What made the 56-year-old artist make such a decision, why after 40 years her life has changed dramatically, and what she plans to do in the future - further in the review.

Gypsy roots and craving for a nomadic life

Olga Drozdova's parents

Olga Drozdova's mother grew up in a gypsy family. She was only 17 years old when she met 23-year-old sailor Boris Drozdov and decided to run away from home with him. Her parents were against her marrying a Russian, and then the lovers left for Nakhodka, where Boris was offered a job. They had a daughter, Olga, who later said that from her gypsy ancestors she inherited the love of nomadic life - she easily moved from place to place: "".

Theater and film actress Olga Drozdova

Her father died when she was only 15 years old, and then she and her mother had a very difficult time - she got 3 jobs, and the girl, to help her, washed the floors in different institutions in the evenings, and in the summer she worked as a gardener. Later, her mother got married a second time, and Olga went to conquer the capital, because she dreamed of becoming an actress back in her school years, when she studied in the drama club and in the theater studio of the House of Culture of Sailors.

Fateful meeting on the set

Olga Drozdova in the film Pet, 1991

Olga Drozdova began acting in films while still studying, but her first episodic roles were in the second half of the 1980s. hardly remembered by the audience. After graduating from the Shchepkinsky School, she began performing on the stage of the Sovremennik Theater and gave him more than 30 years of her life.

Olga Drozdova and Dmitry Pevtsov

1992 was a fateful year for her - it was then that she got her first leading roles in a movie and on the set of the film "Walk on the Scaffold" she met the actor Dmitry Pevtsov. Their first kiss happened during the audition, and, according to the actress, at first there were no insights and flashes of lightning. Then she was going to marry another person - the Swiss director Stash, but something made her postpone the registration of the marriage. They saw Pevtsov more and more often, at first he invited her to his performance, then they silently walked the streets - and soon the actor settled in her theater dorm room. But Drozdova was in no hurry to marry him - she already had a bad experience of her first marriage behind her, which she did not even want to remember. They signed with Pevtsov only 4 years later, when they again starred in the film "Queen Margot".

Olga Drozdova in the TV series Split, 1993

After another 4 years, they again worked together on the set, and this project brought them both deafening popularity. After the second season of the series “Gangster Petersburg” by Vladimir Bortko was released in 2000, Olga Drozdova and Dmitry Pevtsov were named one of the most beautiful, harmonious and talented couples in Russian cinema.

Actors in the movie Queen Margot, 1996

Harmony between the "songbirds" (as the couple dubbed the couple) reigned both in the frame and behind the scenes. Later they acted together more than once: in two seasons of the series "Stop on demand", in the series based on the novel by Alexander Solzhenitsyn "In the first circle", in the melodrama "Angel in the Heart".At the same time, both continued to perform on the theater stage: Drozdova - at Sovremennik, and Singers - at the Taganka Theater and at Lenkom. The theater has always occupied the main place in the creative biography of the actress, and in the last 15 years she acted in films from time to time, especially since at this time completely different priorities appeared in her life.

Long-awaited child

Shot from the TV series Gangster Petersburg-2, 2000

Their family happiness with Pevtsov was overshadowed only by the absence of children. They have long dreamed of a child, but for 15 years this dream remained unfulfilled. The actress herself believed that this was her punishment for the fact that once in her youth she did not want to become a mother and got rid of the child. When she almost lost hope, they had a long-awaited son. Elisha was born when she was already 42 years old. This event radically changed her life - she seemed to start living anew, and since then her priorities have shifted.

Dmitry Pevtsov with his son Daniel

Dmitry Pevtsov had an eldest son, Daniel, who was born in a civil marriage with the actor's classmate Larisa Blazhko. This student marriage broke up very quickly, and for many years Singers did not maintain a relationship with his son - at first he did not even recognize him and did not consider him family, although they looked like two peas in a pod. It was Olga who insisted that he establish communication with him. And in 2012, tragedy struck: Pevtsov's 22-year-old son died in an accident. His wife helped the actor survive this misfortune. By that time, both of them had been going to church for several years and had found salvation in faith. Olga considered her son begged.

One of the most beautiful and harmonious acting couples

Despite the fact that the actors have lived together for 30 years, Olga for a long time did not promise her husband to stay with him until the last days. To herself, she confessed her love for Pevtsov only after the birth of Elisha. The actress said: "".

Decision to leave the profession

Olga Drozdova and Dmitry Pevtsov

Olga herself has not yet commented on her decision. But given how busy her work schedule has been in recent years, this does not seem surprising: since 2013, the couple have been engaged in teaching, Drozdova was in charge of the acting department at the Institute of Contemporary Art, and this work took a lot of effort and energy. And she dreamed of spending more time with her son, who demanded more and more attention with age.

Spouses-actors with their son

When it became known about Drozdova's departure from Sovremennik, her husband commented on this fact as follows: “”.

Actress with her son Elisha

Of course, fans of Olga Drozdova will certainly be upset by the fact that they will no longer see their favorite actress on the stage of the theater and on screens, but on the other hand, one can only rejoice for her, because she chose the most important and important role for herself - the role of mother …

Theater and film actress Olga Drozdova

There was also an event in the fate of her husband that made him reconsider his views on life: What Dmitry Pevtsov cannot forgive himself.

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