The photographer captures large farm families around the world in which children, sheep and dogs are equally loved
The photographer captures large farm families around the world in which children, sheep and dogs are equally loved

Tasha Hall, a professional photographer from the small Canadian town of Edgewood, specializes in family portraits. Now, of course, many photographers take pictures to order of parents with their children, but Tasha photographs not ordinary families, but farmers. And these are not only children, parents, grandparents. It is also horses, chickens, pigs, dogs. Indeed, don't we, the townspeople, consider our pets to be family members? So with the villagers, everything is exactly the same. After all, a cow is a nurse, a dog is a protector, a horse is a faithful assistant in work. All are relatives.

Big farm family

Tasha is perhaps the only photographer in the world who works on farms. And she loves her extraordinary specialization.

- In many houses you can see family portraits on the walls, but for me the family is not limited to people. How about all of our furry and feathered farming family members? This is definitely not found everywhere, - she says, - My goal is to travel the world, to capture a variety of farms and the way of life of people in many countries. Someday I will write a book with all my portraits and the stories that accompany them.

Villagers all over the world have one thing in common: their love for pets

Tasha Hall has always been interested in photography - since she can remember herself. For many years she studied the technique of this art with great care. She also graduated from the New York Institute of Photography.

And then one day Tasha decided to change the generally accepted view of people on family portraits: she began to travel around Canada and take complete “farm” pictures. This service has become popular. Most often, farmers themselves turn to her with a request to come and photograph their large family.

Tasha Hall put her soul into every family portrait

- Such a picture includes all the inhabitants of the farm - from the largest horse to the smallest guinea pig, house mouse or snake from the terrarium, - the woman explains.

A family photo of farmers should fit everything. Even chickens

Tasha has a unique photographic style, which has been shaped by two characteristics of her character - love for animals and love for people who care for smaller brothers.

An unusually cozy photo

The Farm Photographer explains that each of the fluffy or feathered (and sometimes scaly) participants in her photo sessions are unique and have their own bright personality, and she tries to photograph each one so that this personality is visible in the picture.

Each family member is different in its own way

- The photographs capture a moment in time as it is right now … A moment that will never come again, - says the master, - Alas, everything changes, animals come and go … Photos allow people to return to the past.

Many of the clients ask Tasha to come to them again and again in order to document the changes taking place in their lives year after year.

Sometimes Tasha is called to a photo session several times so that she captures the changes that have taken place in a large family

Tasha herself also has a pet - this is a black and white Australian Shepherd dog named Pixel. He has been living with her family for almost two years.

- Of course, the little Pixel accompanied us in all our photo tours in 2020 - Tasha told her subscribers on the social network.

On the set, Tasha is always accompanied by her dog

In addition to family filming on farms, Tasha loves to photograph wildlife, and also draw …

Why do we love our pets so much? Each owner has his own answer to this.But those who are against animals in the house, consider dog and cat lovers, at least, strange. I wonder what they would say about this seven celebrities who are crazy about their pets and are ready for a lot for them.

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