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18 adorable dogs that outshined the bride and groom in wedding photos
18 adorable dogs that outshined the bride and groom in wedding photos

It happens that people decide on such an important step in life as creating a family. If at the same time they have a pet, then they begin to literally torment themselves with the question: is it worth taking their four-legged pet to the ceremony? Of course, a dog is the best friend and a full member of the family who is going to marry or get married with you. To deprive him of such a holiday would be very sad and unfair. Plus, well-dressed dogs are absolutely adorable, and wedding photos with them can break any mimicry. See the best of the best in the selection below.

Wedding photographers from all over the world have posted their best wedding and engagement shots on Instagram. Then the Dog Show Moment competition management selected the best of them!

# 1 This tough guy was even asked to come forward

Finalist of an exhibition of portraits of dogs from Los Angeles

Eighteen finalists and three winners were announced in the competition. Photogenic dogs simply won the hearts of all the judges. Nominations: Best Puppy Portrait, Best Dog Moment and, of course, Best in Show.

# 2 It was clearly too late to stop this dog, so why not just get an awesome shot?

Finalist of the exhibition from Portugal

The Dog Show Moment management says they held a competition like this because they love dogs! Also, what could be more beautiful than wedding photography?

# 3 The photographer caught the dog in flight

The finalist of the exhibition is photographer Jeff Tisman, New Jersey

Now many are the owners of these wonderful animals. Once in the house, they become full-fledged family members. Of course, the host or hostess wants their furry to be present at their wedding.

# 4 The hostess gently kisses her pet before the wedding

Finalist of Dog Show Moment from Bulgaria

Usually, happy pet owners want their friends to attend an important event such as a wedding or engagement. Dogs are often beautifully dressed up. Boys like a tuxedo with a bow tie, girls wreaths of flowers, beautiful dresses and tiaras.

# 5 I wonder if this dog has been practicing its posture for a long time?

Finalist of the portrait exhibition of dogs, photographers Luca and Marta Gallizio, Italy

The owners often even arrange a special photo session with their pet. Such pictures will invariably turn out to be incredibly funny and cheerful.

# 6 What could be sweeter?

Exhibition finalist, photographer Peter van der Lingen, Netherlands

Certain difficulties are caused by the decision of the question of who the dog will be with during the celebration? Usually this problem is solved simply. The spouses-to-be simply hire an animator. He looks after the children present at the celebration and the four-legged friend of the spouses.

# 7 How a veil envelops the space beautifully

Finalist of the exhibition from Portugal

Of course, if you decide to take your pet with you, then you need to foresee a lot. It is necessary to provide the pet with access to fresh water, he must have food, a collar with a leash. If the dog is large and aggressive, then perhaps a muzzle. Small dogs may need a carry bag.

# 8 Come on kiss mommy

Exhibition finalist, photo by Callaway Gable Studio, Los Angeles

# 9 Handsome boys

Winner Best Puppy Portrait by Jeff Tisman, New Jersey

Those who are used to taking a dog with them on a trip know that a plastic box is safe and comfortable. Carrying allows you to close your pet at any time for its own safety. On such a hectic wedding day, this is especially important.

# 10 Perfectly rendered optical illusion

Finalist of the exhibition, photographer Steven Hershafft, Germany

# 11 This loyal friend is the perfect way to stay incognito

Portrait exhibition finalist, photographer Katie Kaiser, Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA

In carrying, the pet can not only take a break from the hustle and bustle, but also feel in a familiar environment.

# 12 Dance with me

Exhibition finalist, photography Bee Two Sweet Photography, Virginia

Of course, if you have never used such boxing and decided to try it just now, then probably not worth it. You need to get accustomed to it. The first time the animal's reaction can be completely unpredictable and extremely negative.

# 13 Every dog ​​deserves a kiss

Exhibition finalist, photographer Jeff Tisman, New Jersey

# 14 This dog is already ready for the bride's shoe stealing wedding contest

Exhibition finalist, photo by Callaway Gable Studio, Los Angeles

Experienced dogs recommend very, very carefully think over all the nuances of your pet's presence at such an important holiday.

# 15 This dog looks pretty dapper

Dog Portrait Exhibition finalist, photographer Dana Cubbage, Charleston, South Carolina

The dog must be comfortable. The owner knows better than anyone what environment will suit his tailed pet, and which, on the contrary, will annoy him.

# 16 Hello

Dog Portrait Exhibition Finalist, Photo by La Vie Photography, Seattle

# 17 Lovely engagement surprise

Exhibition finalist, The Brenizers, New York

One thing is certain: a photo session with a loved one can only be decorated by a beloved pet. The dog will make memorable pictures unforgettable, insanely cute and unusually alive!

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