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Post in memory of Peter Mamonov: How the wife of a cult musician and actor saved his life several times
Post in memory of Peter Mamonov: How the wife of a cult musician and actor saved his life several times

Today, July 15, Pyotr Mamonov, a cult performer, founder and leader of the Zvuki Mu group, passed away. His whole life was built on contrasts. It had a place for creativity, fame, recognition and at the same time - cruel dependence, life in a drunken stupor. And later he found his salvation in faith, retired from the capital, began to lead a secluded lifestyle, while not giving up creativity. And by his side there was always his wife, his guardian angel. Over the years of marriage, she more than once saved him from death. But this time I couldn't …

Complex relationships

Pyotr Mamonov

Today Olga Mamonova herself cannot remember how she got into the environment of Pyotr Mamonov. He already had the experience of family life, but the common-law wife could not stand the performer's addiction to alcohol and left him. Olga danced in the corps de ballet in the Starry Sky variety show and was married to a respectable Englishman, but once she met Peter Mamonov and fell under the abyss of his charm and talent. Or really fell in love. They met and stayed together, unable to part with each other.

It was more than a strange union. Olga does not drink, but her husband has learned to coexist with hard drinking. She had to save him more than once and hope that now, after experiencing clinical death or coma, he will certainly quit drinking alcohol. But with enviable consistency he returned to the company of the green serpent.

Pyotr Mamonov

For the first time in an accidental fight that took place not far from the Hermitage, Pyotr Mamonov was stuck with a file in his chest. And he, wounded, ran to the stop for his offender and before losing consciousness, he managed to loudly hit him in the face. Later, Olga said that the point of the file passed literally a millimeter from the heart artery. He survived clinical death and brought him back to life with an electric shock. Barely recovering from the operation, Pyotr Mamonov did not breathe a sigh of relief, but asked for a beer. Later, in 1985, he accidentally drank a solvent instead of vodka and again almost said goodbye to life. However, he balanced on the brink more than once or twice.

At that time, it was difficult to call the relationship between Peter and Olga family. They scattered in the morning to different places, and gathered in the evening at Olga's apartment in Chertanovo. She did not go to the places where Mamonov performed, he never looked at the variety show where Olga danced. They coexisted in the same space and were not even painted. Peter Mamonov was very far from the desire to put a stamp in the passport.

Pyotr Mamonov

And he did not want to have children at all. Olga more than once got rid of pregnancy until the doctor said: one more time and she will never have children. Then their first-born was born, and the musician came to the registry office only after the future wife threatened to remove him from allowance and stop feeding him his favorite cutlets.

Olga Mamonova frankly admits today: for a very long time she had to simply put up with her husband's hobby for alcohol. Sons were already growing up in the family, the time was difficult, and Peter, in whatever condition he was, always brought a penny to the family. He not only wrote poetry and music, but also worked as an elevator operator, then as a typesetter in a printing house. True, the money was so little that she had to share one apple for three children.

The healing power of love

Peter and Olga Mamonovs

A normal income in the family appeared only after rock had already come out of the underground, and the talent of Peter Mamonov became in demand. Then Olga became the manager of her own husband, was involved in organizing his concerts. Peter still drank, but he had one unshakable rule: he always wrote music and poetry sober. He locked himself in the room and created.

And he also had an amazing talent, knew how to turn even a major family quarrel into a joke. Once Olga could not stand her husband's spree, gathered his things, put them in the corridor and told him to leave. He didn't even know how to ask for forgiveness, he was always too proud. But he looked at the suitcases and suggested that his wife make repairs in the room, since there are still no things in it. Surprisingly, it worked: they immediately bought paint, transformed the dwelling overnight, and in the morning they even bought a new cabinet.

Peter and Olga Mamonovs

When Olga's ex-husband came to their house with a proposal to restore relations, Pyotr Mamonov boldly tore the passport of the newly-minted groom to shreds. And then he started drinking heavily. It was then that Olga realized that her husband would simply disappear without her. She never even thought about parting again.

She, along with the children, more than once took him out of restaurants in a semi-conscious state, called an ambulance to be taken to the hospital and taken out of the binge there. Later, there were services that came to the house. The most amazing thing is that every time the performer found himself on the verge of life and death, in his hands was found either a cross or an incense, clutched in a tightly clenched fist.

Pyotr Mamonov

After that, he began to drink so much that he almost never left the hospitals. And at some point, he completely lost the meaning of life. Even the youngest son noticed: the father does not want to live, he simply dies. And Olga again rushed to save him. While Pyotr Mamonov was in the hospital, she found a plot on a hill in the Vereya district and took it for construction. Immediately after being discharged, my husband was put in a car and taken to the village. At first he was indignant, but upon arrival at the place he pretended to be dying. And then he climbed the hill and seemed to breathe new life into himself.

He came to faith, gave up drinking, began to preach the word of God himself. He listened to the priest, became a real father and head of the family. The whole life of the Mamonovs has changed. Of the 43 years that the couple lived together, the last twenty were the happiest. There was no longer a green serpent between them, but they were united by faith in God. Pyotr Nikolaevich even got married to his wife.

Pyotr Mamonov

And she always remained his first assistant and loyal friend. True, she could not save from foreign ailments even by the power of prayer. In June 2021, Pyotr Mamonov contracted the coronavirus, but at first he tried to heal himself. At the end of June, he was hospitalized in a hospital in critical condition. The doctors were never able to save him. Olga Mamonova, throughout her husband's illness, asked fans of his work to pray for Peter Nikolaevich.

And yet he was gone. And his wife has yet to accept and realize the fact that the person she loved no longer exists in this world. But they have the hope of meeting in the best of worlds.

His band "Sounds of Mu", which appeared in the 1980s, became a real explosion, and the composition "Shuba-Oak-Blues" sounded like an underground anthem. Pyotr Mamonov sang, danced, played on the theater stage and acted in films. Pyotr Mamonov lived to the fullest, and at the age of 45 he decided to change everything in his life. The musician redefined priorities and learned a lot. But there were in his life sins that he prayed for until his last day.

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