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From a social media star to one of the most extraordinary and discussed contemporary actresses: Irina Gorbacheva
From a social media star to one of the most extraordinary and discussed contemporary actresses: Irina Gorbacheva

This actress, who celebrated her 33rd birthday on April 10, has been making people talk about herself more and more often: first, she conquered the Internet community with her humorous videos on social networks, and then won the recognition of film critics and hundreds of thousands of viewers. A few years ago, her name did not mean anything to the general public, but today films with her participation receive prizes at the "Kinotavr" and the IFF. Today Irina Gorbacheva is called one of the most promising, talented and extraordinary modern actresses, and for a long time she seemed like a “black sheep” to those around her, and to those close to her, and even to herself.

Family drama

Actress in her youth

Irina Gorbacheva was born in the Ukrainian city of Zhdanov (Mariupol). When she was 9 years old, she, together with her parents, older brother Denis and twin brother Igor, moved to the Moscow region. And soon after the move, an incurable disease took her mother's life. For the girl, this was a blow that she could not cope with until now. Recently, in an interview, the actress admitted: "".

Actress in her youth

She did not have a trusting relationship with her brothers or with her father, and only years later did she finally manage to establish communication with them. She found the strength to talk to her father and explain to him why in childhood she was angry with him and could not let go of the resentment. And if now difficult situations happen in her life, she turns to her father for support and advice. The actress believes that a person can call himself mature only when he learns not to run away from problems and admit his own mistakes: "".

Theater and film actress Irina Gorbacheva

As a child, Irina did not think about the acting profession - she was fond of dancing and dreamed of becoming a choreographer teaching hip-hop. The family lived in cramped material conditions, and from the age of 14 she began working - in the market, in a store and even at a factory. After graduating from school, Gorbacheva worked as a waitress for a year, but her creative inclinations still prevailed, and she applied to the Shchukin Theater School.

Non-standard lyrical heroine

Still from the film Compensation, 2010

Even having decided on the choice of profession, Gorbacheva doubted the correctness of this choice for a long time. She was not confident in her own abilities and did not count on bright prospects in the future. However, her doubts were soon dispelled: after completing her studies in 2010, she was accepted into the troupe of the Pyotr Fomenko Workshop theater, and 2 years before that, at the age of 20, she began acting in films. Her debut role was an episode in the TV series Law and Order, and her first success came at 22, after a supporting role in the film Compensation, for which she won the Best Actress prize at the 1st Trans-Baikal Film Festival.

Irina Gorbacheva in the TV series Two winters and three summers, 2013

Recognition came to her at first not as an actress, but as a video blogger. Social networks played an important role in the growth of her popularity: Irina Gorbacheva recorded Vines - short humorous sketches, in which she appeared in different characters. On this occasion, the actress said: "". Although even then it became clear that in comedic images her talent manifests itself especially clearly, the actress did not get stuck for a long time within the framework of one role - in the cinema she got both serious dramatic roles and the images of those very lyrical heroines in which at first she herself could not imagine herself …

Finest hour

Irina Gorbacheva in the film Young Guard, 2015

Soon they started talking about her not only in the Internet community, but also in the film world. Gorbacheva played her first major role in 2012 in the fantastic military mini-series "Fog-2", after 3 years she appeared on the screens in the image of Ulyana Gromova in the new film version of "Young Guard".

Shot from the film Arrhythmia, 2017

Wide popularity and recognition came to her in 2017, when she, together with Alexander Yatsenko, played in the film "Arrhythmia", for which she received the Golden Eagle Award for Best Actress. This film was awarded the main prize of "Kinotavr" and won several awards at international film festivals.

Theater and film actress Irina Gorbacheva

After that, the actress took part in the creation of several more high-profile projects - the series "I'm losing weight", the films of the studio "Quartet I" "Loudspeaker" and "Feedback" and the disaster film "Fire". And in 2020, one of the most talked about projects in the world of cinema came out - the series "Chiki", where Irina Gorbacheva played one of the main roles. Today this work is called one of her main creative achievements.

Shot from the TV series Chiki, 2020

At first, no one believed in the success of this project, the story of four representatives of the oldest profession from a provincial town could not find sponsors, and Gorbacheva invested her own funds in creating a pilot. Only one online platform ventured to launch this project, and the result exceeded all expectations: "Chiki" became the best TV series of 2020 according to the Association of Film and Television Producers.

About personal

Theater and film actress Irina Gorbacheva

The fact that she lost her mother at an early age also affected her relationships with men - she had no one to talk to about this topic, any intimacy frightened her. "", - the actress admitted.

Theater and film actress Irina Gorbacheva

She first kissed at the age of 16 and only in her student years began dating men. True, the first experience of a relationship turned out to be very painful - the young man repeatedly raised his hand to her. For a while, she endured this and did not tell anyone about her problems - she was ashamed of herself and the young man. In 2015, Irina Gorbacheva married actor Grigory Kalinin, with whom they had lived in a civil marriage for 5 years, but after 3 years it became known that they had divorced. Later, the actress admitted that the marriage broke up due to her husband's infidelity. Kalinin did not deny this and blamed himself for the fact that he also abused alcohol at that time.

Irina Gorbacheva and Grigory Kalinin

Recently, the actress was often noticed in the company of the lead singer of the Agon group, Anton Savlepov, together with him she appeared at the "Online Event of the Year" award ceremony, where she received an award for the series "Chiki". Today, artists no longer hide their romantic relationships and share joint photos on the network.

Irina Gorbacheva and Anton Savlepov

She managed to break the traditional stereotypes not only that such actresses can play only character and comedic roles, but also about the standards of beauty: Actresses "with a complex face".

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