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Because of what ended the life of the movie star of the 1990s Olga Belyaeva: Family grief directed by Dmitry Astrakhan
Because of what ended the life of the movie star of the 1990s Olga Belyaeva: Family grief directed by Dmitry Astrakhan

On March 17, the famous director and actor, Honored Art Worker of the Russian Federation Dmitry Astrakhan turns 64. He has shot about 30 films, but most viewers are familiar with his hits from the 1990s. "You are my only one", "Everything will be fine" and "Crossroads". In several Astrakhan films of this period, his wife, actress Olga Belyaeva, starred. Unfortunately, she was given only 35 years of life. About what caused her premature departure, and how they managed to save them with the director of their son, Astrakhan told only a few years ago.

Joint beginning of the creative path

Dmitry Astrakhan in his youth

After graduating from LGITMiK, Dmitry Astrakhan received a director's diploma and faced a choice: either stay in his native Leningrad and work as an assistant director, or move to Sverdlovsk and become a theater director. He chose the latter. In the 1980s. Astrakhan staged performances at the Sverdlovsk Youth Theater and at the same time taught at the local theater school. Olga Belyaeva became one of his students. By that time, she had already managed to enter GITIS, but her parents were categorically against her moving to Moscow, and she decided to study in Sverdlovsk. An affair began between the teacher and the student, and soon he proposed to her. For her it was the first marriage, for him - the second. Back in his student years, Astrakhan got married, but this marriage did not last long.

Olga Belyaeva in the film I have no friend, 1988

In 1987 Dmitry Astrakhan and Olga Belyaeva moved to Leningrad, where the director staged performances on the stages of the Youth Theater, BDT and the Theater. Komissarzhevskaya. In 1991 he became artistic director of the St. Petersburg Comedy Theater. N. Akimov and in the same year made his debut as a director in cinema. Work on the film "Begone!" was very difficult - during the filming, Astrakhan's wife gave birth to a son, who was found to have an inoperable heart defect. The boy lived only 40 days. One can only guess what it cost the spouses to continue working on the film, because Belyaeva was supposed to star in it in a cameo role.

Dmitry Astrakhan and Olga Belyaeva

The film debut of Astrakhan was very successful: "Begone!" received the main prize of "Kinotavr" and was even nominated for the "Oscar" from Russia. From that moment, his triumphant path to cinema began. In the 1990s, when filmmaking practically stopped, the director released one film after another, and they all enjoyed great success with the audience.

The short-lived happiness of the director and actress

Still from the film Everything will be fine, 1995

1993 became a landmark for the spouses: this year Dmitry Astrakhan shot the melodrama "You are the only one with me", which became a real hit, and Olga Belyaeva gave birth to her son Pavel. After another 2 years, the actress starred in her husband's film "Everything will be fine". She got a supporting role - the wife of the alcoholic Andrei Samsonov Tamara, but it was this film work that brought her resounding popularity. In the same 1995, she played her only major role in the fantastic melodrama of Astrakhan "The Fourth Planet", but this film remained deprived of the audience's attention.

Still from the film Everything will be fine, 1995

Unfortunately, their family life with Dmitry Astrakhan did not work out, soon the director met another woman and left the family. Although the separation was difficult and painful, he managed to maintain a good relationship with his wife. In 1998 g.she starred in another of his films - the melodrama "Crossroads", in the same year she got a small role in the first season of the series "Streets of Broken Lanterns", in 1999 she played in an episode of the film "A Thin Thing", and this role was her last …

Tragic ending

Olga Belyaeva in the film The Fourth Planet, 1995

Dmitry Astrakhan was filming in Minsk when a tragedy happened to his ex-wife and son. On the night of May 16, 2000, a fire started in the house where the actress lived. Waking up from the smell of burning, Olga grabbed her son in her arms, ran out of the apartment - and fell into the fire. She managed to carry the child out of the entrance, but both received severe burns. For a while, Belyaeva was still conscious and managed to call her ex-husband. He immediately rushed from Minsk to St. Petersburg and made every effort to save his wife and son. Doctors fought for the life of Olga Belyaeva for 5 days, but she practically had no chance. On May 21, 2000 she was gone. The actress was only 35 years old.

Olga Belyaeva in the TV series Streets of Broken Lanterns, 1997

Several years ago, the director first found the strength to tell about this tragedy: "".

Shot from the movie Crossroads, 1998

For 7-year-old Pasha, the burn accounted for 80% of the body surface, and the first month was critical - the doctors did not give any guarantees. Astrakhan, with the help of relatives, friends and colleagues, managed to raise funds to send his son to the Boston Burn Center - one of the best in the world. Pavel underwent a rehabilitation course there, but even after that, the recovery was long and difficult.

Director, actor, producer Dmitry Astrakhan

The director said: "". Now Pavel is already 27 years old, he is engaged in music.

Director with his son Pavel

Thanks to Dmitry Astrakhan, several stars were lit in the cinema of that period, but not all of them were able to continue their acting careers in the future. Behind the scenes of the film "Everything will be fine": Why did the film idols of the 1990s disappear from the screens.

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