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60 years of happiness of the beautiful actress Maya Menglet from the movie "It Was in Penkovo" and the last supplication of her husband
60 years of happiness of the beautiful actress Maya Menglet from the movie "It Was in Penkovo" and the last supplication of her husband

Maya Menglet became famous throughout the country thanks to the role of Tony Glechikova in the film by Stanislav Rostotsky "It Was in Penkovo". After the premiere of the film, the beautiful actress gained many fans, but at that time she was already married for a long time. Maya Menglet's chosen one was actor Leonid Satanovsky. They have lived together for over 60 years and have raised two sons. For his sake, the actress left the Stanislavsky Theater, where she served for more than forty years, and the last words of her husband, who prayed to Maya Menglet for salvation, were addressed to her.

The hero of not her novel

Maya Menglet

In recent years, information has appeared in several publications that the first husband of Maya Menglet was not Leonid Satanovsky at all, but the actor Stanislav Korenev, with whom the actress was familiar from early childhood. Allegedly, in March 1953, she married him, and three years later gave birth to his son Alexei, after which the couple parted. The actress herself insists: she got married when she was 18 years old (and in March 1953 she was only 17) and it was for Leonid Satanovsky, who became the father of her two sons. In none of her interviews, did she ever mention the existence of another husband.

Leonid Satanovsky

The future spouses all met in the same 1953. Maya Menglet then just entered the first year of the Moscow Art Theater School, and Leonid Satanovsky studied at the Shchukin School, wore a stylish checkered jacket, and thanks to his red mane of hair, he was visible from afar. True, after the first meeting, they did not pay attention to each other. Maya Menglet did not like red-haired men at all, and her heart was already taken. Leonid Satanovsky was not free either. But one day they met by chance on Nikitsky Boulevard, four of them: Maya was with her gentleman, and Leonid was with his lady.

Maya Menglet

Leonid, staring at Maya, immediately admired her beauty aloud, for which he received a resounding slap in the face from his girlfriend. However, this did not help much, because soon Leonid Satanovsky was already courting Maya Menglet with might and main. And the student of the Moscow Art Theater School could not resist. After all, Leonid cared for her so touchingly, and also sang romances with a guitar in a heartfelt manner. Maya's dad, when he first saw his daughter's fiancé, laughed for a long time. After all, once Maya gave him her word never in her life to marry a redhead.

For life

Maya Menglet and Leonid Satanovsky on their wedding day

Maya Menglet and Leonid Satanovsky signed quietly, and the girl informed her parents about the changes in her life with a note in which she announced her marriage. The newlyweds settled in the apartment of Maya's parents. Maya Menglet's parents lived on eighteen square meters of the total area, and she herself with her husband and son.

At first, quarrels were not uncommon in a young family, and the hot-tempered Maya, after each quarrel, kicked her husband out the door. Fortunately, the parents did not stand aside, they immediately began to shame their daughter, and the son-in-law's suitcase was returned to its place with him. So, her parents played a significant role in preserving Maya Menglet's family. And Leonid Satanovsky himself easily forgave his wife's emotionality and waited for her to outgrow her youthful maximalism.

Maya Menglet and Leonid Satanovsky with colleagues on tour

After the release of the film "It Was in Penkovo", Maya had a very influential admirer, but the girl indignantly rejected his advances, saying that she was not going to cheat on her husband. In response, the admirer promised to deprive the actress of the opportunity to act in films, but Maya Menglet was adamant. In the movie, she no longer starred. But for more than forty years she served at the Stanislavsky Theater, where her beloved husband also worked.

Maya Menglet and Leonid Satanovsky in the film At the Corner of the Patriarch's

The reason for the dismissal was a very unpleasant situation that happened when the actress's husband suddenly lay down with pressure for a couple of days. At that time, preparations were underway for the premiere of the play, where Menglet and Satanovsky were supposed to play. But, having come to the rehearsal, the actress saw another actor in the place of her husband. She was outraged by the fact that the management of the theater so quickly replaced the ill Leonid Moiseevich. But the director in conversation with the actress was very categorical: he is not satisfied with the removal of Satanovsky from the role, quit. And Maya Grigorievna immediately wrote a statement, and then her husband quit.

Maya Menglet and Leonid Satanovsky

In 2001, the couple went to Australia, where both of their sons had settled by that time. The eldest, Alexei, today works in the theater as an actor and director. The youngest, Dmitry, became a chemical scientist, defended his doctoral dissertation and settled in Singapore. Maya Menglet and Leonid Satanovsky, who came to visit the children, stayed in Melbourne. The actors did not abandon their profession here either. They flew to Canada, where they played at the Varpakhovsky Theater, quite successfully collaborated with Mikhail Kozakov's enterprise in Israel, and already in Australia they took part in the Days of Russian Culture.

When, due to their age, they said goodbye to the stage, they enjoyed communicating with their children and grandchildren, and set up a small garden around their two-story house. They were very happy together, Leonid Satanovsky and Maya Menglet. When my husband was diagnosed with diabetes back in 1982, he began to monitor his health very carefully.

Maya Menglet and Leonid Satanovsky

But in recent years, his kidneys have failed, wounds on his legs did not heal due to edema. For the past few months, the actor has not left the hospital, he underwent several operations. Ragged with him in the clinic was always his wife. She left only to prepare homemade breakfast for her husband, which her beloved Lyonya loved so much …

And in the last minutes of his life, Leonid Satanovsky begged his wife: "Maya, even if you catch hold of a hair, pull me out." This was the last thing he said … Leonid Satanovsky passed away on May 30, 2015, and Maya Menglet still yearns for her beloved. And he believes that they will someday meet in the best of worlds.

Three generations of the Menglet family have been associated with the world of cinema and theater, and they all have achieved considerable success in the acting profession. However, they are rarely remembered at home: the name of the founder of the acting dynasty has long been forgotten, and his daughter and grandchildren have hardly been mentioned since they left the country.

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