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13 children of celebrities who are completely different from their star parents
13 children of celebrities who are completely different from their star parents

Usually, when talking about the heirs of famous personalities, they try to find the features of their famous parents in children. And they even sympathize with them if the kids or already adult children turn out to be not too much like a star father or mother. The heirs themselves are unlikely to grieve about this, because at least until the moment they give their surname, they manage to avoid comparison with a loved one who has achieved a lot in life.

Artyom Mikhalkov, son of Nikita Mikhalkov

Nikita Mikhalkov with his son Artyom

The son of Tatyana Solovyova and Nikita Mikhalkov followed in his father's footsteps. He graduated from the directing department of VGIK, acts in films and makes films himself. But when he appears with his father at social events or a film set, it is very difficult to suspect in him the son of “that very” Mikhalkov. Rather, he looks like his mother, who is also a fairly well-known person, but her popularity, of course, cannot be compared with the fame of her husband.

Sergey and Andrey Bakov, sons of Anna Mikhalkova

Anna Mikhalkova with her sons

The sons of actress Anna Mikhalkova and businessman Albert Bakov did not inherit the appearance of their famous mother. They are not even very similar to each other, neither externally, nor in character and attitude to life. But both of them managed to act in films and, quite possibly, will become in the future the successors of the famous acting and directing dynasty. Although the option of inheriting the father's business in this case, too, cannot be ruled out.

Claudia Zemtsova, daughter of Christina Orbakaite

Christina Orbakaite with her daughter

Baby Klavdia - the youngest child of Christina Orbakaite - least of all looks like her famous mother. The famous mother often pleases her followers on social networks with joint photos with her daughter. The singer's fans note: Claudia is growing up as a copy of her father Mikhail Zemtsov.

Viola Syutkina, daughter of Valery Syutkin

Valery Syutkin with his wife and daughter

Viola was born in 1996 and now it is clearly visible that in her appearance the features of a star father are completely absent. But on her mother, with whom the girl bears the same name, the daughter looks like two drops of water. The girl has no desire to repeat the creative path of a famous parent. Viola Syutkina graduated from the Sorbonne as a theater critic and art historian and is currently working as a producer at an arts festival.

Melania and Leonty Kondrakhin, children of Tina Kandelaki

Tina Kandelaki with children

The children of the famous television presenter, who were born in the marriage of Tina Kandelaki with businessman Andrei Kondrakhin, looked unambiguously in their father's appearance. When the presenter posts photos of adult children on one of the social networks, her subscribers are unanimous: Melania and Leonty are very beautiful, but they do not at all look like their mother.

Marianna Gazmanova, daughter of Oleg Gazmanov

Oleg Gazmanov with his daughter

The singer's daughter grew up to be a real beauty. She is completely different from her star dad, but she inherited her beauty and charm from her mother. Marianna still studies at a school with a theatrical bias, where, in addition to general education, she teaches music and acting, singing and theater history. She also dances in Alla Dukhova's studio and loves to take part in photo shoots, which, according to her mother, help the girl “let off steam” and learn to evaluate herself from the outside.

Kirill Nagiyev, son of Dmitry Nagiyev

Dmitry Nagiyev with his son

The son of actor and radio host Alice Sher chose the same profession as his father. He studied at the Moscow Art Theater School, but then transferred to the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts.The lack of outward resemblance between father and son is entirely compensated by the very close relationship between them, although their views on life are different. Kirill, unlike his dad, prefers to lead a measured life, does not like parties and social events and dreams of building his own house away from the bustle of big cities.

Ivan and Artemy, sons of Andrei Grigoriev-Apollonov

Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov with his sons

The sons of the soloist of the Ivanushki International group and Marina Bankova did not inherit either their father's appearance or his hobbies. 16-year-old Ivan and 12-year-old Artemy are not interested in music, but both are actively involved in hockey and are going to make a brilliant career in this sport.

Olivia Geykhman, daughter of Keti Topuria

Keti Topuria with her daughter

Charming Olivia, the daughter of the vocalist of the A'Studio group, looks like her father, businessman Lev Geykhman. However, it doesn't matter at all who the baby looks like today, says Keti Topuria and tries to do everything to make her daughter happy. Olivia is a very cute child, and the singer's subscribers on social networks often call the baby an angel or princess.

Maria Tolkalina, daughter of Yegor Konchalovsky and Lyubov Tolkalina

Yegor Konchalovsky and Lyubov Tolkalina with their daughter

The daughter of famous parents, director and actress, looks like neither mom nor dad. It is known that before the girl suffered from excess weight, but was able to overcome herself, went in for sports, revised her attitude to nutrition and turned into a real beauty. The girl never dreamed of being an actress and decided to become an artist.

Parents from the first days of their child's life look for their own traits in him and are very proud if the heir is like them. Celebrities are no exception. At the same time, everyone hopes that children will not only look like them in appearance, but will also be able to inherit talent and reach great heights in life. In our selection of famous parents and their adorable children, very similar to mom or dad, and sometimes both at once.

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