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How do the destinies of young stars of the winners of the vocal show "Voice. Children"
How do the destinies of young stars of the winners of the vocal show "Voice. Children"

Millions of people followed the success of these talented children. They were surprised at their talent, rejoiced at their successes, worried with them and celebrated their victory. But the fanfare sounded, the spotlights went out, and the winners of the show had to live on, choose their own path, and some of the profession. What was the fate of the talented children who became the winners of the show "Voice. Children"?

Alisa Kozhikina, 2014

Alisa Kozhikina

A talented girl was born in 2003, and at the age of four she began to study vocals in a children's pop ensemble, at the age of six she entered a music school, where she simultaneously mastered vocals and playing the piano. Thanks to the support of her parents, Alisa took part in numerous children's vocal competitions, including the “Children's New Wave” in 2012. After winning the show "Voice. Children", the girl received an award of 500 thousand rubles and became the owner of a contract with the recording label Universal Music.

Over the next years, Alisa recorded two solo albums, in 2016 and 2018, took fifth place in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014, took part in many concerts, 2016 and 2017, voiced several episodes of the animated film. Currently, Alisa Kozhikina pays great attention to her studies, she is a student at the Gnesins Music College.

Sabina Mustaeva, 2015

Sabina Mustaeva

A talented 14-year-old schoolgirl from Tashkent conquered the jury members and the audience already during the auditions, and then, after the departure, was able to return to the show and win. After the project, Sabina continued to study vocals, but she does not often please fans with her appearance in public. In 2016, she took part in a concert by Raimonds Pauls at the invitation of the composer himself, and in 2017 she reached the semifinals of the Voice of Poland competition. Now details about the life and work of the young singer can be found on her instagram page, but even there Sabina is not too verbose. It is known that she is preparing for the release of her new song, but where she studies and what she plans to do next, so far remains a mystery.

Danil Pluzhnikov, 2016

Danil Pluzhnikov

2016 was a truly happy year for a talented performer, who at that time was only 14. Despite a rather complex bone disease, the boy was fond of music since childhood, studied at a music school in two directions at once, vocals and synthesizer, and took part in musical competitions, including international ones. In 2016, he not only won the show "Voice. Children", but was also named "The Treasure of the Culture of the Nation" and was included in the international biographical directory "The Best People".

After the victory, the creative life of the young performer became even richer, he took part in festivals and concerts together with the Kipelov and Tne Bohemians groups, Oleg Gazmanov, Zara, Dima Bilan and others. He began to give recitals, released his first video and became the hero of numerous publications in music magazines. Currently, Danil Pluzhnikov continues to engage in vocals with enthusiasm, in 2019 he became a student at a music school.

Elizaveta Kachurak, 2017

Elizaveta Kachurak

The winner of the fourth season, a 13-year-old girl from the city of Kalach-na-Donu, at her young age already had five years of experience on stage.After the announcement of the results of the competition, no global changes took place in her life. She gladly takes part in those concerts where she is invited, but she directed her main efforts towards making her dream of studying on a budget at the Musical College named after. Gnesins. Now Elizabeth is finishing her first year and often pleases subscribers on social networks with recordings of her new songs.

Rutger Garecht, 2018

Rutger Garecht

At the time of his participation in the show, Rutger was 12 years old, but for the first time he appeared on the stage quite small in the competition of large families in the Orenburg region. Already at the age of four, he began to take violin lessons and seriously study vocals. Even before the Voice. Children, the boy won the Nuremberg Trials. 70 years”and managed to take part in the“Morning Star”competition. After winning the show, Rutger returned to his native Orenburg, where he continued his studies at the Nutcracker Theater of Music and Dance. The young performer, in addition to vocals, is fond of artistic gymnastics, devotes a lot of time to learning English and believes that his main victories are yet to come.

Mikella Abramova, Yerzhan Maxim and everything, everything, everything, 2019

Finalists of the 6th season "Voice. Children"

The sixth season was remembered by the audience, first of all, for the scandal that erupted around the winner of the show, Mikella Abramova, the daughter of the famous performer Alsou. As a result, the results of the competition were canceled, and all the finalists of the season were announced as winners of the project.

Mikella Abramova and Yerzhan Maxim

Mikella Abramova, even after all the shocks, does not part with her dream of becoming a world-famous singer. Yerzhan Maxim, who became the silver medalist of the show following the results of the canceled results, took part in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2019, where he took second place. In the autumn of the same year, 12-year-old Yerzhan, together with his parents, moved from Kazakhstan to Moscow to begin training at the Igor Krutoy Academy of Popular Music, and subsequently to start a career as a professional performer.

Olesya Kazachenko, 2020

Olesya Kazachenko

Ten-year-old Olesya Kozachenko was announced the winner of the last season, but this year the audience accused the organizers of the competition of bias and unfair results, calling other participants of the season more worthy of the main prize. However, it is too early to talk about how the fate of all the talented children-finalists of the show is developing, the final took place only on April 24th.

"Voice. Children", "Cruel Intentions", "Make a Comedian Laugh. Children”- the heirs of celebrities often take part in a variety of competitions and creative contests. And the victory does not always go to children with a well-known surname.

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