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11 unique gizmos from the past that amaze with beauty and complexity even in the 21st century
11 unique gizmos from the past that amaze with beauty and complexity even in the 21st century

It's amazing how our world has evolved over the past millennia, centuries and even decades! But it is even more incredible that some things created by our distant ancestors centuries ago are so beautiful, high-tech and perfect that you can only open your mouth in surprise. As an example, we suggest looking at 11 incredible artifacts that surprise even sophisticated modern people.

1. The palette of an ancient Egyptian artist

There is still paint in the holes

This palette is about 3 thousand 400 years old and was used by an ancient Egyptian artist. It is made of a single piece of ivory and retains the name of the pharaoh “Amenhotep III” written in hieroglyphs, as well as the inscription “Beloved Re”. The most incredible thing is that the palette still has blue, green, brown, yellow, red and black colors. And this despite the fact that it dates from about 1390-1352 BC.

2. Ancient Egyptian ring with a carnelian cat

The image of a cat on an ancient ring looks symbolic

This ring also dates back to the times of Ancient Egypt: it dates back to 1070-712 BC. The image of a cat is quite understandable: she was a very important character in the life of the ancient Egyptians and, as you know, some of their deities were depicted with cat's heads. The ring itself is made of gold, and the cat figurine is skillfully carved from semi-precious red and pink carnelian. Its age is estimated to be at least 2,700 years. If you look at the cat from below, from the inside of the ring, you can see the Eye of Horus carved by the ancient artist, which was used as a protective amulet in Ancient Egypt.

3. Detail of armor, which is half a thousand years old


This armor is admired even now

An ancient piece of armor, which is commonly called the "armor of Hercules", dates back to the middle of the 16th century. It was made in France for the Archduke (later Saint Emperor) Maximilian II. The armor is covered with ornaments of amazing beauty, and also depicts scenes from ancient mythology. Most likely, the armor had no practical purpose - they only showed the high position of the wearer.

4. Globe from an ostrich egg 1510

Globe egg

Scientists have established that this globe, carved into an ostrich egg, was made around 1510. This is perhaps the oldest map of the New World. It is also unique in that in those days calf or seal skin or wood, but certainly not an egg, was usually used to make globes. There is a hypothesis that it was made by one of the students of Leonardo da Vinci.

5.2,400-year-old footwear from Altai

The boot looks like new

When excavating graves in the Altai mountains, archaeologists discovered a very ancient pair of shoes, perfectly preserved due to the local cold climate. It is believed that these magnificent boots were worn by Scythian women around 300-290 BC. In the manufacture of shoes, several materials were used at once - leather, fabric, tin and gold. Boots were made either for the burial ritual, or to be worn by a noble person.

6. Astronomical clock of 1410

The famous clock is still in operation

This famous Prague clock will celebrate its 611th anniversary this year. They are mechanized and show the position of the Sun, Moon, Zodiacal constellations and even other planets. It is the third oldest astronomical clock in the world, but at the same time it is the oldest clock that still works. Moreover, this watch is a real work of art.

7.Beware of the Dog sign in a 2,000-year-old Roman home

The famous mosaic picture for intruders

Just as now they write on the doors of a gate or a house: "Caution, angry dog", so two thousand years ago in Rome they warned uninvited guests in the same way. Only more skillfully - by laying out an inscription with a pattern on the mosaic floor. This unique find was found in the so-called House of the Tragic Poet in Pompeii.

8. Roman shoes after two thousand years

A boot with an openwork pattern

A stylish pair of shoes, 2 thousand years old, was found in the well of the Roman fort of Saalburg in Germany. The shoes, apparently, belonged to a woman, as they are decorated with embroidery, patterns and even lace. In those days, such elegant shoes testified to the high status and wealth of the owner.

9. Book-weapon of the XVII century


The so-called "prayer book-pistol" was made to order for Francesco Morosini, Duke of Venice (1619-1694), apparently for self-defense. The weapon is disguised in the book. The mechanism was designed so that the pistol could only fire when the book was closed.

10. Knife-pistol-calendar of the XVI century

Multifunctional item

This item served as a pistol, a knife, and a calendar for its owner at the same time. Yes, it happens. It was made in the middle of the 16th century by the German engraver Ambrosius Hemlich from two different parts: a blade with an engraved calendar and a barrel.

11. Ring of Caligula, which may be two thousand years old

Magnificent enigmatic ring

This stunning sky blue ring is carved from a single piece of sapphire. There is reason to believe that it could have belonged to the famous Caligula, who ruled from 37 to 41 AD. And the woman engraved in the upper part of the ring most likely personifies the last wife of the tyrant ruler, Caesonia. how much is Caligula's ring really worth and what is its history.

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