Girl draws giant birds on city walls around the world - realistic and fantastically colorful graffiti
Girl draws giant birds on city walls around the world - realistic and fantastically colorful graffiti

Artist Fio Silva from Argentina is only 29 years old, but she has already managed to become famous not only in her homeland, but also abroad. After all, with her creativity, she makes the urban space not so dull and gray. The girl paints buildings, fences and other surfaces on the streets with monumental graffiti depicting wildlife. Her drawings are just incredible! Agree, there is nothing more "refreshing" and uplifting than stumbling upon a colorful fresco while wandering along boring and monotonous city streets.

Fio paints on walls in different cities

The young Argentine artist has won worldwide recognition. Her unusual frescoes, inspired by movement, nature and animals, especially birds, are appreciated in different cities. Fio's works can be found in France, Spain, England, Germany, Greece, Serbia, Kosovo, Vietnam and many other countries. Her painted animals and plants are larger than in real life, in size, and realistic, but at the same time, fantastic beauty.

One of the monumental paintings by Fio Silva Incredible wall painting

Fio Silva from Buenos Aires started painting on the streets about ten years ago.

“As a child, I didn’t have a special love for drawing or fine arts,” she says, “There was no one in my family who would paint or something like that. - It all started with the fact that one day a friend suggested that I take a can of paint and go paint on the street with guys who had been doing graffiti for a long time. I really liked this first experience: there is an opportunity to communicate with passers-by, and to do something monumental, expressing my feelings in a drawing.

She tried to paint with a spray can and realized that painting the walls was her vocation

Today Fio spends half of his time painting the walls, and as you might guess, this work is physically hard. However, the girl does not even think about rest: she spends the second half of her working time in the studio, which she shares with other artists, because she draws not only wall paintings, but also ordinary paintings.

Fio at work The girl makes the city space more fun. Building in Albania

The process of creating wall murals (I don't even want to call them simple graffiti) is quite varied. For example, with very large projects, Fio usually improvises: first he makes a linear sketch, and decides on the colors and position of the figures directly during drawing.

- It often happens that you prepare a certain idea in advance, and when you come to the place, you understand that it does not fit. For example, it does not fit into the style of the surrounding space or into the concept of the area in which you work, - the artist explains, - So any sketch of mine is not yet a final version. I like to realize that I have the ability to instantly change something.

Oftentimes, ideas for color and composition come up on the fly

Most of Silva's wall paintings show birds. The girl explains that feathered characters always reflect what she feels at one time or another.

The huge peacock clearly reflects something positive

- When I draw, I try to depict those birds whose behavior is most appropriate at a given time. Sometimes I feel angry about something, which means I am stronger and more energetic than usual. Then I would like to draw eagles or other large birds. On other days, I feel more withdrawn and fragile.And then I draw someone like a pigeon, which I can depict in black and white or using the minimum number of colors. For me, this is a kind of therapy, says Fio Silva. - The paintings reflect what happened to me these days, and at the same time I feel that they are super ephemeral, because they stay on the wall for no more than five years. The streets are constantly changing, which is great.

In his works, Fio conveys his own mood Each work of Fio is unique, because it expresses her feelings on a particular day

When the talented artist was first invited to paint a wall painting in another country (she was then only 23 years old), she could not believe it.

- I received an order from England, and I was shocked that someone was willing to pay me a plane ticket just so that I would fly in and paint the wall. But now I'm used to it, - says the street artist, - All these years I have traveled a lot. The invitations always come from different places. Sometimes these are festivals of frescoes or urban art, in other cases, orders from municipalities that pay for a fresco, or from private organizations.

The girl's works conquered the whole world

Silva already has several tens of thousands of subscribers on Instagram, and she never ceases to amaze them with all the new incredible pictures.

Such a house certainly cannot be called dull The girl goes to fulfill orders in different countries. Customers are always satisfied Fio doesn't always paint birds. There are flowers, animals and fish

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