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7 taboos in the USA, which many do not even know, because it is allowed in Russia
7 taboos in the USA, which many do not even know, because it is allowed in Russia

Each country has its own rules and regulations, which may be radically different from what is accepted in Russia and other countries of the post-Soviet space. In fact, many do not even think about how much damage to reputation and sometimes even criminal punishment can be caused by non-compliance with generally accepted norms in the United States. At the same time, in the domestic open spaces, in certain situations, no one even pays attention to this.

Interaction with law enforcement officers

Police officer

In the United States, police officers are required to be as polite and friendly as possible. It is strictly forbidden not only to shout, but even to raise your voice, try to interrupt the law enforcement officer, or emotionally prove your case. This can be regarded as disrespect for the representatives of the law and will entail serious punitive measures, up to and including arrest.

Checking on the road

If the car stops on the road, the driver must not leave the car. In Russia, as a rule, the driver, after being stopped by a traffic police officer, takes the documents and gets out of the car to talk with a representative of the order. In the United States, such actions can be regarded as an attempt to escape if there was a traffic violation. Or as an encroachment on the safety of a police officer. In the USA, you need to stop, lower the glass, keep your hands on the steering wheel and behave as politely and calmly as possible. You can get out of the car only after the instruction of the policeman.

Forbidden topics

It is considered indecent to talk about forbidden topics

In the United States, talking about money is considered extremely indecent. Inquiries about salaries, the cost of a recently purchased apartment or car, the amount spent on medical treatment or clothing will cause resentment among Americans. This topic is not discussed either with unfamiliar people, or with friends and family. And it may well become a reason for refusing further communication with a person who has raised a closed topic.

Conversations about politics, religion and sexual orientation will cause no less negative reaction in society. In this case, it is simply impossible to predict how the interlocutor will react to a completely innocent question, and whether the questioner will offend him. In addition to personal resentment, you can become the object of public censure, and even persecution.


Bribes are banned in the United States

Very often, citizens in Russia do not even think about the fact that a "little" gratitude to a doctor or an attempt to "agree" on passing an exam with a teacher is a bribe. In the United States, attempted bribery is taken much more seriously. And the offer of money can turn into not only public censure, but a huge fine and even arrest.


The roadsides are always clean

Littering on the streets and roadsides is strictly prohibited in the United States. On the track, a police car can follow the car, and representatives of the order are able to observe the road from a hidden point. Even a napkin thrown out of a car window will incur a huge fine, like, for example, a candy wrapper that falls out of your hands and is not picked up in time in a public place. By the way, in some states, for example, in Florida, you can lose your license for a month if four cases of throwing garbage on the road are recorded.

Imperative mood

Unfriendly people will not find understanding

For many, it has long become the norm to use the imperative mood in daily communication: "Give salt, bring glasses, submit a report." In the United States, such speech constructions are banned, and only those are used that contain the most polite requests: "Could you pass the salt, please." Ignoring this rule will reinforce a person's reputation for being rude and ignorant. In the United States, this is generally the first sign of an unhealthy relationship, so it is polite to communicate with both strangers and your own friends.

In general, in the United States, it is customary to demonstrate friendliness, affability and openness, to thank even for the little things, to apologize for the slightest inconvenience and concern.

Violation of freedom

Neighbors can call the police without warning

Americans have great respect for freedom of rights, thought, and expression. Upcoming renovations should be discussed with neighbors in order to minimize the effects of noise and carry out work in such a way as to cause a minimum of discomfort to others. A noisy party can very well cause a call to the police and entail many problems.

Breaking the rules

The rules will have to be followed

Americans try to abide by all statutes, regulations, and rules. For example, cheating at the university or even at school is unacceptable and will be suppressed not only by teachers, but also by fellow students, and while studying at a university it may even lead to expulsion. At the same time, an essay written to order will cause serious litigation not only with the one who buys it, but also with the one who writes.

Foreigners often dream of traveling to Russia in order to try to solve this very riddle, and after that citizens from other countries either fall in love with this huge country forever, or refuse to even hear about it. However, almost all tourists agree that Russian traditions are like some kind of magic, which delights them.

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