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The thorny path to fame of Dr. Kupitman from the TV series "Interns": How a former poor student became an actor and Ph.D
The thorny path to fame of Dr. Kupitman from the TV series "Interns": How a former poor student became an actor and Ph.D

Russian actor Vadim Demchog from the age of 4 he began to play in the theater, and later acted in films, worked on radio and television. However, all-Russian fame came to him, as to an Ater, at a mature age - at the age of 47. It was then that the legendary series "Interns" was released on TV screens, where the actor played the role of Ivan Natanovich Kupitman, an ironic and sharp-tongued venereologist. About the thorny career path and the achievements of the former Losers Demchog, further - in our publication.

Vadim Viktorovich Demchog is a Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, teacher, director, screenwriter, creator of author's projects on radio, television, on the Internet and in theater, candidate of psychological sciences. In life, nothing came easy for him. Fame came to him rather late. As already mentioned, the actor woke up famous after the release of the TV series "Interns", where he played the Jewish Hungarianologist Kupitman.

Vadim Demchog as Ivan Natanovich Kupitman

The role of Dr. Kupitman literally lifted Vadim Demchog to the top of the Russian cinema olympus. However, from this role, which turned out to be significant for the actor, he initially flatly refused. Since the artist already had considerable experience in filming second-rate TV shows, which went almost unnoticed by the viewer. Therefore, this time, having received an invitation to participate in a film project, he did not particularly hope for success. And in vain, literally from the first episodes of the premiere, Demchog became a favorite of a huge audience of TV viewers.

Vadim Demchog as Ivan Natanovich Kupitman

As a result, the series "Interns" itself, which was filmed from 2010 to 2016, became a youth domestic bestseller and received two prestigious cinematic awards - "Golden Rhino" and "TEFI-2016", and the actors involved in it are very popular …

Plot in a nutshell

The cast of the series "Interns"

Recall that the series is dedicated to young inexperienced interns who constantly find themselves in funny and ridiculous situations. Their leader, the head of the therapeutic department, Andrei Evgenievich Bykov, constantly makes fun of them ironically and evilly, trying to teach them medical wisdom. Helping Bykov and watching the adventures of the interns - his friend - the head of the dermatovenerologic department Ivan Natanovich Kupitman and the head nurse of the therapeutic department Lyubov Mikhailovna Scriabin. The head physician Anastasia Konstantinovna Kisegach is keeping order in the hospital.

Andrey Evgenievich Bykov and Ivan Natanovich Kupitman. A still from the TV series "Interns"

Fascinating and comic plots of numerous stories of the series, according to its creators, are based on real medical practice. As the saying goes, the harsh truth of hospital life.

How it all began

Vadim Viktorovich Demchog (née Lesser) was born in March 1963 in the city of Narva, Estonia. He grew up without a father, who left the family when the boy was only three months old. His mother worked as a cook, but at the same time was an unusually artistic nature. Therefore, the woman showed her talents at weddings as a toastmaster, and also played in a local amateur theater. from the memoirs of the actor. He assures that the surname Demchog has Belarusian-Ukrainian roots. Vadim Viktorovich considers himself to be primordially Russian by nationality.

Vadim Demchog as a child

Once my mother decided to attach her 4-year-old son to some business and took Vadim to the Palace of Pioneers. On the first door, which the boy accidentally opened, was inscribed: "Puppet theater". The fate of the future artist was immediately decided. In the theater studio, Vadim spent days on end: playing, making masks and puppet costumes. But at school he received solid deuces: - he said.

After the eighth grade, the mother, who did not really delve into the upbringing of her son and his school performance, insisted that he go to a culinary school. However, instead of learning the basics of cooking, Vadim only had time to look after the girls. He was the only guy in the group, and of course, he did not miss the opportunity to hit on the next passion.

Vadim Demchog in his youth and youth

And in his free time from dating, Demchog devoted himself to the local amateur theater, where he played with his mother. From the first performances on stage, the guy realized that he would definitely connect his future life with the fascinating world of theater and cinema. The head of the amateur theater, Yuri Mikhalev, became a spiritual father for the young amateur actor. It was with his submission that, after graduating from the culinary school, Vadim moved to Moscow to enter a theater university.

Towards fame

In the capital, Demchog entered LGITMiK to the famous teacher Zinovy ​​Korogodsky. I passed my skills excellently. But he wrote an essay by one. the actor recalls now that distant time. On the course, Demchog was a favorite, after graduating from high school and serving in the army, Korogodsky took him to his Youth Theater, "knocked out" a room for him. Until now, Vadim Viktorovich remembers his teacher with admiration and respect, calling him a teacher from God.

Looking ahead, I would like to note that the artist's creative biography is so rich that the description of all the author's projects that he has brought to life amazes with a variety of interests. But first things first…

Vadim Demchog in his youth

In 1987, Vadim Demchog began an active theatrical activity. He traveled a lot, took part in performances, experimented with theatrical performances. However, perestroika at once crossed out all the plans and intentions of the young actor, and he had to leave the theater. And in order to somehow survive in the dashing 90s, he tried many activities that were far from theatrical art: he delivered goods to the city's markets, worked at a construction site, fenced roofs, drove cars from Europe for resale. By the way, the last lesson made it possible for the actor to remain financially independent.

Vadim Demchog in his youth

Demchog also tried himself in other industries where he could make money. Since 1992, Vadim worked as a radio presenter on the popular Europa Plus radio. There was a period in his life when Demchog traveled a lot, communicated with interesting people, studied Buddhism, meditated and experimented, and later even made a film about this Eastern religion. This period of his life brought him many interesting acquaintances, and the actor became seriously interested in psychology. Hobby soon led to the fact that Demchog decided to develop in this direction and became a candidate of psychological sciences.

In addition, the actor has published five books on self-development. Since 2001, he began to teach acting. And he was still the presenter of popular programs on radio and television. Later, for the Silver Rain radio studio, Vadim Viktorovich developed an interesting hoax game called Frankie Show. Since 2004, it has been broadcast every day for almost 6 years. The plot of each episode of the fascinating game was dedicated to a certain famous character, on whose behalf Demchog, in the form of a narrator, described experiences and biographical facts. At the same time, radio listeners had to guess the hero of a particular story.

Vadim Demchog - film and theater actor, director, screenwriter, radio host

Having achieved the set goals, Vadim Viktorovich decided not to stop there. He began to try himself in directing, writing scripts for theatrical performances.By the way, Demchog's directorial debut in "Bulgakov's House" made us talk about him not only as a versatile actor (today the actor has about 30 film projects in his filmography), but also as a talented director. Vadim Demchog, sparing no effort or time, took on any job: he worked in the theater, on television and on radio, gave master classes in acting, lectured on psychology. In 2010, Demchog developed the website. He conceived and created the "School of the Game", within the framework of which he still conducts a series of trainings, "giving mechanisms for emancipation from clamps and internal concepts."

Work has always come first for him. However, the actor never forgot about his personal life, which he also has quite rich.

Personal life of the artist. Two families and a new love of Vadim Demchog

Despite the parting, Vadim Viktorovich never considered his marriages to be unsuccessful. Each of them gave him invaluable experience that he was able to apply in the following relationships. The first wife of the 22-year-old actor was a girl named Julia, with whom he had been married for 9 years. She gave birth to the actor's daughter Anastasia. Years later, the actor admitted that it was "the wrong marriage." There was no real love between them, and, therefore, no strong family came out. Their relationship has not stood the test of financial difficulties. Julia left Vadim for a new relationship. Since then, she has lived in Germany with her daughter and husband. Demchog never condemned his ex for such a choice, because he understood that sooner or later it would have happened anyway.

Vadim Demchog with his wife Veronika Ryabkova

Soon the actor met his second wife, Veronica Ryabkova. It was a real passion and obsession. Vadim dreamed of her and wanted this girl to become his wife. He was not embarrassed by the age difference (the girl was 12 years younger than him), and the fact that Veronica had a serious relationship with another young man. The lovers were preparing for the wedding, but Vadim intervened and upset everything. Then for three years he sought the location of the girl, literally pursuing her, until she agreed to marry him.

Vadim Demchog with his wife Veronica and son William

In the second marriage, Demchog had a son. An interesting fact: Vadim Viktorovich personally delivered the birth of his wife at home, of course in the presence of an obstetrician. He was infinitely happy, since he was directly involved in this sacrament. The boy was named William. The father dreamed that his offspring would become a "citizen of the world", so he chose a European name for his son.

Vadim Demchog with his wife Veronica and son William

However, the obsession with Veronica did not end well. Over time, the actor cooled down to his wife and began to regularly pay attention to other girls. It was rumored that in every city where the actor was on tour, he made a romantic relationship. Veronica, in the hope that her husband will settle down, fought for her marriage for a long time. She wanted their son to grow up in a full-fledged family.

Vadim Demchog with his son William

Several times in the yellow press there were notes about Vadim Demchog's divorce from his wife. But each time the couple refused to comment on this and insisted that everything was fine in their family, but, as it turned out, Veronica's patience ran out and she initiated a divorce.

Vadim Demchog and Elena the Beautiful

Now the actor is in a new relationship, he calls his beloved Elena the Beautiful. But for the sake of their son, Vadim Viktorovich and his ex-wife maintained friendly relations. William is now 16 years old and lives in two houses. The father always tried to raise his son by personal example, therefore he is closely involved in his life and in his upbringing.

Veronica with her son William

By the way, William has already made his film debut. He first appeared on the set at the age of 3, he was filmed in the melodrama "Friend or Foe" directed by Timur Kabulov. And after a while, William took part in the filming of the serial film "Interns". Who knows, perhaps in the near future we will be able to see him on TV screens, of course, if he decides to follow in the footsteps of his father.

Vadim Demchog with his son William

Currently, Vadim Demchog is in charge of the theatrical project "Arlekiniada", and continues to read his fascinating lectures, conducts psychological trainings, comes up with and implements new projects …

Vadim Demchog

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