Yuri Nikolaev - 71: What tests forced the TV presenter to reconsider his views on life
Yuri Nikolaev - 71: What tests forced the TV presenter to reconsider his views on life

December 16 marks 71 years of the famous TV presenter, actor, People's Artist of Russia Yuri Nikolaev. He does not need introduction - several generations of viewers will remember him as the host of the programs "Morning Mail", "Blue Light", "Song of the Year", "Morning Star", "Good Night, Kids!" When he was at the peak of popularity, his television career was under threat - Nikolayev suffered from alcohol addiction and almost disrupted live broadcast in a state of strong intoxication. But when he found the strength to overcome bad habits, a new misfortune happened …

Yuri Nikolaev in childhood

For the first time, Yuri Nikolaev appeared on the stage in the middle classes of the school - then he studied in the drama club of the Palace of Pioneers of Chisinau, where he was born and raised. Once a TV director Igor Levinsky came to their school, who was looking for an artistic teenager for a television film-play, and the class teacher advised him to pay attention to Yuri Nikolaev. This is how his acting debut took place, which brought him the first title - albeit unofficial and very offensive: "artist of a burned-out theater." So his peers teased him on the street, unaware that Nikolaev would soon become the host of the most popular all-Union programs.

Yuri Nikolaev in the film Walking in the throes, 1974 Yuri Nikolaev in the movie almanac Animal Trainers, 1975

After leaving school, Nikolaev went to Moscow and entered GITIS on the first try. And although the first 2 years he really missed his hometown and loved ones, he soon settled in the capital and was even going to marry a classmate. The marriage with Galina turned out to be hasty and short-lived - both were not ready for family life. After 2 years they divorced, about which the artist later said: "".

Yuri Nikolaev - presenter of the Morning Mail

After Nikolaev graduated from GITIS, he was accepted into the troupe of the Pushkin Theater. Before he got a room in a theater dorm, he even happened to live in an abandoned mansion. And his neighbors in the hostel were Vladimir Menshov, Vera Alentova and their daughter Yulia. When parents from Moldavia sent food to their son, they arranged general gatherings. Then the neighbors shared not only the table, but even the clothes! Nikolaev told how he was first invited to conduct a concert: "".

A scene from the movie A Mystery Known to All, 1981

Soon Nikolaev had his own family - once in a trolleybus he met the sister of his friend from GITIS, Eleanor. They started dating and then got married. At the same time, his television career began. Nikolaev was offered to broadcast the Morning Mail program, which soon became one of the most popular on Soviet television. On the air, the presenter allegedly performed the musical requests of the listeners, but later he admitted that this was not entirely true: "". Today this program seems completely harmless, but at that time it was considered quite bold and even frivolous. Nikolaev said: "".

In the 1980s. he was the most popular TV presenter in the USSR

The famous announcer Igor Kirillov drew attention to the talented young presenter and offered him a job in the announcer department. 5 days a week Nikolaev worked there, on Saturdays he conducted "Morning Mail". In the late 1980s. he thought about creating his own program. Nikolaev applied for Channel One, took out a bank loan and founded his own television company, Unix. This is how the Morning Star was born. The presenter himself traveled to schools, found talented children and gave them the opportunity to perform on stage.He made a live sound and an honest jury one of the main conditions. The Morning Star has been on the air for 12 years and has broken all popularity records. Thanks to Nikolaev, the stars of Ani Lorak, Valeria, Yulia Nachalova, Sergey Lazarev, Vlad Topalov, Pelageya lit up.

TV presenter, actor, People's Artist of Russia Yuri Nikolaev Yuri Nikolaev - author and host of the Morning Star

At the peak of his popularity, Yuri Nikolaev had a chance to endure a serious test - fame and alcohol. He was recognized at every step and, wherever he appeared, he was invited to sit together and treated him to a drink. Today he says with bitter irony that he had no problems with alcohol - there was love, and mutual love. The film crew had to look for him more than once - he could leave the house and disappear for 2 weeks. It was not a star fever - rather, a consequence of the breadth of the soul and the desire to "respect" all their fans. It almost cost the host his career.

In the 1980s. he was the most popular TV presenter in the USSR

Years later, the presenter told: "". As a result, Nikolaev was removed from the air for 7 months, and the three people in charge of that release were fired, which the presenter could not forgive himself.

Yuri Nikolaev - author and host of the Morning Star TV presenter, actor, People's Artist of Russia Yuri Nikolaev

But when the bad habit was overcome, a new misfortune happened: Nikolaev was diagnosed with intestinal cancer. The presenter has been struggling with this terrible disease for 15 years. Relapses happened several times, but not to lose heart, not to withdraw into himself and to continue the struggle for his life, the care of his wife Eleanor and the support of friends helped him. Nikolaev said: "".

One of the most popular Russian TV presenters

The only thing the TV presenter regrets about is that he and his wife have no children. Over the years, he went on stage surrounded by children, he was adored by millions of little viewers, but he never became a father. Nikolaev admits: "".

TV presenter in 2016 Yuri Nikolaev with his wife Eleanor

But the TV presenter does not complain about fate - he is sure that it was this ordeal that made him reconsider his views on life and learn to truly love and appreciate his loved ones and those happy moments, which are also many: "". It remains only to wish Yuri Nikolaev endurance, long life and strength to appear on screens again and again and delight his multimillion audience!

One of the most popular Russian TV presenters

Perhaps they managed to pass all the tests, because they divided them into two: Yuri and Eleanor Nikolaev.

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