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Lenin's head the size of a five-story building: Why was it installed on a Kyrgyz reservoir
Lenin's head the size of a five-story building: Why was it installed on a Kyrgyz reservoir

Monuments to Lenin, which can still be found both in Russia and on the territory of the former Soviet republics, are a living reminder of a bygone era. Some images of the leader are made on such a scale that you are simply amazed: how much fantasy, money, inhuman labor has been invested in these projects … One example of such irrepressible idolatry is the giant head on the Kirov reservoir in Kyrgyzstan.

The head, the size of a five-story house, is impressive and demonstrates the power of Soviet hydro-construction

The most important body of water

The reservoir was built in the 1960s-70s on the Talas River. It was erected in order to provide water to the agricultural areas of the Talas Valley and, first of all, to the neighboring Kazakh Republic. For decades, cereals, vegetables, fodder crops have been grown in these places, but in such an arid climate, this is possible only with additional watering.

The reservoir was able to provide water to vast agricultural areas

It took ten years to build a large-scale structure. At the same time, an irrigation network was created, a concrete and gravel plant was erected nearby to ensure uninterrupted supply of the necessary materials to the construction site. Multi-storey buildings were erected for hydraulic builders.

Construction work has been going on here for exactly ten years

In connection with the ongoing work, new settlements had to be built nearby, into which the inhabitants of the settlements that fell under the flooding were overpowered.

The reservoir is 22 kilometers long. Image on the map

The length of the Kirov reservoir is more than 22 kilometers, and the width is 4 kilometers. Moreover, since the dam and reservoir were built in a seismic hazard zone, the body at the dam was made hollow.

Under the giant eye of Lenin

It is clear that a building of such a scale and such importance was erected with loud slogans and faith in the bright future of the Soviet country. Therefore, the installation at the very top of the dam (and its height is 84 meters) of the gigantic face of the leader at that time seemed quite logical.

The giant head of the leader of the world proletariat is cast in concrete

Now the head of Ilyich, which can be seen from the left edge of the dam, looks strange, ridiculous and even creepy. Those who have seen the head up close claim that it is the size of a five-story building.

It looks impressive

By the way, not far from the head of the leader, along the road, there is a high relief depicting, as the old-timers say, "the main milestones in the life of the Soviet people."

The sculptors clarify: this complex is very valuable as an example of Soviet monumental art. It was created (and, I must say, quite well) by a group of artists in 1975-1983. The high relief is a story cast in concrete about the life of the workers of Kyrgyzstan.

High relief by the road

The figures are grouped thematically and, they say, you need to inspect them, starting with the proud figure of a woman who personifies the Soviet labor of Kyrgyzstan. Following her are depicted shepherds, miners, farmers and representatives of other important professions captured during their work.

Large-scale work of Soviet sculptors

Lenin's giant head is located exactly opposite the "concrete workers" and is also made as a high relief.

Lenin's head is also a high relief. Only huge

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