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Lady Dee's fashion mistakes: The most gaudy and provocative outfits from a princess wardrobe
Lady Dee's fashion mistakes: The most gaudy and provocative outfits from a princess wardrobe

Lady Dee is considered to be a style icon and a woman who conquered millions of British people with her democratic behavior. However, her path to the Olympus of haute couture was not easy, and there were severe failures on it. In the early years, the press often called the royal bride, and then the princess "simpleton", "teacher" and "rebel". Unfortunately, the wedding dress was the worst for the girl. It is one of the most unfortunate wedding gowns in fashion history.

Engagement dress

Diana Spencer's engagement outfit seemed too simple to journalists

The blue color, undoubtedly, perfectly suited the event, but the press and ordinary people did not like the outfit itself because of the too strict style. He was called "office", "teacher" and "banal". It seemed to many that Diana accepted the ring from the prince just during a break from the working day, without preparing for this event in advance. Perhaps already in this, her first official entry into the world of public life, the future Lady Dee wanted to show the very democracy for which she was ultimately loved, but which often let her down when choosing toilets. Of course, fashion and taste are delicate matters. In March 1981, this dress had to be "out of place", although today the outfit looks pretty cute.

Royal Horse Racing Dress

At Royal Ascot, it is customary to come in something extraordinary, elegant. Young Diana's outfit in 1981 was considered very unfortunate

In this case, perhaps, you will have to agree with the opinion of strict and not very critics - today, as in 1981, this outfit looks, to put it mildly, inappropriate. The press of those years, without hesitation in expressions, called him "clown" and "ridiculous." When you consider that Royal Ascot is an event where it is customary to flaunt stylish and sophisticated outfits, then the failure becomes even more obvious.

Evening provocation

Black color, bare shoulders without shawls and gloves - clear violations of royal fashion

This off-the-shoulder black dress was lovely in itself. Young Diana, who recently became the prince's bride and was just entering the Star Trek, looked great in it, but, unfortunately, it was this outfit that became the reason for the first quarrel of the future spouses and, as they later recalled, even “predicted failure”. The fact is that in several ways it did not correspond to the royal dress code: open shoulders at an evening event require an obligatory shawl and long gloves, but this would not be such a big problem if it were not for the color of the outfit. A member of the royal family can dress in black only at the time of mourning, in other cases this color is unacceptable. You can, of course, talk for a long time about the remnants of the past and freedom of choice, but fashion is an important part of cultural traditions, and most of the British know and honor the rules of the royal ceremony.

It's a shame that Diana received this dress from young London designers David and Elizabeth Emanuel. They were recommended to the royal family by the editor of British Vogue just in order to bring the wardrobe of the future princess in line with her new status. Having received a package with outfits, Diana chose this particular dress for the first important event - a gala dinner in honor of the Princess of Monaco. By the way, the shawl was really attached to it, but the young girl for some reason did not wear it. Diana wrote about this evening then:

Wedding records

The authors of Diana's wedding dress were all the same Emanuels.Both designers supported the princess in her desire to create something grand and record-breaking. Sitting on the workshop floor, the three of them looked at old photos and tried to come up with something special. “We looked up all the archives of royal weddings and found out that the record for the length of the train is 20 feet. So we asked Diana to make it five feet longer,”recalled David Emanuel. Unfortunately, the young designers did not seem to have enough hands-on experience with fabrics. They really created a dress of her dreams for Diana, but it did not behave at all during the wedding ceremony as expected.

Princess Diana's wedding dress - one of the most unfortunate in history, was badly wrinkled during the trip

Too great a tail length has become a real problem. At first, the giant eight-meter train did not want to fit into the carriage, in which the bride was traditionally supposed to go to the cathedral, and during the trip, the whole dress was hopelessly crumpled - silk taffeta, which adds volume to the skirt and sleeves, turned out to be a very capricious material. Coming out of the carriage, the bridesmaids tried to straighten the folds, but this turned out to be impossible. Therefore, Diana's dress is still called the “wrinkled” wedding dress.

In dynamics, Diana's wedding dress did not behave as the designers planned

Further, when moving, the train and an even longer veil also did not behave very well - they constantly strove to gather in a tourniquet. In addition, the dress turned out to be simply surprisingly heavy and uncomfortable, so Diana began to dream of taking it off after a few minutes. In general, this story has become a warning for many brides who want to break fashion records.

Creepy peas

Princess Diana's outfit at the film premiere and at the Royal Opera also caused a lot of criticism

And again, all in the same 1981, unsuccessful for her in terms of fashion, Diana gets into a mess. Now - at the premiere of the James Bond film. Again, bare shoulders and a neckline too revealing for the bride became the main topic of discussion. But exactly a year later, when she appeared in the same dress again, now at the Royal Opera, the queen's patience was exhausted. Of course, wearing the outfit twice at public events is a sign of bad taste. It is from such trifles that fate sometimes develops. It is possible that the relationship with the mother-in-law and the further family life of the famous princess could have been much more successful if she had been more attentive to the rules of the family she entered.

Princess Diana at the polo game

Another dress with polka dots for the princess was also not forgiven. It was very much "collective farm" in the opinion of the British. And the fact that the poor thing was pregnant at that moment was not an excuse. If you have already attended such an important sporting event as a polo game, then keep the style.

Frank shocking

Diana in a bold dress at a film premiere in London and during a visit to Australia

Diana loved this dress very much. The open cut on the back always shocked the audience, but the princess put it on with pleasure, and also several times.

A bold outfit - revenge on an unfaithful spouse

This outfit, amazing in itself, was called the "dress of revenge" by the press. The family life of the unfortunate princess collapsed in 1994, the husband openly preferred another woman to Diana, and the angry, forgotten wife decided to stun everyone with a bold way out. She undoubtedly succeeded. Again black, now consciously, again bare shoulders, unacceptable open knees - this was a real protest expressed with the help of fashion. A massive decoration on the neck added a special piquancy. It was custom made from a brooch given by Charles on his wedding day. Probably, besides England, dresses can only carry such informational load in Japan. This outfit of Diana caused a flurry of opinions - the range varied from outrage to admiration.

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