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Why the actress, discovered by Balabanov, was going to commit suicide, and in what she found salvation: Agniya Kuznetsova
Why the actress, discovered by Balabanov, was going to commit suicide, and in what she found salvation: Agniya Kuznetsova

On July 15, the actress of theater and cinema Agniya Kuznetsova turns 36 years old. Her professional life is developing very successfully: over 18 years of her film career, she has already played more than 55 roles and won several film awards, her star was lit by Alexei Balabanov, she became the favorite actress of director Valeria Gai Germaniki, in addition, she performs on the stage of the Praktika Theater. But despite the recognition, success and popularity, once the actress seriously thought about taking her own life, and almost realized this intention.

Agniya Kuznetsova and Evgeny Stychkin on the stage of the Praktika Theater

Agniya Kuznetsova was born and raised in Novosibirsk in a creative family: her father was an artist, and her mother taught arts and crafts at the Pedagogical University. From the age of 12, Agnia began attending a theater studio, and since then all other classes have faded into the background for her. She was not interested in either lessons, or school holidays and discos - in the studio she talked with the guys from the older group, with whom she was much more interested than with her peers. Agnia even missed her graduation - by that time she had already flown to Moscow to apply to theater universities.

First success and first disappointment

Agniya Kuznetsova in the film Birds of Heaven, 2005

Kuznetsova from the first time managed to enter the Shchukin School, and even during her studies she began acting in films, playing an episode in the series “Dasha Vasilyeva. Lover of private investigation "and the main role in the film" Birds of Heaven ". While still a student, Agnia played the main role in the acclaimed film by Alexei Balabanov "Cargo 200". The reaction to this film work of hers was ambiguous: someone admired the courage of the aspiring actress, who starred in scenes of violence, and someone wrote that this is where her film career will end. However, it was this film that brought her first popularity, later she starred in another Balabanov's film, and since then her career has taken off.

Still from the film Cargo 200, 2007

In this film, Agnia starred with her chosen one - classmate Leonid Bichevin. At that time, the role of a hero-lover was already firmly entrenched in him, and for the actress, his success with the opposite sex caused a painful feeling of jealousy. Their relationship lasted 7 years, and later the actress could not call this time happy - it was an endless series of quarrels, partings and reconciliations.

Agniya Kuznetsova and Leonid Bichevin

When they parted completely, Kuznetsova experienced it very hard. She had no loved ones in Moscow, and she felt completely alone. Years later, Agnia admitted that at that time she was even going to commit suicide: "".

How Valeria Gai Germanicus changed the fate of Agnia Kuznetsova

Valeria Gai Germanicus and Agniya Kunezova

Years later, the actress recalled this intention with irony and was amazed at how painfully she experienced this story, which after a while no longer seemed to her as a tragedy. Then she plunged headlong into work, and this saved her not only from depression, but also from loneliness. In 2008, Agnia met director Valeria Gai Germanicus and starred in her film "Everyone will die, but I will stay", after which she became her favorite actress and friend for many years. And for this film work Kuznetsova received the award for Best Actress at the European Film Festival in Brussels.

Agniya Kuznetsova in the film by Valeria Guy Germanicus Everyone will die, but I will stay, 2008

After filming with Balabanov and Guy Germanicus, Agniya Kuznetsova became one of the most successful actresses.Critics wrote about her as a promising young talent and noted her ability to transform into completely diverse images. And the actress herself said about these directors: "".

Agniya Kuznetsova and Maxim Petrov

And after some time, Valeria Gai Germanicus changed not only her creative, but also her personal destiny. She introduced her friend to the dancer and choreographer Maxim Petrov, her partner in the Dancing with the Stars project, who in 2015 became the husband of Agniya Kuznetsova. In a relationship with him, the actress found real happiness. Petrov says that his wife is his main motivator, and for her sake he is ready to move mountains.

Agniya Kuznetsova and Maxim Petrov

The biggest difficulty in their relationship was that Petrov worked in Iceland, where he coached the ballroom dancing team, and Kuznetsova was filmed in Moscow, and they often had to leave. But every time they met after parting, their honeymoon would start again. Agnia admits that their relationship is not idyllic, but both want the marriage to be one and for life, and therefore are ready for difficulties: "".

Life is more than a movie

Agniya Kuznetsova in the series Pregnancy Test-2, 2019

Until 2019, Agnia starred in several new projects every year, but at the end of 2019, her son was born, and she took a break from filming for a year. Career has never been in the first place for her, and after the birth of a child, the actress became firmly convinced that the profession should not be given her whole life. She says: "".

Theater and film actress Agniya Kuznetsova

True friendship in the acting environment is quite rare, but there are exceptions to any rule. Valeria Gai Germanicus and Agniya Kuznetsova are not the only examples of this: Celebrities who have a long-term friendship.

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