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20 cute photos of forest dwellers from which people can learn to enjoy life
20 cute photos of forest dwellers from which people can learn to enjoy life

It's easy to miss the magical moments of nature. Especially the small worlds of very tiny animals. This requires incredible patience from the photographer. After all, in order to take really extraordinary pictures, you just need a supernatural exposure. Austrian photographer Julian Rad owns this skill to perfection. His work shows these lovely charms in great detail. The photographer has a real gift for capturing rare, truly unique moments. That is why the photographer has a lot of awards and a lot of fans of his work.

People are not at all the only living creatures on Earth, although sometimes they forget about it

Julian Rad has the patience of a saint. He has to sit for hours in nature to take these wonderful pictures. People live in their own world, incredibly hectic, full of various distractions. They have no time for wildlife. Often times, humanity completely overlooks the fact that it shares this beautiful planet with many animals.

Julian Rad Cuties are affectionate

Photographers like Julian Red remind people that they are far from the only species. Quite frankly, there is nothing better than cute animal shots when looking at them after a hard and hectic day at work. Especially when you really want to clear your soul after reading news about covid and politics.

Mmmmmm … it smells good! Who is the nicest in the world? Flying squirrel, not otherwise!

You need to have a wagon of patience

Julian Rad said the following in his interview: “Taking pictures of wild animals always requires a lot of patience and time. After all, you can never predict exactly when an animal will approach you or whether it will be near at all. I have spent countless hours sitting in ambush with my camera to photograph many different species of wild animals. I've learned one thing over the years: be patient and don't chase animals, let them come to you on their own. This is why wildlife photography is such a daunting task: you need phenomenal stamina, subtlety of senses, knowledge of animal species and a little luck."

Now you can't see me I brought you a flower What a delight!

The most impressive achievement of the photographer, according to him, is the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. He received it in 2015. Despite the fact that the master of wildlife photography has many awards, he is especially proud of this. The competition itself was founded by Joinson and Hicks with the aim of promoting wildlife conservation. The photographer is happy when he manages to get so close to these wonderful animals that they willingly trust him. Julian considers it a great honor.

I believe I can fly!

Experienced photographers tips

Rad gave some extremely useful advice to those who want to try asceticism in a similar field. For those looking to capture truly stunning wildlife photography.

Gourmet! In fact, I want nuts

“Try to focus on the types of animals that you can find near you. Maybe you will find roe deer in a field, a fox den, or squirrels in the forest. Wildlife research will probably take a lot of patience, but trust me, in the end this effort will pay off handsomely.”

Little mouse with tiny Olaf! What is this ???

“Image composition is also very important. It is the most powerful tool for engaging viewers.There are several rules for image composition, such as the rule of thirds or the golden ratio, which are used by many photographers to create eye-catching images and create an interesting atmosphere. Over the years, you will develop a creative flair, and it will become easier for you to approach business in different situations."

This, I understand, is my size! There are no many branches

“I have to clarify one more thing: shooting with extremely expensive cameras and lenses will not automatically make you a great photographer! Your camera's only function is to capture the moment and the image that is in your head. The camera that takes good pictures is the photographer. Your camera is just a tool that will help you realize all of your wildest ideas."

This is Love… These tiny paws are especially good!

“Also try to be on par with the animals. If you want to create an attractive perspective, always aim for the same level as the animal. Only when you are with animals, eye to eye, allows you to take a picture that will allow the viewer to truly plunge into their fascinating world."

Hello! This is delicious! My bump !!!

Sometimes funny things happen

Julian Rad concluded by sharing one of his most memorable wildlife encounters. “Once a hamster bit my finger when I tried to stroke his head. The hamster probably thought my fingers were edible, since I had an apple in store in advance. There must be some apple juice on my fingers. It was very painful! After all, these small rodents have very long and sharp front teeth. Wild hamsters have very poor eyesight. This is largely due to their nocturnal nature. This makes it easy for me to get close to them and take pictures. One condition: you can't make loud sounds."

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