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20 pictures of sleeping cats that leave no doubt that they are the cutest pets
20 pictures of sleeping cats that leave no doubt that they are the cutest pets

A person spends a third of his life in a dream, and cats sleep as much as two-thirds! So our purrs, spending most of their existence in sweet slumber, brought this pleasant process to perfection. They are not lazy and not sleepy, their doing nothing has a scientifically based justification. Our fluffy pets bring untold pleasure to us with their charming postures while relaxing. Admire what stunning pictures our cats and cats paint with their bodies.

We know how and how much cats love to sleep. But where? Yes, everywhere! They sleep in trees, in crates, boxes, bags, boots, flower pots and washing machines! They do this in the most bizarre poses.

# 1 Cats are just space

The first snapshot of the Cotdromeda galaxy

# 2 Played around and got tired

“I was reading in bed last night when I discovered that my husband and our foster kittens were sleeping so soundly.”

When it seems to us that we have already seen all the options, our pussies offer us something, from which we come to a state of indescribable delight and photograph them again and again. People on social media share pictures of their pets sleeping in the most incredible positions.

# 3 Masters of random synchronicity

This is Love…

If we were to bend in one of such strange positions like them, we would feel at least discomfort, but rather even severe pain. And in general, we would not have worked out that way, and if it did, we would hardly be able to sleep so much.

# 4 You can't do it on purpose

I think they love each other

# 5 They're probably related

The result is a fluffy caterpillar

# 6 Sometimes it looks like staging

Cats can be very strange

Cat Behavior Specialist Celia Haddon explains why some cats prefer to sleep in company and what is so special about their flexibility that they can bend like that. She says that this behavior of the tailed beasts is a sign of the most real feline friendship. Cats keep their friends close and their enemies at a distance. This is their principle of life: they naturally distance themselves from strangers.

# 7 Both laugh and sin


# 8 The mimimeter is broken

This photo makes my heart melt

# 9 Little fluffy sleepyheads

You are near, my love!

Many baleen-striped cats live happily in the same house with other cats, but they often maintain a social distance. Because for them, other domestic cats are just acquaintances, not real friends. What's more, cats that don't love each other won't sleep together so touchingly.

# 10 How do they do it?

Pyramid of cats

# 11 Cats love warm places

It's warm there when the dryer is running

# 12 Together forever

It only seems to us that it is inconvenient

Meanwhile, a clinical expert on cat behavior, Trudie Atkinson, assures that cats belonging to the same social group often sleep and rest, huddled together. Trudy warned that "not all cats that live together consider themselves to belong to the same social group." So, if you've witnessed two or more cats sharing the same bed, then this is most likely a sign that you have best friends in the house.

# 13 Why Pay More?

Why buy cat loungers? Any box is better!

Another incredible fact about felines is how flexible they are, which allows them to bend so unusually that they assume impossibly extreme positions during their rest. "Their spine can bend a lot more than ours, and they have special soft discs between the vertebrae."

In addition, they also lack the clavicle attached to the scapula.Instead, their scapula is attached to the rest of the body by muscles rather than bones. Celia explained that it is these two unique characteristics that allow felines to exhibit such tremendous flexibility.

# 14 Real esthetes


# 15 Crossroads of cats

Cat's transition

Another explanation for cats dozing like twisted balloons has to do with temperature. If it's hot, cats relax and often sleep with their belly exposed. They curl up in cold weather to keep them warm. “If it's cold, cat friends probably sleep with their bodies in contact with each other,” added Celia.

# 16 Someone always has better luck

Very comfortably!

The behaviorist also says that if people flexed their bodies like their furry companions, "we would feel discomfort or even pain, so we would not be able to sleep in these positions." Don't try this again!

In addition, cats often become more careful about where they sleep as they age: "This is because, like us, they often have arthritis, so they need more comfort."

# 17 Please, not that

Probably few people would want to sleep like that …

# 18 Now we know where the expression "like Siamese twins" came from

Real Siamese cats!

# 19 The art of symmetry

I think they did yoga

When it comes to people who sleep with their feline friends in the same bed, Celia said it's okay if you both feel comfortable. “Cats love it because we generate heat, so we are like electric blankets to them,” she explained.

# 20 What do cats dream about?

Lovely and more!

Cats have a very developed sixth sense. Therefore, we will not be able to crush each other during sleep. In addition, they say that their pleasant purr helps us relax before bed and makes it much stronger and better quality.

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