26 positive photos of the happiest dogs in the world
26 positive photos of the happiest dogs in the world

Dogs are amazing animals! They are incredibly funny when they are small and cause fierce tenderness in their owners even as adults. Alisha Zmyslovska is a professional photographer from Poland. She considers her hottest love in life - dogs and photography. In her work, she flawlessly combines these two aspects of her personality, creating extremely positive photographs of these animals. In her pictures, they look the happiest in the world!

Alicja Zmysłowska lives and works in Poland. She is only 24 years old and has devoted most of her life to her passion for photography.

Alisha skillfully knows how to catch the moment

She herself believes that her work is not just an occupation, but a way of life.

The dogs in the photographer's pictures are surprisingly spontaneous

Five years ago, she created her first dog photo shoot.

Photography for Alisha is not just a job, but a way of life

Since then, Alisha has become very popular and has evolved from an amateur photographer to a professional photographer.

Glory to Alisha was brought by a snapshot of three hugging collies

Her photo projects contain many different pictures of dogs in landscapes, among lavender gardens, playing with their owners and in everyday life.

Over the five years of her professional career, Zmyslovskaya had many different photo sessions

In addition, the photographer is able to capture the joyful moments in the life of these wonderful animals.

The choice of location depends on many factors

Alisha's photographs show dogs in moments of pure happiness and performing amazing tricks.

The choice of location depends on the weather and the season

The photographer believes that in such a difficult time as now, her photographs are extremely important, because they will certainly make you smile!

Even the mood is very important for a good shot

Since her first photo, when Alisha took pictures of the hugging collies, she managed to take a lot of pictures of other puppies and adult dogs around the world.

Alisha shoots not only pets

Zmyslovska knows how to make simply adorable portraits of pets.

Alisha Zmyslovskaya's portraits of animals are simply amazing

She very carefully focuses on each animal, knows how to capture and reveal the character of each, special qualities and characteristics.

The photographer takes pictures of both stray animals and those living in shelters

Alisha says that she loves animals since childhood.

As a child, Alisha dreamed more than anything else of being presented with a dog

“When I was 4 years old I got two beautiful cats, but my biggest dream has always been to have a dog. In 2006 this dream came true! " she says.

When Alisha's dream came true, she was overjoyed

The photographer claims that her beloved golden retriever, Kiara, changed her life.

Alisha just loves dogs

It was then that she became interested in photography, taking pictures of her beloved pet endlessly. A year later, her parents, seeing her passion, gave her the first semi-professional camera.

Parents had to give Alisha a camera as well

Alisha first photographed all the pets of her friends, then began to take pictures of all the cute dogs that she met while walking.

It is easiest for Alisha to film her friends' dogs

Zmyslovska chose several cozy places in her area for her filming. The choice of location always depends on what type of pictures she would like to get this time. It also depends on the weather, the season and just on the mood.

Alisha believes that it is much easier to work with dogs than with people

“For portraits, I choose a forest. He's incredibly good for that. But for dogs on the move, I prefer more open spaces such as meadows,”says Alisha.

The main thing is to find a common language with the animal

When asked what it is like working with dogs as models, Zmyslovska replies that she prefers working with dogs rather than people.

Alisha Zmyslovska knows many tricks for working with dogs as models

Alisha admits that in her work it is very important to find a common language with the owner of the dog.

The work does not always go smoothly

She says it is extremely easy for her to work with her friends' dogs. They are always obedient.

Domestic dogs are easy to contact

In addition, Alisha's friends already know many different tricks, thanks to her, and can be very useful when shooting.

Homeless animals are often not interested in toys

Sometimes the job is very difficult.Especially when Zmyslovska takes pictures of stray dogs, or animals in shelters.

Dogs in shelters are often indifferent to everything

These poor animals are difficult to contact, often do not react at all. They are not interested in food or toys. They don't want to do what Alisha wants them to do.

Alisha's photo sessions are useful for animals in that they often help them find a new home

The photographer considers such photo sessions to be the most difficult in his work. But it's worth it, because the beautiful pictures of Alisha Zmyslovskaya can help such animals find a new home and loving owners.

Hugging dogs look so that the mimimeter is off scale

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