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17 cats who defied all the laws of physics in the most outrageous way
17 cats who defied all the laws of physics in the most outrageous way

The range of feline oddities is certainly unprecedented. We know that the abilities of cats are simply inexhaustible. Often they are so skillful stuntmen that they deserve at least an Oscar! These tailed sly ones love to sleep in the most bizarre places, such as flower pots and napkin boxes … Sometimes their behavior exposes the whole harmony of our worldview to huge doubts about its truth, refuting all the foundations of the laws of physics!

Whoever has a cat or a cat is unlikely to be surprised by noisy acrobatic stunts at three in the morning. We know our furry pets can be launched into space - they are one hundred percent always ready! Their behavior cancels gravity, the speed of light, mechanics. How do they do it?

# 1. "It has never happened before, and here it is again."

How did I get into this predicament … again?

# 2. Human convenience? Did not hear

Man, are you comfortable? Not interested!

To understand in detail the issue of cats ignoring the laws of physics, you will have to contact a specialist in this area. Celia Haddon specializes in the behavior of these animals and has lectured on these topics at Ruskin University-England and Oxford.

# 3. New in cinematography

Spider cat

# 4. Cats have Velcro on their paws

And I can do it anyway!

Celia explained that the ability of cats to climb comes down to a unique feature of their anatomy. “The claws of cats are curved, so they can use them to climb up. They put them forward only when they need to, so they know how to walk quietly and carefully, not touching the ground with their claws, but pull them out to climb up."

# 5. Thirst pushes us to amazing things

Acrobat cat

# 6. Agility and balance of the feline as always on top

The city goat is not otherwise!

Among other things, cat claws have the ability to cling to absolutely any surface. This is what explains such a love of mustachioed striped people constantly try to climb somewhere up. In this regard, a tree trunk or some not too smooth wall is ideal for the cat to sink its claws into them. Having said this, Celia added with a smile that if the surface is too smooth, and even at a right angle, then the task will become more difficult.

# 7. Where the surface is not smooth

Can't you see, man, we're busy!

# 8. A unique way to avoid danger

Ninja cat

Cats are also famous jumpers who could jump up to heaven if they wanted to. The behaviorist said of cats that "they can jump six or more times their height."

# 9. This I am so frightening you

The smile of this cat somehow makes you nervous

How high it will be depends on each cat individually. According to research in this area, this may be due in part to the length of their hind legs and their weight.

# 10. Another spider cat

We don't care about any walls!

If you're still not sure if a cat has some kind of superpower, find out how incredibly flexible they are. Celia Haddon explains: “They have free floating tiny clavicles that are not attached to any of the other bones in their skeleton. The longer clavicles in humans are attached to the sternum and scapula, holding them together."

# 11. Sitter of Salvador Dali

This cat actually inspired the great surrealist

# 12. Top of the world

I'm just sitting on top of the world. Or, in this case, on the glass roof of a car

The specialist adds: "They have thirty vertebrae, the bones that make up the spine, and about twenty more vertebrae in the tail." Their discs between the vertebrae have unique cushioning properties and allow the cat's spine to be so flexible."

# 13. But that was not very clever

A second before the tragedy

# 14. Schrödinger's cat?


As a result of their stunning anatomy, cats can rotate their bodies 180 degrees to the left or right. In general, you were not hallucinating, and it was not a glitch in the matrix. Cats really can do that!

#15. The cat that began to melt

It was just too hot

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