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Hogwarts Is Real: 10 British Universities That Look Like Fantastic Medieval Castles
Hogwarts Is Real: 10 British Universities That Look Like Fantastic Medieval Castles

Perhaps, many people more than once wanted to be in the place of Harry Potter, if only because studying in a castle similar to Hogwarts is an incredible dream. Which can easily come true with a glimpse of the historic and beautiful buildings, which are actually educational institutions filled with stately arches, long corridors, lush gardens and squares, and libraries of incredible proportions. Your attention - the most beautiful universities from all over Great Britain.

It is no secret that the atmosphere and appearance of the higher education institution itself can increase the motivation of students, inspire them to study and achieve any academic and scientific success. And, perhaps, there is nothing more inspiring than studying in a majestic medieval castle or any other historical place full of its mysteries and secrets. Something hidden in the spirit of these places pushes you to work harder and accumulate knowledge in order to achieve something great.

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And where can you find such majestic and monumental castles that still serve as educational institutions? Of course, in Great Britain, in Foggy Albion, the homeland of medieval knights, King Arthur and, of course, many legends about dragons and other mythical creatures. Yes, UK universities are not only among the most prestigious in Europe and the world at large, but they often have an incredible historical atmosphere and architecture.

1. Cambridge University

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Cambridge certainly has a significant weight among all universities around the world. It was founded back in 1209, and to this day it is considered one of the most desirable for students from different parts of the world. And in the ranking of universities from QS 2020, he took the seventh, honorable place. The historical greatness that the faculties and colleges of Cambridge are full of also extends to the city, thereby motivating not only students, but also its residents to develop and achieve any personal success.

2. Oxford University

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Oxford is rightfully considered the oldest university in the whole of England, since the date of its foundation is 1096. Today this place is the fourth in the ranking of the most famous and demanded higher educational institutions in the world. Note that Oxford has graduated from its history departments over 69 Nobel laureates, as well as a lot of popular media figures and celebrities. There is also one of the main symbols of the scientific world - the Radcliffe Chamber library. And for those who want to plunge fully into the world of Harry Potter, there is Christ Church College, in which all the scenes with the legendary Great Hall of Hogwarts were filmed.

3. Durham University

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If we compare this place with Cambridge and Oxford, then it can be safely called younger, despite the fact that it, nevertheless, has quite a respectable age from the moment of its foundation. Durham University opened its doors for the first time in 1832, and its colleges and faculties have been called "some of the greatest places in Europe for those who appreciate architecture." Like the previous two locations, Durham University is divided into colleges established in different years and at different stages of its development.One of them, namely University College, was founded in Durham Castle, built in the 11th century. About a hundred lucky people today have the opportunity not only to study, but also to live in a real castle. And in the world popularity ratings, Durham takes 78th place.

4. University of Glasgow

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A little north of Durham is the University of Glasgow, known as one of the four oldest universities in Scotland, along with Aberdeen, Edinburgh and St Andrews. The site is part of the Russell group of research institutions of higher learning and has long been a leading center for Scottish education. Founded in 1451, Glasgow moved to the building where it is now, only in 1870. The main building of this place was built in 1886 by Sir George Gilbert Scott. Glasgow ranks 67th in the QS 2020 university ranking.

5. Royal Holloway, University of London

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Founded in 1879, Royal Holloway did not join the University of London until 1900. It is located not far from the capital of Great Britain, namely, in Surrey. The main building, erected in 1881, was created in the most authentic Gothic style and was designed by William Henry Crossland, who, apparently, was inspired by the famous Chambord castle in the Loire Valley, France. Today the site is considered one of the most impressive university buildings and is also used in many films and television programs. So, Royal Holloway was featured in the popular TV series "Downton Abbey". At last count, this place is ranked 29th in the QS 2020 ranking.

6. Queen's University Belfast

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Belfast is the top ranked university in Ireland, while in the world rankings it sits at 173rd. It was founded in 1849, and its historical roots stretch all the way to an earlier institution - the Royal Belfast Academic Institute, which was founded in 1810 and is still considered one of the ten oldest educational institutions in the UK. The central building, called "Lanyon", was built of red brick in the characteristic Gothic style and was opened to the public in 1849. Its main architect was Charles Lannion, after whom the building was named.

7. Edinburgh University

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Founded in 1583, the University of Edinburgh is an honorary and one of the oldest educational institutions in Scotland. Today it is ranked 20th in the World University Rankings, automatically making it the most iconic member of all of Scotland. The famous building of the Old College of George was originally created in 1789, but its construction and funding took more than one decade. Ultimately, the construction and construction of the main dome was not completed until 1887. Today, this building houses the University of Edinburgh School of Law, administrative complexes and exhibitions of contemporary art at the Talbot Rice Gallery.

8. University of St Andrews

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The oldest university in Scotland and the third oldest university in Britain as a whole, St Andrews was founded around 1410-1413. In terms of popularity, it occupies the 100th line in the world, and 18th in the UK ranking. Some of its buildings, such as St. Salvator's Chapel, St. Leonard's Chapel and St. Mary's College, date from around the 15th century and are still in use today. The most famous graduates of this institution are considered the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - Prince William and his wife Catherine.

9. University of Aberdeen

University of Aberdeen. Photo:

This institution of higher education was founded in 1495 and completes the list of the four oldest universities in Scotland. Today it is ranked 194th in the QS world rankings. Among its buildings, it is worth noting the buildings of the Marishal College and the Royal College in Old Aberdeen, which to this day are significant in world history. They serve as a symbol of Aberdeen, which is located in the north of Great Britain, on the east coast of Scotland, and is also considered a rich cultural heritage of the city.The university boasts a large number of stellar alumni, as well as five Nobel laureates.

10. Aberystwyth University

Aberystwyth University. \ Photo:

And, of course, this list would be incomplete without a university from Aberystwyth, which is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in the country. Founded in 1872, today it is ranked 484th in the world university rankings. It is worth noting that it claims to be the university that first opened the Faculty of International Politics in 1919, just after the end of the First World War. The building of the Old College was created in the style of a medieval castle, and today it houses administrative buildings from all over Aberystwyth, as well as departments of Welsh education.

Continuing the theme - the architecture of which amazes and fascinates even to this day.

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