Alexander Baluev - 60: 5 most striking roles of the famous actor
Alexander Baluev - 60: 5 most striking roles of the famous actor
The brightest film characters of Alexander Baluev

On December 6, the famous theater and film actor Alexander Baluev turns 60 years old. Today he is one of the most popular and sought-after artists, in whose filmography there are already more than 100 works. 5 of his most striking roles in the cinema, including those where all viewers are unlikely to recognize him in makeup, are further in the review.

Alexander Baluev in the film Mu-Mu, 1998 On the set of the movie Mu-Mu, 1998

Most often, Alexander Baluev was offered images of brutal superheroes, which, with his courageous appearance, was quite understandable. But the actor did not always play such roles of the same type. In 1998, Yuri Grymov's film "Mu-Mu" was released, where Baluev played the deaf-mute serf janitor Gerasim. Initially, the director wanted to invite Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke for this role, but when he saw Baluev's work in the film "Muslim", he realized that he could not find a better hero even overseas. The last thing the director wanted was for his character to evoke pity in the audience, and the actor coped with this task.

Alexander Baluev in the film Mu-Mu, 1998

The result was an original philosophical interpretation of the Russian classics, about which Baluev said: "". The actor admitted that this image is close to him also because he himself has always been a very secretive, silent and stingy person with emotions: "".

Still from the film Bless the Woman, 2003

Very often Alexander Baluev was invited to the role of the military, although he himself was not delighted with this: "". The actor blames the television people for the fact that such a role has been fixed for him, who most often show exactly those films where he appears in such images. The most popular of them is Stanislav Govorukhin's film Bless the Woman, where Baluev played the officer Alexander Larichev. His character seemed to him so cruel, despotic and rude that he even tried to soften some episodes contrary to the script, but Govorukhin was against such improvisations that distort his plan. Moreover, the heroes of the story "The Hostess of the Hotel", on which this film was filmed, had real prototypes, and Baluev even outwardly looked like his hero. The actor was sincerely surprised why many women after the release of the film on the screens admired his character - he himself called him a monster.

Still from the film Bless the Woman, 2003 Alexander Baluev in the film The Moscow Saga, 2004

In 2004, another project with the participation of Baluev was released - a series based on the works of Vasily Aksenov "The Moscow Saga", where he played a representative of the elite of the Red Army, Nikita Gradov. For the sake of filming in this project, the actor had to go on a diet and lose weight by the time he worked on the scenes in the camps. True, as a result, Baluev lost those extra pounds much later than expected and outwardly looked a little like an emaciated prisoner.

Shot from the film The Moscow Saga, 2004 Shot from the film The Moscow Saga, 2004 Alexander Baluev in the film Kandahar, 2009

In 2009, Baluev again had to put on a uniform in the film "Kandahar", about which he said: "". In this film, he played the captain of the crew of a transport plane who was captured by the Taliban. The actor looked so convincing in this role that many even believed that he actually knows how to fly an airplane. To this Baluev replied that he was not a pilot, but just an actor doing his job. He often lamented that the main attribute of the "real men" whom he had to play in films, many directors see weapons, and he himself refused to slaughter a ram in the frame while filming in "Kandahar", explaining it like this: "".

Alexander Baluev in the film Kandahar, 2009 Alexander Baluev in the film Peter the First. Testament, 2011

In an unexpected role, the actor appeared in 2011 in the film by Vladimir Bortko “Peter the First. Testament "- he got the main role in the project. In his performance, the Russian emperor looked like a middle-aged lonely sick person who did not have loved ones, but at the same time his subjects were afraid of him even when he was dying. The plot centered on the story of Peter's late love for the Moldavian princess Maria Cantemir.The actor himself admitted that this role was one of the most unexpected for him, since he himself did not see even a remote resemblance to Peter and was very surprised when he was offered to play this historical character.

A still from the film Peter the Great. Testament, 2011 Alexander Baluev in the film Peter the First. Testament, 2011

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