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The designer creates fashion collections based on food, drinks and cleaning products
The designer creates fashion collections based on food, drinks and cleaning products

People in the world have been isolated for too long. All means are good for fighting boredom and depression. When the same walls and objects constantly surround you, you can begin to look at everything around you from a completely different, new point of view. The fashionable Chilean designer, Felipe Cavier, did just that. Everyone says that inspiration can come at the most unexpected moment and anywhere. Felipe was so inspired while doing housework that he began to create outfits based on various household items. From cleaning products to food and drinks.

Custom design

Precise, fun and stylish

Felipe Kavier, 28, is an extremely popular fashion designer. He is certainly distinguished from all the others by completely unconventional thinking. His work has been a huge hit on the Internet. The designer has many followers on Instagram, fans of his unusual work from all over the world.

Many were captivated by the images of Felipe Cavier

Cavier's idea to bring unique fashion looks based on such unexpected objects is rooted in his amazing ability to look at everyday things differently. He started by creating outfits based on cleaning products that were huge hits on Instagram. After Felipe added other items to the collection, such as food and drinks. His interest in cleaning products is by no means accidental. Kavier confessed that he loved cleaning from an early age. The designer says that nothing is as relaxing as housework. Kavier even developed his own spring cleaning algorithms.

It turns out that simple cleaning can be an inspiration

History of success

“From a very young age, I enjoyed cleaning the house. Some of these remedies are very common in Chilean homes. Perhaps my idea is related to this. I just went beyond what we traditionally consider to be something “aesthetic”,”says the designer.

The designer admits that she often transcends traditional notions of aesthetics

Kavier creates extremely stylish looks. They almost completely copy the color palette of the packaging of famous cleaning products, food and drinks. The designer carefully selects all the garments and accessories to create a stunning finished outfit. His works are distinguished by their completeness. Everything is thought out to the tips of the nails.

In his short Instagram videos, Felipe not only shows off his incredible fashion sense, but also shows the depth of his charm. He works on his overall look using stylish poses and very appropriate props. In some pictures, he used a saucepan, a can opener. His outfits are not just stylish and beautiful, the designer also presents them with inimitable humor.

The outfits and accessories are always carefully thought out

“Even the simplest thing can be attractive. You can be inspired by absolutely ordinary everyday things,”said Cavier in a short interview with a Chilean newspaper. He added that even a rug or stuffed animal can be an interesting source of inspiration. Felipe recalled how Moschino launched a collection of clothes inspired by cleaning agents in 2016, as well as perfume bottles in the form of cleaning sprays.

A completely mundane subject can serve as inspiration

Inspiration can and should be sought in everything

The designer advises to always look for inspiration in the world around you. Anything that seems so boring and ordinary. You need to look around with an open mind.Something really extraordinary and amazing can come out of this.

You need to look around more often Quite ordinary things can inspire great things

Who knew dishwashing sponges, Cif or Mister Muscle could take fashion to the next level? The fashion industry is renowned for turning the weirdest and most unexpected pieces into inspiration for haute couture collections. Of course, some of the fashion looks that great designers have are so bizarre that it's hard to imagine anyone seriously wearing them in public. Sometimes they look extremely ridiculous, albeit funny. But this also has its own positive - you can laugh at them heartily.

Kavier's outfits are bold yet perfectly balanced Fashion has reached a new level

Inspired by unusual and quirky objects, Kavier's fashion looks are stylish, bold, yet perfectly balanced. Unless, of course, you do not count some inspiring imagery, which often breaks "socially acceptable" rules. For example, such as the notion that only women can wear skirts. But here, as they say, a matter of taste and personal preference.

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