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"33 cows", marriage with Vetlitskaya, life in a monastery and early departure: Sharp turns of the fate of singer Pavel Smeyan
"33 cows", marriage with Vetlitskaya, life in a monastery and early departure: Sharp turns of the fate of singer Pavel Smeyan

The name of this artist is remembered today by few, but his voice is well known to millions of viewers: Pavel Smeyan sang songs "33 cows", "Bad weather", "Wind of change" in the film "Mary Poppins, goodbye", sang all the male vocals in the audio version performance "Juno and Avos", performed in the groups "Victoria", "Resurrection", "Rock-studio", "Apostle" and "Black coffee", participated in musical performances "Lenkom", sang in a duet with his first wife Natalia Vetlitskaya. In the early 1990s. he surprised his admirers with the decision to leave as a novice to a monastery, and in 2009 his life suddenly ended …

Became a singer after losing his brother

Brothers musicians Alexander and Pavel

Even fans of Pavel Smeyan did not know that he had a twin brother, Alexander. Both of them have been fond of music since childhood, both studied at a music school, both graduated from the pop department of the State Medical University named after I. Gnesins in the saxophone class, both performed as part of the Victoria group, both at the invitation of Chris Kelmi moved to the Rock Atelier, which performed in the musical performances of Lenkom.

Musician in his youth

Alexander Smeyan then became a real star of the "Rock Atelier" - he was the lead vocalist of the groups and the author of the songs "Open the Window", "I sang when I was flying," and Pavel at that time was "singing along" and was not seriously engaged in vocals. Everything changed after his brother's life was cut short in 1980 under mysterious circumstances. According to the official version, Alexander committed suicide, but Pavel conducted his own investigation and claimed that his brother died from being stabbed by unknown persons who attacked him at the entrance.

Pavel Smeyan and the Rock Atelier group

It was after his departure that Pavel decided to become a vocalist. He told: "".

Rock on the stage of "Lenkom"

Pavel Smeyan in the TV version of the play Juno and Avos, 1983

Pavel Smeyan played saxophone, keyboards, bass guitar, flute, alto and bass trumpet and was called one of the most talented musicians of the time. Chris Kelme said about him: "".

Pavel Smeyan in the play Juno and Avos

Pavel Smeyan called the performance of "Lenkom" "Juno and Avos" the main event in his creative life. Director Mark Zakharov drew attention to the musician's artistic talent and offered him the role of the Chief Writer. During rehearsals, the singer gave vocal lessons to the leading actor Nikolai Karachentsov, and during the performance he took high notes for him. When the audio version of the cult production was released, it was Smeyan who performed all the male parts in it.

Nikolay Karachentsov and Pavel Smeyan

Despite his resounding success on the theatrical stage, the musician himself did not consider himself an actor and did not rush either to the cinema or to the stage. Smeyan explained it this way: "".

Unforgettable voice from "Mary Poppins"

Lembit Ulfsak in the film Mary Poppins, goodbye and Pavel Smeyan, who gave his voice to his hero

Most viewers knew Pavel Smeyan primarily as a performer of songs for films. For the first time, his voice sounded in the film "The Trust That Burst", he wrote and performed songs for the films "Military Field Romance", "Valentine and Valentine", "Good weather on Deribasovskaya, or it rains again on Brighton Beach", etc. He himself did not know the exact number of films in which his songs were played. Moreover, even the directors sometimes overlooked the fact that the singer worked in their films. Smeyan told: "".

Actor Lembit Ulfsak in the film Mary Poppins, goodbye said and sang in the voice of Pavel Smeyan

But the most popular hits that the whole Union sang were his songs from the movie "Mary Poppins, Goodbye." In 1980 g.Nikolai Karachentsov introduced the singer to the composer Maxim Dunaevsky, and when he, together with director Leonid Kvinikhidze, began work on a film about the magical nanny Mary Poppins, he immediately decided: all male parts must be sung by Smeyan. He also voiced the role of Mr. Ay, played by the Estonian actor Lembit Ulfsak. The singer sang the songs "33 cows", "Bad weather", "Wind of change" and later said about it: "".

Marriage with Natalia Vetlitskaya

Pavel Smeyan and Natalia Vetlitskaya

Surely many viewers do not know that the singer Natalya Vetlitskaya, who at that time was the wife of Pavel Smeyan, took part in the recording of the song "Bad weather" as a backing vocalist. Together they sang a duet more than once, their performances were shown in the "Morning Mail". For both of them, this marriage was the first, and the musician then made a lot of mistakes, which Vetlitskaya could not forgive him. They lived together for only 3 years, and for the singer, life with a musician turned into a real nightmare.

Pavel Smeyan and Natalia Vetlitskaya

Many of his acquaintances spoke about Paul's difficult character, but none of them knew what his wife had to go through. Years later, Vetlitskaya admitted: "".

Pavel Smeyan and Natalia Vetlitskaya

The musician raised his hand to his wife, cheated on her, threatened both her and her parents with physical harm if she did not stay with him. He often drank and in this state became very aggressive. Once, when Vetlitskaya announced her desire to leave him, Smeyan pounced on her, and she miraculously survived. The singer managed to call the police, and she wrote a statement against her husband. It was at that time that Maxim Dunaevsky was planning a large-scale tour with Smeyan's participation, and the composer begged Vetlitskaya to withdraw the application.

Life in the monastery and the last years

Musician, singer, composer, actor Pavel Smeyan

The singer understood that such a way of life would sooner or later turn into disaster both for him and for those around him. In 1993 he decided to leave the theater and the stage and went to the Valaam Monastery, where he was a novice for a year. And after that Smeyan again wanted to return to worldly life and creativity. The schemnik advised him to marry in parting, and in 1996 the musician tied himself in marriage for the second time. His wife Lyudmila never mentioned his cruelty and aggressiveness - Pavel managed to realize all his mistakes and radically change.

Singer on stage

The last 10 years of his life have been very productive: Smeyan wrote a rock opera "Word and Deed" based on A. Tolstoy's work "Prince Silver", released a solo album, played the main role in the play "Warriors of the Spirit", participated in the creation of the rock opera " White snows are falling”, voiced the characters of computer games, worked on the radio.

Musician, singer, composer, actor Pavel Smeyan

For 2009, he had many plans: in early January, he and his wife had a son, which gave the musician new strength and inspiration. But in March he was diagnosed with a tumor of the pancreas, he underwent treatment in Germany, but, unfortunately, he was not saved. In 2009, Pavel Smeyan passed away at the age of 52.

Musician, singer, composer, actor Pavel Smeyan

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