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What do the most famous top models of the 1990s look like and do today: Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, etc
What do the most famous top models of the 1990s look like and do today: Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, etc

The era of top models - this is how the 90s of the last century can be characterized. It was at that time that the era of real catwalk stars began, and the profession of fashion models became one of the most coveted. Millions of girls strove to become like their idols, but in fact there were a lot of them. Moreover, if now we do not have time to remember even the names of those who appear in glossy films, then 30 years ago almost everyone knew celebrities with the status of a supermodel. But their careers were waiting for the sunset, but what has become of Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss and other celebrities of dashing years?

Claudia Schiffer (49 years old)

Claudia Schiffer

Perhaps Claudia Schiffer is one of the most famous supermodels, namely, her parameters became the standard for the appearance of the notorious 90-60-90 standard. Moreover, not a single modern catwalk star has managed to break the record of a German celebrity: she has appeared on the covers of various glossy publications more than 900 times.

And even though Schiffer will celebrate her 50th birthday in August, she can still give odds to any young colleague. And even the birth of three children did not affect her excellent shape. She admits that the secret of her ideal figure is in proper nutrition and exercise. However, the model, although she is still a welcome guest at various social events and projects, she prefers a quiet family life to the brilliance of show business.

Cindy Crawford (54)

Cindy Crawford

The eternal rival of Claudia Schiffer in the 90s was known not only as a model, but also as an adherent of aerobics (you, of course, remember, videotapes with her author's classes). However, even now Cruford, although not removed so often, is still on horseback. That only there is a frank photo shoot, where Cindy was practically no clothes. Daily training and food pickiness were not in vain. By the way, the modeling career has become a kind of family affair. Now, in the footsteps of the star of the 90s, her daughter Kaia Gerber has gone, who is already snapped up by famous fashion houses.

Tyra Banks (46)

Tyra Banks

Tyra tried herself as a model at the age of 15, and after 2 years she went to conquer Paris. And in the very first week of her stay in the European capital, the girl made a splash - 25 couturiers immediately offered her cooperation. And in 1997, Banks received the title "Supermodel of the Year".

However, in 2005, the star decided to leave the podium to pursue a career in television. And here, too, luck smiled at her. The project "America's Next Top Model", hosted and produced by Tyra, became one of the highest rated and stretched over several seasons.

But haters do not sleep and constantly reproach Banks for imperfect parameters. In their opinion, Tyra is not so slim for a model. However, she, who is not used to going into her pocket for a word, openly sends ill-wishers. The fact that not only thin girls can succeed, she once again proved a year ago, starring for one of the glossy magazines in a swimsuit.

Linda Evangelista (55)

Linda Evangelista

Having started her career back in the 80s, Linda Evangelista soon became one of the most sought-after models.From other colleagues in the shop, she, first of all, differed in unusual external data: if already at that time the fashion for "faceless" girls went, then the almond-shaped eyes and infinitely long legs of the Canadian star made a splash. She became the first model who was willing to pay royalties just for attending an event. However, time is not powerful even for supermodels, and, wanting to keep her youth, Linda underwent one plastic surgery after another. But the result left much to be desired. In addition, Evangelista recovered greatly, and now one of the brightest stars of the 90s is simply unrecognizable.

Kate Moss (46 years old)

Kate moss

It is believed that models should be very thin, but Kate Moss was different from her even the slendest colleagues in the workshop - leather and guests, as they say. But eminent fashion houses were captivated by her daring look, courage and ability to reincarnate. And even the image of a bad girl, numerous novels and drug addiction did not prevent her dizzying career.

Of course, the "fun" life could not but affect the appearance of the model, and now many reproach her for neglect, but, nevertheless, Kate is still in demand. In addition, she is promoting her daughter Leela, who is already called the main rival of Kaia Gerber.

Naomi Campbell (50)

Naomi Campbell (50)

But who still hasn't changed a bit in 20-30 years is Naomi Campbell. "Black Panther" (as fans called her) became the first black model to appear on the covers of the most famous glossy magazines. In addition, the star is known for her difficult character. So, once she was several times accused of assault on her maids, an unknown woman, a driver and an airport employee, and even sentenced to community service.

Despite a stormy personal life and scandals, Campbell is still in demand in the fashion industry. True, lately she has been forced to wear wigs, since she has practically no hair left due to tight hairstyles.

Elle Macpherson (56 years old)

Elle Macpherson

"Body" - this is the nickname received by another supermodel. And this is no accident: her parameters are still considered ideal, and her legs are even listed in the Guinness Book of Records. However, in the late 90s, her career began to decline, but this does not mean that Elle was left idle. She starred in films and even collaborated with Woody Allen, released her own training program and published calendars. A year ago, the model reminded of herself again by entering the wellness industry. She collaborated with nutritionists to create a daily nutritional supplement. McPherson admits that it is this product that helps her maintain her figure and stay young.

Heidi Klum (47 years old)

Heidi Klum

Despite the fact that Klum never belonged to the group of models who participated in the biggest shows in Milan, Paris and New York, she is considered one of the most sought-after stars of the catwalk of the 90s. Fame came to her after her photo in a swimsuit appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated. And later Heidi became one of the Victoria's Secret "angels".

Despite the fact that the star has already changed her fifth decade, she did not leave her modeling career and managed to maintain an ideal figure (and she is a mother of 4 children). In addition, she copes well with the role of a TV presenter. In the personal life of a celebrity, everything is also calm: a year ago she married the musician of the Tokio Hotel group Tom Kaulitz, who is 17 years younger than her.

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