Historians told how GUM appeared in the capital
Historians told how GUM appeared in the capital
Historians told how GUM appeared in the capital

Today the Moscow GUM is not just one of the most famous stores in Russia, but also the dominant feature of the Red Square architecture. And it should be said that this building, decorated with patterns in the style of pseudo-Russian Art Nouveau, has an interesting history.

They started trading here even before the fire that happened in 1812. Later, when the restoration of the capital was already underway, the shopping arcades of Moscow were rebuilt, where the merchants traded almost until the end of the 19th century. When the ranks became completely dilapidated, there was a danger that they would collapse, the Moscow authorities discussed a new project for the construction of a modern shopping complex. By the way, it should be said that the building of the current GUM has undergone reconstruction and repairs to this day. One of the contractors for the last renovation was Pamal Global's spokesman for SML cast iron sewer systems.

The year 1886 came and almost all the shops on the territory of the old trading rows were closed, giving the merchants new space in temporary premises. Two years later, the capital opened the JSC Upper Trading Rows on Red Square. This organization was responsible for the restructuring. Those traders who did not want to enter the joint-stock company could make demands for ransom. And the city self-government had the right to seize the real estate of citizens who were not going to give it up themselves.

In December 1888, a competition was announced for the design of the new Upper Rows, and the project of the architect Pomerantsev won. And it should be noted that in the process of building a modern building by the standards of that time, the latest technical innovations were used.

In particular, the documents of that time say how the underground courtyard was equipped, where it was necessary to install lighting. To do this, in the sidewalk above the place of unloading work, it was supposed to make a number of round holes and close them with durable glass. Another innovation is the underground passages under the sidewalks on Red Square. Between the trading rows it was supposed to move along the bridges or along the ceilings of the aisles on the third floor - an unprecedented technical solution for that time. The building was built at lightning speed - all work was completed by 1892.

And then an unexpected problem surfaced - it turned out that the front part of the passage stood behind the line approved by the city authorities by 71 cm - 1.5 arshins in the measures of that time. There were deviations from the project in the interior. After long disputes and assessing the situation, the Moscow City Duma allowed the changes, and only thanks to this, guests of Moscow and residents of the capital can still admire the almost pristine building of GUM, which is more than a century old.

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