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The best book adaptations: what to watch on TV when you're bored
The best book adaptations: what to watch on TV when you're bored
The best book adaptations: what to watch on TV when you're bored

In the cold, entertainment is reduced to a minimum. Walking, sports games, hiking trips go to the "bench". Instead, the time comes for cozy and atmospheric family gatherings in front of the TV.

Our selection contains not just interesting films, but the best adaptations of cult literary works.

Important: do not be upset if you did not have time to read any of the books mentioned below. Many book lovers argue that it is better to watch film adaptations before reading - until the images of the main characters are formed in the imagination.

The Great Gatsby

The 2013 adaptation of the famous novel by Francis Scott Fitzgerald is a true masterpiece of modern cinema. It is an artistic melodrama that has won many awards, including two Academy Awards.

The main role in the motion picture is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo's fans claim that it was through his efforts that the film became one of the best film adaptations of all time.

The key storyline is the story of the mysterious Mr. Jay Gatsby. His persona is shrouded in mystery, and his lifestyle raises many questions. However, we will do without spoilers. We only note that the film will interest even those who read the novel of the same name to the bone.

Since the melodrama was filmed in 3D, it should be watched on a large high-resolution screen. A functional LED LG TV in the online store is perfect for viewing.

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series has made a lasting impression on millions of children. And all this thanks to the inexhaustible imagination and the amazing literary style of J.K. Rowling.

The story of a boy with a scar on his forehead is not just a film adaptation, but a whole cinematic universe with its own rules and laws. In total, there are 8 films in the cycle (more precisely, 7 independent films and one consisting of two parts). Each of them deserves attention, because it tells about a new facet of the world of magic.

Fight club

Chuck Palahniuk's novels are far from the easiest reading. They make you think and analyze a lot, immerse yourself in psychological analysis and philosophize. The crime drama "Fight Club" allows you to at least partially understand the work of the American writer.

The narration in the film comes from the name of the narrator. It is he who introduces the viewer to Tyler Durden, as well as the rest of the characters. Of course, we could talk about the plot in detail, but "The first rule of the club is not to mention the fight club …".

Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen's novel can compete with other books not only in quality, but also in the number of films created on its basis. The directors loved him so much that he was filmed four times:

  • in 1940 and 1980,
    • in 1995 and 2005

    According to critics, the most recent version deserves attention. The main roles are played by:

    • Keira Knightley,
      • Matthew McFadien.

      This successful creative tandem allows you to immerse yourself in the dramatic events taking place on the screen.

      Silence of the Lambs

      Many fans of the Hannibal Lecter film series are not even aware of the existence of the Thomas Harris series of novels. Meanwhile, the cult thriller is nothing more than a successful adaptation.

      Anthony Hopkins' serial killer-eater looks extremely convincing. Rumor has it that he got so used to the role that Jodie Foster (the actress who played the FBI cadet) was afraid of him even outside the set.

      The plot is based on the investigation of a series of brutal murders. To catch a criminal, the FBI has to take a last resort.Will an attempt to cooperate with the dangerous maniac Hannibal Lecter succeed?

      Each of the 5 film adaptations is a unique story with amazing acting and an interesting script. We bet that after watching, you will definitely want to fill in the gaps and read (or re-read) all the works that form the basis of the plots of the above films.

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