The winners of the Andrei Mironov Figaro actor prize were named in St. Petersburg
The winners of the Andrei Mironov Figaro actor prize were named in St. Petersburg
The winners of the Andrei Mironov Figaro actor prize were named in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg on the evening of March 8, the winners of the Figaro Prize were announced. This is the name of the Andrei Mironov National Acting Award of the Russian Federation. This award ceremony was held for the ninth time. The Andrei Mironov Theater was chosen as the venue for this important event.

Natalya Akimova, Nikolai Marton, Larisa Luppian and Vera Alentova are the names of the actors from Moscow and St. Petersburg who were awarded the Prize for Service to the Russian Repertoire Theater. This time, the actress Olga Volkova was awarded for the brilliant performance of roles on theatrical stages. Her rewarding was held in the category "Artist by the grace of God". Awards in the category "Best of the Best" were presented to such artists: Andrey Sokolov, Vladimir Mashkov, Lydia Velezheva and Alexey Guskov.

During the ceremony, directors Karen Shakhnazarov and Vladimir Menshov were awarded for their loyalty to the national cinema. This time it was decided to celebrate the famous animal trainers Askold and Edgard Zapashny for serving the national circus.

It was decided to present the award for loyalty to St. Petersburg musical traditions to the famous composer Igor Kornelyuk. We decided to give a special award to the work of Inna Moskvina. This is a pianist who is one of the very first partners of Andrei Mironov in the field of music.

The head of the Russian Federation was not present at this ceremonial presentation of Figaro, but his welcoming telegram was read from the stage of the theater. He said in it that he is very glad that the Figaro Prize brings together the most famous and outstanding figures of theatrical art in St. Petersburg. He is glad that there are a lot of people who are really passionate about their chosen profession, who work hard and all this has a positive effect on the development of national culture. The head of state also noted that such figures are actively working with the young gifted generation, working on the implementation of interesting art projects.

The Figaro Prize was approved in 2011. It was founded by Rudolf Furmanov and this initiative was supported by the government of St. Petersburg. The awards are presented every year. There are three main nominations in Figaro. Art workers who have been named laureates in previous years have the right to nominate new candidates for the award, as well as the right to consultative vote.

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