Netflix launches several new projects at once with the ex-president of the United States
Netflix launches several new projects at once with the ex-president of the United States
Netflix launches several new projects at once with the ex-president of the United States

It became known that Netflix is ​​preparing to launch new projects - this time together with the family of ex-President of the United States Barack Obama. As you know, the ex-president and his wife Michelle Obama have a production company Higher Ground Productions, which intends to create several TV series and films. Information about this was shared by one of the streaming services.

In the text of the news message, "Barack and Michelle Obama's production company Higher Ground Productions, in conjunction with Netflix, today announced the development of several upcoming projects." Further, it is specified that future projects are documentary, feature films, family and children's films and series. Currently, all projects are at various stages of creation.

Details are known from Netflix and the Obama family collaborations - a teenage series about a Native American girl on a reservation who works undercover with the police.

They promise a series about wildlife and national parks, as well as a film about the Nepalese Tenzing Norgay, who is one of the first conquerors of Everest. It is known that a science fiction film will also be released, but details about it have not been released. In addition, one of the projects will be based on Mohsin Hamid's book "Out to the West", and the main role in this film will be played by British actor Reese Ahmed.

Recall that not so long ago, US President Barack Obama included the film by Russian director Kantemir Balagov "Dylda" in his personal rating of his favorite films. This list also includes the films Ma Rainey: Mother of the Blues by George Wolfe and Bakurau by Juliano Dornel and Klebear Mendonza Filho, as well as Better Call Saul, The Queen's Move and I Can Destroy You.

When Obama was president, he was called the "culture trader" of the Washington residence, because before him no one decorated the walls of the White House with innovative paintings. Under him, the dining room in the residence became a very expensive art gallery.

A lot of noise at one time was caused by the appearance in the White House with a light hand of Obama's paintings by the artist Edward Hopper. They started talking about him when his painting "The East Wind Over Weehawken" was sold at Christie’s auction for $ 40, 5 million, exceeding the initial price by 2 times. The theme of the painting by the outstanding urbanist of the 20th century is the dark events in America in the 1930s.

Barack Obama, however, was closer to the more joyful plots of this artist. He gave preference to the paintings Cobb's Barn and Cobb's Strong House, which were created by the artist in 1930-33 during the summer vacations on the Cape Cod Peninsula. For the paintings, Obama chose the southeast wall of the Oval Office, and decorator Michael Smith was responsible for its design. It is known that the paintings to the President for the interior of the White House were provided by the Whitney Museum of American Art. In fairness, it should be noted that Obama began to take an interest in art long before he became president. It was said that the future American president invited Michelle to the Art Institute of Chicago for the first date.

And the first thing that the presidential couple did after the inauguration was compiled a list of 40 artists whose paintings they would like to see in the White House and sent it to the Hirshhorn Museum. Themselves began a massive "art-cleansing" in the presidential residence, and the first thing Obama said goodbye to was a bronze bust of Winston Churchill, presented by the British Embassy.Obama replaced it with a statue of Martin Luther King by the African American sculptor Charles Alston.

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