The wife left her disabled husband with two children, but his hard work and leather bags saved him
The wife left her disabled husband with two children, but his hard work and leather bags saved him
Rakhatbek Usenkozhoev's bags

When, it would seem, there is no longer any need to wait for help, help comes from an unexpected direction. It so happened that this guy was bedridden without the opportunity to work. The wife left, and the children and the old mother had to somehow provide for. Once he tried to make a bag with his own hands - and that is what saved the situation. It turned out that the man has real talent!

Things made by Rakhatbek Usenkozhoev

Before the accident 33 years old Rakhatbek Usenkozhoev from Kyrgyzstan has never been engaged in leatherworking. He was engaged in breeding livestock, and this occupation took all the time and brought income to his family: he and his wife had two girls, a son, and also Rakhatbek's mother lived with them.

Leather bags

In 2010, while grazing cattle, Rakhatbek fell, and before anyone could come to his aid, he spent a rather long time in a supine position. The doctors, unfortunately, were not able to fully restore the man's health, and he remained disabled of the 1st group, unable to walk. It was impossible to continue breeding livestock, being confined to a wheelchair, which means that the source of wealth, which made it possible to provide for the family, was gone. For Rakhatbek, this was a serious blow.

Leather bag made by Rakhatbek Rakhatbek Usenkozhoev at work Handmade wallet

Two years after the accident, his wife left Rakhatbek, the children remained with their father. Now, all the household chores fell on little girls and an elderly woman. “To stop the tears of my mother and take care of the children, I pulled myself together,” says Rakhatbek. Since his legs failed, the man decided to try to make money with his hands. He began to do various things, trying one thing or the other, and at first these items were sold for quite modest money, providing the family only with food costs.

Case for mobile phone Rakhatbek Usenkozhoev with his children Handmade leather bags

"Later I sewed a bag for my mother. It turned out that I have a talent for this," recalls Rakhatbek. Then he decided to make several bags - beautiful, leather, cramped, very high quality. But at the same time, the question remained how to sell them, when there is no opportunity either to stand on the market or find new buyers in their native village. Around the same time, a festival was held in his native At-Bashinsky district, where Rakhatbek brought his goods. And there, many paid attention to his bags.

Now Rakhatbek's bags are sold not only in his native Kyrgyzstan, but also abroad

Now Rakhatbek makes leather not only bags, but also cases for mobile phones, wallets, belts, kamchas (lashes) and other elements of equestrian equipment. The Kyrgyz sells their goods for amounts ranging from 600 to 15 thousand soms (approximately 10 - 200 US dollars), and its main customers are mainly ethnic Kyrgyz from China, however, today Rakhatbek's goods can already be found all over the world.

Leather products Bag sewn by Rakhatbek Usenkozhoev

Rakhatbek still hopes that one day he will be able to walk again. Doctors still cannot come to a consensus: some say that there is no hope, others that it is possible to try more surgery, and then Rakhatbek will get back on his feet. In the meantime, the man is trying to provide for his family and give his children a decent future.

Bag sewn by Rakhatbek Usenkozhoev

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