He, she and the deer: How an unexpected meeting made a wedding photo shoot really special
He, she and the deer: How an unexpected meeting made a wedding photo shoot really special

Photographers are familiar with the situation when someone or something unexpected can intervene in an orderly planned photo shoot - whether it is a downpour in the middle of a clear sky, a mongrel seeking attention, a playful kitten, or suddenly torn pieces of clothing. But, you must admit, it is quite difficult to predict that a wild deer will get into the frame.

Cheerful dog at Conwy and Angie's wedding

This is exactly the situation in which photographer Laurenda Marie Bennett found herself when she took a newly married Michigan couple to the edge of the forest to catch the soft evening light that would give wedding photographs the necessary tenderness and softness.

Unexpected meeting Guest from the forest

“We climbed a hill, settled down in the middle of the field, and then we noticed that there was a deer behind a wooden fence. And he, in turn, as if nothing had happened, went straight to the bride and groom. " The deer was not so much fascinated by the beautiful couple as he was interested in the bridal bouquet. He began to pull his neck over the fence, trying to reach the bouquets, and then casually stepped over the barrier and stood right in front of the couple, chewing the holiday flowers.

The deer was attracted by the bridal bouquet

Meanwhile, the photographer was taking shots. “We all laughed and looked at each other in confusion. "Well? What's happening? What are we going to do? "But the look on Morgan [the bride's] face was priceless - all these scenes seemed to be deliberately created for photographs."

There was no escape from the deer Guest at the photo session

At some point, the bride gave up and gave the deer her bouquet - there was no way to get rid of the animal, he persistently wanted to eat these very flowers. The photographer admitted that she had heard about this deer before, but would never have thought that she would have to meet him herself.

Unscheduled personnel The deer liked the bouquet

The fact is that just a month ago, photos of a completely different photographer went online, who photographed a couple in love in order to capture their engagement. And then a deer also approached the pair, came close to them, sniffed, but soon retired to the nearest tree, where it began to eat leaves from the lower branches.

The same deer had been caught by another photographer a month earlier Deer at a photo session The bride decided to give her bouquet to the deer

“God, I never would have thought that I would encounter this deer on my set, especially during a wedding shoot,” admitted Lorenda Marie Bennett. During the filming, a cameraman was also present, who shot a short video about this meeting. And later, when late in the evening the couple passed by this field again, they found on the bridge an untouched white rose from a wedding bouquet - it was lying, so fragile, as if it was specially waiting for them. "There was no deer, but the rose remained, untouched and beautiful." The bride took it as a good sign.

Deer and bouquet

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