What the participants in the global male beauty contest Mister Global look like
What the participants in the global male beauty contest Mister Global look like

As Kitty Kamiyunsa, a representative of the world male beauty contest Mister Global, admits, all such contests are more or less the same, they are organized according to the same principle and consist of approximately the same stages. Another thing is that most people are still used to seeing a beauty contest among girls, but many have not even heard that there are contests among men.

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The Mister Global competition has been held in Thailand for five years now. And from the very beginning, this competition was closely associated with charity. During the show, everyone is invited to donate money for certain events aimed at preserving nature. This year, the organizers raised money for a program for the conservation of elephants in Thailand, and according to Kitty Kamiyunsa, they managed to collect the necessary amount.

Peru Panama Nigeria

“Mister Global's goal is to promote the idea of ​​environmental awareness. We have been doing this since our very first competition in 2014. This year we have added the motto “Inspiring Gentlemen” because we truly believe that our participants and winners can and will inspire people around the world,”Kamiyunsa said.

Mexico Laos Jong Woo Kim from Koria, winner of the competition

In fact, there are more than enough male beauty contests around the world, and Mister Global is one of the five largest and best such contests. During the entire existence of this event, men from 60 countries took part in it. This year there were 38 participants, including from the USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic and Portugal.

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One of the stages of the competition is performance in your national costume. Of course, these costumes are often stylized and sometimes do not strictly correspond to real national clothes, but only reflect the culture. But this is exactly what is required of the contestants - not to create the most spectacular costume, but to qualitatively reflect the history of their country in it. These are the most spectacular costumes in the competition.

Egypt Dominican Republic Czech Republic

The winner of Mister Global 2019 was Jong Woo Kim, a 23-year-old police academy student and model from Korea. After the end of the competition, he was awarded the title of Goodwill Ambassador, and now he will periodically attend various events aimed at preserving the environment around the world.

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