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What do Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and other members of the British royal family prefer?
What do Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and other members of the British royal family prefer?

The Queen of Great Britain reviews the menu twice a week, with the latest suggestions from the head chef. But at the same time, the cult of food never existed in the family of Elizabeth II. The royal family's daily diet includes fairly simple dishes, but the chef always takes into account everyone's personal tastes. Today we invite you to learn all about the favorite food of the Windsors.

Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II

According to former royal chef Darren McGrady, Elizabeth II is not a gourmet. She eats to live, and her daily menu contains simple, traditional English dishes. And even those delicacies that Elizabeth II loves do not appear on her table every day.

Among the Queen's favorite dishes are scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and grated truffle, but Elizabeth II allows herself to enjoy a delicacy only at Christmas, since truffles are very expensive. Instead, she prefers cereal with fresh fruit for breakfast. Toasts with marmalade also take pride of place in the queen's diet.

Elizabeth II

A royal meal usually includes fish and a lot of vegetables, and one of Elizabeth II's favorite lunch dishes is the fried Dover flounder, which is prepared according to a special recipe with the addition of spinach and zucchini. The queen's dinner most often consists of steak with mushroom sauce. But there are no dishes containing starch on the royal table, Elizabeth II does not eat potatoes, rice and pasta.

Elizabeth II has a particular weakness for chocolate, and her favorite dessert is crispy chocolate biscuits, which she takes with her even on trips. However, during afternoon tea, she happily eats chocolate muffins or the chocolate biscuit loved by the whole family. The queen does not refuse a cup of hot chocolate, certainly dark.

Prince Philip

Duke Philip of Edinburgh

The queen's wife can be called a real gourmet, while he is happy to cook himself. For many years, he took his own electric frying pan with him on all trips so that he could prepare his favorite meals while traveling. He loves to grill and often takes over the preparation of dinner for himself and his wife, and one of his signature dishes is a mushroom snack in cream.

Duke Philip of Edinburgh

For breakfast, Prince Philip, according to the former servant of Charles Oliver, cooked eggs, bacon or sausages, a little less often kidneys or omelets. In general, his diet always included high-quality homemade food, but at the same time the queen's husband was not afraid to experiment, he loves well-cooked game, and he considers kulebyak with salmon among his favorite dishes. However, he is partial to aromatic spices.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles

The son of the Queen of Great Britain prefers simple organic food. The wife of Prince Charles claims: her husband has a real weakness for cheese. If the recipe contains cheese, then the husband will certainly try to cook a new dish. Among the undoubted favorites of the Queen's son are baked eggs with cheese, which are prepared with two types of cheese, soft and hard, vegetables, herbs and spinach. And the enduring pain of Camilla's husband is garlic, which is prohibited in the kitchen of Buckingham Palace because of its pungent smell.Since all members of the royal family have to communicate a lot with people, Prince Charles had to abandon its use.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla taste fish and chips in a Welsh village

Prince Charles' wife also loves organic food. For breakfast, she gladly eats scrambled eggs in different variations; her lunch most often consists of fish dishes and vegetables. The Duchess of Cornwall loves dairy products, considering them necessary in the diet, and for dinner she prefers meat or chicken. Recently, the Duchess admitted that she gets special pleasure from fresh green peas grown in her garden.

Prince William

Prince William loves delicious food

The eldest son of Prince Charles is very fond of chicken and medium-rare steaks, which he can cook himself. As a child, he adored macaroni and cheese, but his particular weakness is pizza, Chinese or Indian. Of course, he has to put up with the menu that his wife approves, but Prince William will never miss an opportunity to order the delivery of his favorite dish. If the prince is in a good mood, he himself can cook pizza and dough for her, especially since his eldest son George is also a fan of this dish. And once Prince William admitted: he and his wife are very fond of sushi, however, they may not feast on Japanese cuisine as often as they would like. Royal family rules prohibit shellfish and raw fish due to the high risk of food poisoning.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is a great cook

The Duchess of Cambridge loves fresh vegetable salads, does not refuse meat and gets a real pleasure from spicy Indian food. Kate Middleton is a great cook herself. For each of her children, she certainly bakes a birthday cake, and for the first dinner in the royal family, when Kate was just getting ready for marriage, she prepared a zucchini chutney for Elizabeth II according to her grandmother's recipe. Despite the fact that the Duchess is a supporter of simple and healthy food, she enjoys sushi, while watching a sports match, she does not refuse popcorn and is happy to try new dishes from lamb meat.

Prince harry

Prince Harry

The youngest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana also loves fried chicken and macaroni and cheese since childhood, and also has a weakness for banana desserts. It is known that it was with banana pie that Meghan Markle won his heart at the beginning of their relationship. Prince Harry also loves McDonald's food and enjoys pizza.

Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry's wife fully shares his passion for fast food and does not hide that her favorite food is fries. But this does not mean at all that she eats potatoes every day. In fact, Meghan Markle loves to cook and tries to lead a healthy lifestyle, so simple dishes, a lot of vegetables and, of course, chicken, so beloved by Prince Harry, prevail on the table of the Dukes of Sussex in everyday life.

It is known that in Soviet times, chefs employed by the Kremlin not only underwent a thorough, months-long inspection, but also had military shoulder straps. This was explained by the fact that the special services were responsible for the nutrition of the first persons of the Country of Soviets, and all the chefs automatically became KGB officers. Each leader had his own preferences and requirements for the dishes served, and there was always something special prepared for the receptions.

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