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How to get a job from the Queen: 10 British court jobs that ordinary people can get
How to get a job from the Queen: 10 British court jobs that ordinary people can get

In the UK, absolutely anyone who meets the requirements of the employer can be hired for the Queen. Information about available vacancies is often published on the official website of the royal house and other open resources on the Internet. Some British publications write that working for Elizabeth II is not only prestigious, but also profitable, while often in the ads they indicate that work experience is not at all required.

Digital Communications Specialist

Elizabeth II

In 2019, the royal house was looking for a specialist who would create content for the official pages of the Queen of Great Britain on social networks and the official website of the royal family. The ideal candidate should have a relevant education, experience in managing a high-quality website and creating quality content. Separately, it was noted that creative people with the skills of writing articles and the ability to work with photographs can apply for the position.

Business Development and Communications Manager

Holyrood Palace

This vacancy assumed the conclusion of a contract for a year, and the official duties, first of all, consisted in attracting tourists to the official residence of the British monarchs - Holyrood Palace in Scotland. The applicant is proactive, highly organized, flexible in approach and possessing management skills, interested in art. Adequate education, experience in sales and consumer marketing were required.

Visitor Assistant

Buckingham Palace

This vacancy does not involve housekeeping, but is intended for those who could lead tours of Buckingham Palace, helping visitors to have an unforgettable experience at the Queen's house. Responsibilities include providing information and answering visitors' questions, as well as organizing excursions during the summer opening of the state rooms, the Royal Gallery and the Royal Stables. The applicant was required, among other things, to understand the Royal Art Collection, one of the largest in the world.

Au pair

The white living room of Buckingham Palace

In the announcement of this vacancy, a separate line was highlighted the fact that the job involves living in Buckingham Palace. And they signed all the delights of the service in a stunning historical setting, and additionally emphasized the fact of the non-standard role of the assistant, who would have to monitor the situation in the palace and prepare the halls for receiving guests. Work experience is not essential for the job, but it does require teamwork, attention to detail, and excellent communication skills. The salary is 22 thousand dollars a year, the employer provides free food, accommodation and 33 days of vacation.

Travel Director

Elizabeth II with her husband

For this position in 2019, Elizabeth II was ready to accept a person with extensive experience in organizing travel and travel. The duties of the Travel Director include managing the Royal Travel Agency, as well as organizing travel within the country and abroad for all members of the royal family without exception.In this case, the salary is more than $ 100 thousand per year.

Court poet

Today, the position of court poet is held by Simon Armitage, appointed in 2019

This position at the royal court appeared in the 17th century, but then only men had the right to accept in the competitive selection. Since 2009, any woman with a gift for poetry can also become a court poet. Currently, this vacancy is advertised approximately once every 10 years. The poet's duties include writing poems highlighting the life of the queen, and the obligatory presence at all official events.


The royal florist always has a lot of work to do

In the fall of 2019, the Queen of Great Britain was looking for a worthy candidate with perfect taste, expert floristry expertise and the ability to create floral arrangements that match the theme of royal events. The florist of Elizabeth II should decorate not only Buckingham Palace, but also other royal residences. In this case, experience in the "hospitality industry" was a prerequisite for the applicant, as the ability to communicate in a friendly manner.

Keeper of the Royal Clock

Palace clocks require constant maintenance

In the palaces and residences of the royal family, there are more than 500 different watch movements that require special care. The applicant for this position had to be able to look after and repair not only wrist watches, but also wall, floor and even tower clocks. In addition, the watchmaker's duties include conducting small lectures and special tours of the royal watch collection for the Queen's guests.


Elizabeth II

For the past 175 years, monarchs of Great Britain begin every weekday by listening to their favorite tunes, played by a lone piper under the windows of the residence. A candidate for this position must be a serving officer in a Scottish or Irish regiment. Only twice in 175 years has this tradition been broken. The bagpipes were silent for four years during World War II and for several weeks in 2018, when the royal piper was forced to urgently leave the service for family reasons, and the new one had not yet been hired.

Swan Marker

Swans in the UK are owned by Elizabeth II, and markers keep a strict record of birds

As you know, swans swimming in English waters are the exclusive property of the Queen of Great Britain, and they are all subject to the strictest control. A dedicated team of markers recruits people with a veterinary education and experience in working with birds in zoos, nurseries or nature parks.

Thanks to Angela Kelly, the daughter of a simple docker, the old-fashioned dull suits in Elizabeth II's wardrobe have been replaced by modern bright outfits, turning Her Majesty into one of the most stylish women. And while Angela Kelly did not even graduate from high school, let alone receive a professional education.

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