Katy Perry named the highest paid female singer of the year by Forbes
Katy Perry named the highest paid female singer of the year by Forbes
Katy Perry named Forbes' Highest Paid Singer of the Year

On November 19, a new rating appeared on the Forbes website, which included the highest paid performers for the last reporting year. This time the leading position of this rating was taken by the singer Katy Perry from the United States of America.

The reporting 12 months ended in mid-summer and showed that Perry was able to earn $ 83 million in a year. Most of this amount was the income that the concert tour brought to the performer. During this tour, she had to go on stage about 40 times, and each such appearance brought her approximately one million. Katie received about 20 million more for becoming a member of the jury of a famous show in the states called "American Idol". At the same time, they remind that the performer's annual income in 2015 was much higher and amounted to $ 135 million. Then she was chosen for the cover of Forbes magazine.

Taylor Swift took second place in the new list of the highest paid singers. She was able to earn $ 80 million in the reporting year, and this was largely due to the release of a new album called Reputation, which sold about two million copies in the first seven days of sales. In support of this album, a Swift concert tour was held, which in terms of timeline did not quite fit into the reporting period. If the tour completely fell into this period, most likely, it would be this performer who would become the highest paid in the last year.

The honorable third place in the ranking with an amount of 60 million dollars was taken by Beyoncé, who chose the rhythm and blues direction for herself. The bulk of the income came from the sales of the album Everything is Love, created in collaboration with rapper Jay-Z, who is also her husband. A whole series of performances by this musical star also brought a lot. In general, for this performer, the past year is called quiet.

Pink and Lady Gaga also entered the top five with sums of $ 52 and 52 million, respectively. It is worth remembering that Lady Gaga earned a considerable amount for filming in the film, which was named "A Star is Born". Celine Dion, Rihanna, Helena Fisher, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez are among the ten highest paid.

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