Around the World in 80 Diets: A Photo Cycle on the Food Addictions of Different Nations
Around the World in 80 Diets: A Photo Cycle on the Food Addictions of Different Nations
"What I Eat: Around the World for 80 Diets." Photo project by Peter Menzel

"Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are" - this is how, to paraphrase a well-known proverb, one can characterize the project of a photojournalist Peter Menzel… Together with his wife, the writer Faith D'Aluisio, he made a three-year trip to 30 countries of the world and learned what the daily diet of local residents is. He told about his observations in the book "What I Eat: Around The World In 80 Diets".

Saleh Abdul Fadlallah is a camel merchant from Cairo. Daily intake - 3200 kcal

Peter Menzel has been interested in the "food" topic for a long time, previously we told readers of the site Culturology.RF about his entertaining project "The Hungry Planet", in which the journalist studied how much money residents of different countries of the world spend on food. The subject of the new study was the daily diet of people of various professions. Among the 80 stories told in the pages of the book, there is information about what a Japanese sumo wrestler, an Arctic hunter, a sadhu from India, a Sudanese refugee in Chad, a yak herder from Tibet, a seamstress working in a factory in Bangladesh, a wounded veteran of the Iraqi war, and other. Each photo is accompanied by a detailed description of the food and food policy of the country as a whole.

Robina Weiser-Linnartz is a pastry baker from Cologne. Daily consumption - 3700 kcal Tersius Bezuidenhout is a trucker based in Botswana and Namibia

Peter Menzel draws attention to how many calories people consume: for example, a Kenyan shepherd eats mostly cornmeal porridge, getting about 800 kcal per day, while one British woman (clearly suffering from eating disorders) eats a fantastic 12,300 kcal of food every day. !

Mariel Booth is a professional model student (New York). Daily intake - 2400 kcal Tibetan monk. Daily intake - 4900 kcal

Having looked through the book "What I Eat", you can learn a lot about the food culture of different nations. It is interesting that the Latvian beekeeper's lunch and dinner usually consists of homemade pork cutlets and boiled potatoes, Yemeni housewives often cook lamb and vegetable stew seasoned with fenugreek, and Vietnamese peasants prefer breakfast with rice noodles with fish sauce.

Oswaldo Gutierrez is the head of an oil platform in Venezuela. Daily consumption - 6000 kcal

Some information is useful to compare to make a difference. For example, a Brazilian fisherman consumes about 5,200 calories a day, but his diet can be called "right", it includes whole milk, freshwater fish, beans and noodles. The American trucker also gets the same amount of calories, although his diet includes cheeseburgers, fried foods and Starbucks.

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